Big Man money Strip


Whatever big people do small people jack arce them

This strip is a fella knog of a big man who gotta in a mmo MMO called as online game an holio polly life of gaming alcoholist.

I once met  game alcoholic guy who had big arce for mmo MMO or online gaming.

Forgive me I have no offence in calling this big arce guy a gaming holoio hollic.

This mmo'r had nice drown for bullying people in game and getting bullied by gamers.

Just as the time passed by I eventually met with him and he was playing with pennies on an MMO?

I wonder what went wrong?

He just swing his hand and belted 18 gamers in game!

What to say Pennies on the Game? or a mmo MMO strip?

Do belive whatever you want.....

Investment Basics-Understanding basic investment principles

Investments-Understanding the basics of investments

Today in this world who doesn't want to make money? A crazy question infact which may feel silly though a much a true fact that even a small kid to a old man if asked the same question would say YES.

Making money is not just a dream but a true essential of daily survival need. Like its a American dream of every citizen is own a house in the same way making money is also a stupendous dream of every person.

Here we focus on the major topic about making money whether it may be online or offline. Eventhough Investments are volatile in nature. Its one of the best way to make money in the short or long run.

Investments are good but without knowing the basics is kiddish to go on.

The video in the post gives a basic jist about investments.

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Thank You for reading the post. Amit Teli