Defensive Speaker refuses to give details on Soudha fete

Assembly Speaker K B Koliwad on Friday lost his cool when he was asked why Rs 26 crore was being spent on the diamond jubilee celebrations of Vidhana Soudha.

“Why should I tell you how the money will be spent? Collect these details from the Assembly Secretary,” he retorted when reporters sought details on how the amount would be spent.

He, in fact, questioned reporters why they were keen on obtaining the details.

When it was brought to his notice that the secretary was not providing details, Koliwad said, “We have submitted a detailed proposal to the Finance department on how the money will be spent. If the department approves the amount, then we will spend it appropriately,” he added.

When it was pointed that such as sum is not even spent on the 10-day Dasara festivities or even the legislature session in Belagavi, Koliwad said the financial requirement varied for each event.

“I have already held meetings with the chief minister and the law and parliamentary affairs minister. There is no confusion on this matter,” he said.

When reporters brought to his notice that Law Minister T B Jayachandra had said that the Cabinet had not given its approval for the diamond jubilee celebrations, Koliwad said, “I have nothing to do with the Cabinet meeting. You should put this question to Jayachandra.”

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