Sh. Manish Sharma, New Delhi vs Ito, New Delhi on 12 June, 2018

1. This is an appeal filed by the assessee against the order of the ld CIT(A)-

16, New Delhi dated 04.01.2016 for the Assessment Year 2011-12. The
assessee has raised the only ground that ld CIT(A) has confirmed the
addition @20% at Rs. 1510610/-.

2. The assessee has raised the following grounds of appeal:-

“1. The ld CIT(A) has erred in facts and in law in directing 20% of Gross
receipts be taxed and thereby confirming an addition of Rs.
1510610/- and thus order passed by the ld CIT(A) is bad in law.

2. the ld CIT(A) ignored submissions made that for a Retail Trader profit
element is around 5% and direction by ld CIT(A) in directing
assessment at 20% on entire receipts is bad in law.

Source: IK

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