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Monday, March 9, 2020

World News Updates, World News, Current Affairs, Daily Current Affairs, World News Updates

World News Updates, World News, Current Affairs, Daily Current Affairs, World News Updates

Coronavirus panic: Three dead in prison riots as Italy on brink of public order breakdown

Posted: 08 Mar 2020 08:30 PM PDT

PRISON RIOTS in Italy have left at least three people dead, as the country teeters on the brink of a public order breakdown in the wake of the devastating coronavirus epidemic.

World War 3: North Korea fires missiles for the second time in a WEEK - 'serious threat!'

Posted: 08 Mar 2020 05:33 PM PDT

NORTH KOREA has launched at least three missiles into the Sea of Japan, according to reports.

US Senator Ted Cruz forced into quarantine amid coronavirus outbreak during conference

Posted: 08 Mar 2020 09:54 PM PDT

CORONAVIRUS has impacted lawmakers in the US after Conservative Ted Cruz was forced to stay at home after interactions with a patient.

Venezuela fires: Huge blaze destroys voting machines ahead of election

Posted: 08 Mar 2020 09:18 PM PDT

A FIRE tore through a warehouse that housed thousands of voting machines and hundreds of computers - potentially stalling Venezuela's election later this year.

Archaeology breakthrough: Homo erectus skulls discovery in Africa rewrites human history

Posted: 08 Mar 2020 07:54 PM PDT

ANCIENT skulls found alongside multiple tools in Africa have cast new light on our understanding of early humans.

Coronavirus warning: How the White House is preparing for deadly outbreak REVEALED

Posted: 08 Mar 2020 06:43 PM PDT

DONALD TRUMP'S administration is preparing emergency measures to allow staff to work from home and avoid a catastrophic Government shutdown, as fears mount of a serious coronavirus epidemic in the country.

Michael Schumacher health update: Where is Michael Schumacher now? Can he walk?

Posted: 09 Mar 2020 12:49 AM PDT

MICHAEL SCHUMACHER is a tragic legend of Formula One who sadly crashed during a ski trip to Switzerland in 2013 and received a traumatic brain injury. Are there any recent updates on Michael Schumacher's health?

Coronavirus Italy: Deaths surge by HALF to 366 - largest daily rise since outbreak began

Posted: 08 Mar 2020 11:07 AM PDT

THE death toll from the rapid outbreak of coronavirus in Italy has surged by 57 percent from 233 to 366 in just 24 hours.

Coronavirus NIGHTMARE: Expert's DIRE prediction after analysing China - 'People not ready'

Posted: 08 Mar 2020 07:13 AM PDT

A CORONAVIRUS nightmare lies ahead for the UK and US, with mass quarantines like those in Wuhan and northern Italy possibly in store.

Coronavirus latest: Why is coronavirus so bad in Italy? Cases soar to 7,375

Posted: 08 Mar 2020 11:48 AM PDT

CORONAVIRUS cases are growing rapidly across Italy, with lockdown measures in place as the total number of cases reached 7,375 on Sunday. But why is coronavirus so bad in Italy?

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