Talks with Pakistan only after visible changes in their attitude: Rajnath

India will sit across the table and discuss issues with Pakistan only after it changes its attitude towards India, said Union Home Minister Rajnath Singh while addressing a public meeting at Nizamabad in Telangana on Sunday. He also said that all efforts of our neighbour to create a rift in the country will be effectively dealt with.

“We will respond effectively to the unproved firing from across the border,” he said adding that cross-border terrorism and Maoist attacks will meet an end within five years.

Addressing the public meeting on the occasion of Liberation Day of Hyderabad, he said that the annexation of Hyderabad into Indian union was made possible by the then Deputy Prime Minister Sardar Vallabbhai Patel. It was through the Indian army’s “Operation Polo” that the princely state of Hyderabad joined Indian union on 17 September 1948, almost a year after India got independence.

The Home Minister said that the nation and Telangana will never forget the liberation of Hyderabad from the hands of Razakars who played havoc with the lives of oppressed and women. He said that British have tried to segregate the nation, but Indians have set aside differences and united in Independence. “After Independence, the Congress has institutionalized corruption and thousands of crores were syphoned off through corruption. Can anyone show one instance of corruption in Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s governance,” he asked.

The public meeting was organized by Telangana branch of BJP at local Polytechnic College grounds to highlight the popular demand for the official celebration of the merger of the erstwhile Nizam State with the Indian Union. While the ruling TRS which has once demanded 17 September to be celebrated as Liberation Day has taken a U-turn after winning elections. “The BJP is trying to create a rift between Hindus and Muslims by demanding liberation day,” Telangana Home Minister Nayani Narsimha Reddy said at party headquarters. He hoisted the national flag on the occasion.

The Telangana BJP on its part has met the state governor ERSL Narsimhan and urged him to advise TRS government to officially celebrate the day. BJP state president Dr Laxman declared that if BJP comes in to power in state in 2019 it would officially celebrate Liberation day on 17 September.

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