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Coronavirus latest: WHO warns pandemic is 'accelerating' as worrying new figures emerge

Posted: 23 Mar 2020 10:55 PM PDT

THE World Health Organization has warned that the coronavirus pandemic is "accelerating" as the number of confirmed cases passes 300,000.

EU on brink: How coronavirus exposes 'critical flaw' in bloc's principles

Posted: 23 Mar 2020 11:00 PM PDT

THE EUROPEAN UNION has shut its borders to non-essential travel in order to help fight the coronavirus - but an expert tells that the pandemic will lead to a "questioning" of the bloc's core principles.

Coronavirus breakthrough: How COVID-19 could wipe itself out

Posted: 23 Mar 2020 05:03 PM PDT

CORONAVIRUS fears continue to spike as further lockdown measures are enforced in the UK - but could the deadly influenza strain be killing itself off?

Spanish army finds care home residents deceased in their beds amid coronavirus pandemic

Posted: 23 Mar 2020 11:07 PM PDT

SPANISH soldiers helping to fight the coronavirus pandemic found elderly patients in retirement homes dead and abandoned in shocking reports.

Mike Pompeo flies with team to Afghanistan for peace talks despite US coronavirus outbreak

Posted: 23 Mar 2020 11:17 PM PDT

SENIOR US officials arrived in Afghanistan yesterday in a bid to revive flagging peace talks in the war-torn country. Peace talks have broken down amid political rows between the Afghan President Ashraf Ghani and rival Abdullah Abdullah who also claims to have won September's election.

US airlines on the brink as domestic flights could be cancelled over coronavirus pandemic

Posted: 23 Mar 2020 08:09 PM PDT

MAJOR American airlines are drafting plans for virtually all passenger flights to be shut down as the coronavirus pandemic tightens its grip around the world.

Coronavirus WAR: NASA offers supercomputers to join fight against virus

Posted: 23 Mar 2020 07:04 PM PDT

NASA is the latest outfit to join a consortium seeking to use supercomputers to battle the coronavirus outbreak sweeping the globe.

Donald Trump hints US economy may reopen despite deadly Coronavirus spread

Posted: 23 Mar 2020 06:14 PM PDT

DONALD TRUMP has admitted he is considering reopening the US economy despite the rapid spread of deadly Coronavirus in the country.

Merkel nightmare as economist warns coronavirus will cost Germany BILLIONS

Posted: 23 Mar 2020 03:51 PM PDT

THE ongoing coronavirus pandemic is likely to cost Angela Merkel's Germany more than £700billion, an economist has said, warning the impact would dwarf that of the 2008 financial crisis.

Panic as coronavirus erupts across Africa - 'People will die on the streets'

Posted: 23 Mar 2020 12:20 PM PDT

WITH cases of COVID-19 now recorded in more than two dozen African countries, and South Africa imposing a three-week lockdown which comes into force on Thursday, a German epidemiologist fears the disease will hit the continent hard in the summer, warning: "People will die in the streets".