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World News Updates, World News, Current Affairs, Daily Current Affairs, World News Updates

Croatia earthquake: Huge 5.3 quake sparks widespread panic amid lockdown - dozens injured

Posted: 22 Mar 2020 01:58 AM PDT

A HUGE 5.3 earthquake has struck Croatia, leaving at least one dead and causing widespread damage across the capital Zagreb - after the quake was felt across five different European countries.

EU outrage: Anti-Greta Thunberg exposes how bloc ‘controls society’ in ferocious tirade

Posted: 22 Mar 2020 02:00 AM PDT

THE EUROPEAN UNION is attempting to "control society" amid growing concerns over the coronavirus and climate change, teenage campaigner Naomi Seibt argues.

Melania Trump latest: FLOTUS tweets out links to help children through lockdowns

Posted: 21 Mar 2020 07:53 PM PDT

MELANIA TRUMP has tweeted out links to help military families and young pupils unable to visit national parks due to the coronavirus outbreak.

'Don't be idiots' Gibraltar chief rages at young revellers as coronavirus threat mounts

Posted: 21 Mar 2020 05:10 PM PDT

GIBRALTAR's Chief Minister Fabian Picardo has issued an impassioned appeal to young people living in the British overseas territory planning parties despite the coronavirus pandemic - telling them: "Don't be idiots".

Germany's crisis lockdown: BBC claim Merkel will shut down EU's biggest economy by Monday

Posted: 21 Mar 2020 08:29 AM PDT

THE BBC has revealed that an emergency meeting chaired by Angela Merkel could spark an immediate lockdown all across Germany by Monday, as Europe's biggest economy looks set to follow in the steps of Italy, France and Spain.

EU coronavirus crisis: Trucks with vital supplies stuck in traffic jams, warns EU chief

Posted: 21 Mar 2020 08:43 AM PDT

EU chief Ursula von der Leyen has warned trucks carrying necessary medical supplies and essential food items are stuck in huge traffic jams at certain borders in Europe.

'Super-spreader' doctor faces jail after failing to declare holiday to coronavirus hotspot

Posted: 21 Mar 2020 08:09 AM PDT

A RUSSIAN doctor is facing jail amid allegations she put 1,200 people at risk of catching coronavirus after returning from a holiday in Spain with the disease.

Soviet-era biological weapons lab aims to have coronavirus vaccine ready by June

Posted: 21 Mar 2020 05:52 AM PDT

A TOP-SECRET Soviet-erabiological weapons research plant is testing 13 potential vaccines for coronavirus on ferrets and lower primates.

Andy Walker: Paralysed hero's epic Kenya cycle

Posted: 21 Mar 2020 03:41 AM PDT

A TETRAPLEGIC athlete has shown incredible determination by cycling 250 miles across Kenya using a motorised quad bike that he steered with his chin.