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Hello Dearest readers

Its your chance to get your news, articles, reviews on board, just use the link: PYS

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Post Your Self

Post Your Self

Hello Gameforumer[dot]Com readers

Its an honor to have you on board, as you can now send in your news, articles, advertisements directly to Gameforumer[dot]Com than nose snot!

Lets keep it simple:

Send in any stuff you like but remember any article, news, advertisements you send in must match these categories and must fall under these terms only:

Gameforumer[dot]Com only accepts your content with IT [Information Technology & Infrastructure Technology], Latest News, Cinema/Movie/Film Review, Anime-Manga-Game Review, Food Recipes, Coupons-Deals Expiring with at least 1 year span, HR [Human Resource & Human Relation], Research Papers filed on Psychology, Fashion, Garden, Business News, Spiritual Relish

Simple Prefora to follow: [Applicable to all above categories]

  1. All articles must be 2000 to 10000 words
  2. All articles must be well formatted
  3. All articles must be well & through researched
  4. All Articles must be grammatically error free
  5. All articles must pass copyscape and duplicate content check
  6. All articles must be basic complied with SEO terms
  7. No Ponzi, MLM, NLM, Fake, Falsified, Concocted, Brain washed articles
  8. Any Political articles will be pruned with effect
  9. Please ensure to have links to adequate & proper sources as citations

Please include correct images, videos [if applicable] & info graphics into your articles.

Should you have any concern, use of text editor or MS Word is preferable

Please Note: All articles received will be audited for duplicates by tools and published AS IS.

Fell free to send in your articles to "articles[at]gameforumer[dot]com"

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