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Wednesday, March 4, 2020

World News Updates, World News, Current Affairs, Daily Current Affairs, World News Updates

World News Updates, World News, Current Affairs, Daily Current Affairs, World News Updates

Coronavirus Spain warning: Cases of killer disease soar in popular UK holiday hotspot

Posted: 04 Mar 2020 02:20 AM PST

SPAIN is bracing itself for a steep rise in coronavirus cases as the popular UK holiday hotspot is ravaged by the killer outbreak.

EU coronavirus outbreak: First case detected in Brussels institutions - site on lockdown

Posted: 04 Mar 2020 01:49 AM PST

THE European Defence Agency in Brussels has confirmed one of its employees has tested positive for coronavirus , as the spread of the deadly disease continues to accelerate across the world.

Macron shrugs off two no-confidence votes to ram through hated pension reforms

Posted: 04 Mar 2020 01:42 AM PST

EMMANUEL Macron's government saw off two no-confidence votes to push through an overhaul of the retirement system in France.

Coronavirus toilet paper panic: Shopper ‘pulls knife’ as panic-buyers strip shop shelves

Posted: 04 Mar 2020 12:39 AM PST

A WOMAN allegedly pulled a knife on another customer during a row over supermarket toilet paper as panic-buying shoppers emptied shelves amid fears of the coronavirus.

EU on brink: Brussels warned of 'disaster' over Turkey 'blackmail' - Cyprus issues warning

Posted: 04 Mar 2020 12:41 AM PST

THE European Union is on the brink of a migration "disaster", the president of Cyprus has warned after Turkey moved to stop blocking refugees from crossing into Europe.

Taliban attack: US launches deadly airstrike as historic treaty COLLAPSES within days

Posted: 04 Mar 2020 12:31 AM PST

THE US has launched a deadly airstrike against the Taliban, just days after an historic peace agreement was signed.

Coronavirus map LIVE: Doctor warns NHS refusing to test potential coronavirus patients

Posted: 04 Mar 2020 12:01 AM PST

THE NHS is turning away potential UK coronavirus victims as worried 111 callers are told: "they don't need a virus test".

Super Tuesday result: Trump makes brutal Coronavirus dig at ‘biggest loser’ Mike Bloomberg

Posted: 03 Mar 2020 08:25 PM PST

DONALD Trump took a brutal swipe at Michael Bloomberg as he crashed and burned in the biggest day of the Democratic campaign of the year so far, ahead of the US Presidential Elections in November.

Archaeology shock: Mysterious 'cursed' 2,500-year-old tablets found at bottom of well

Posted: 03 Mar 2020 08:10 PM PST

MYSTERIOUS tablets have puzzled archaeologists after they were discovered at the bottom of a "poisoned well" which once served as the site of an ancient burial ground.

Greta Thunberg fury: EU’s plan to let activist speak in Brussels despite ban outrages MEPs

Posted: 03 Mar 2020 07:05 PM PST

GRETA THUNBERG has been given the green light to deliver a speech to EU lawmakers in Brussels despite a ban in place to control the deadly coronavirus, infuriating some MEPs.

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