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Friday, March 20, 2020

Top 3 for the day

Top 3 for the day

28 Ideas to Shoot Fun And Creative Wedding Photos

Posted: 19 Mar 2020 08:16 AM PDT

A wedding is probably the happiest ceremony happening to couples taking the next step in seeking a life together. The event oozes with lovey-dovey quirks and romantic notions, but not everyone thinks that that is the only wayt to go with their wedding portraits.

Some newlyweds take the opportunity to tell the world their love story from proposals, to the actual day itself. Then, there are these creative couples who really pushed the envelope and turned their wedding photos just downright crazy!

Fortunately when it comes to crazy ideas, the Internet is the best source for you. Here we compiled 28 shots to show you various ways of catching out-of-the-ordinary wedding portraits. If you are looking for ideas to use in your wedding portraits, you’re in for a treat!

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Blessings in a Frame

In a plot twist, the bride and the groom are kept out of the frame (literally) in this heartwarming shot.

blessings in a frame
  • Source: I Love Farm Weddings
Beyond the Frame

Now that’s a love story right out of the… er… wall. Prop or Photoshop, Matt Shumate is the inspiring wedding photographer you should contact for shots like this.

beyond the frame
Bride and Bat

The bride is hardly dressed for the part but everyone hits a homerun in this cool shot!

bride and bat
  • Source: Worden Photography
Forever Alone

"Three down, one to go" or "forever alone brother"? No worries bro, at least now you know who is next in line for the next upcoming family affair.

forever alone
He’s Mine

Bridesmaids can be a dangerous group if your groom is hot, and that’s exactly why you have to pick your guests carefully! A cheerful shot from Inna Makeenko.

he's mine
Hero League

The league of extraordinary best men (& groom) strikes again, in this awesome geek-inspired wedding portrait shot of a lifetime.

hero league
  • Source: Hoffer Photography
I Fished A Husband

The ‘there’s other fish in the sea’ phrase finally makes sense with this portrait. A hilarious one from Sergio Miguelez Martinez Yeli indeed!

i fished a husband
  • Source: Sergio Miguelez Martinez Yeli
iPhone Kiss

Now there’s a shot to behold.

iphone kiss
Just Married

The umbrella gives you a behind the scene, shadow look of a ‘just married’ couple. Romanticism at its peak.

just married
  • Source: Freddy Ku Photography
Light Painted Love

You know I’m going to say this – what a dazzling shot! By the way the technique is called Light Painting, and we even have a collection featuring it.

light painted love
  • Source: William Walker Photography
Love Defies Space

You don’t really need to bring up Photoshop every time you talk about creativity, just hire Joe Hendricks to help you think differently.

love defies space
Marineland Wedding

Awww, how much cuteness and sweetness is captured in this single photo!

marineland wedding
  • Source: Sarah and Ben Photography
Witness the Kiss

The one-for-all solution to shoot the kiss, while keeping all guests in the highlight.

witness the kiss
  • Source: Ashfall Mixed Media
Marriage is Fun

Marriage itself is already a wild act, but you can always go wilder with photography.

marriage is-fun
  • Source: Alexandre Bourguet Photography
Protect Our Love

Those are some real dangerous bridesmaids. Hot and loaded.

protect our love
Show Off

It’s the men’s turn to be bedazzled by the rock on the groom’s finger. She put a ring on it boys! OMG OMG OMG!

show off

A wedding portrait inspired by the Inception movie poster Jordan Nakamura puts the inception in their reception (Get it?)!

Transformers Ambush

Easily the coolest and scariest wedding portrait of all time, and the bridesmaids and best men are all in on it! Where’s Bumble Bee when you need it?

transformers ambush
  • Source: IXsf Skillforum Design & Photography
T-Rex Attack!

Looks like attacks at weddings are becoming a trend. And part fo the success of the illusion comes from the right (screaming) guests!

t-rex attack
  • Source: Quinn Miller Photo + Design
Zombie Hunt

What’s more fun than doing a zombie hunt during the wedding photography session? Also watch how Josiahx nailed this manipulation!

zombie hunt
  • Source: Josiahx
Wedding Wars

Perfect for the Star Wars fan. At least this story has a happy ending.

wedding wars
  • Source: Steven Kowalski Photography
Lord of Surprise

Wedding portraits can’t get more magical than this. Superior manipulation skills from Sergey Ivanov!

lord of surprise
Wedding Gang

Now, that’s a way to make an entrance. Love the tie-color coordination too.

wedding gang
You Can’t Escape

Not sure what this one’s about but from the looks of things, both the bride and groom are enjoying this setup. And that’s the whole point, isn’t it?

you can't escape

The guests are having a ‘blast’ with this one! More hadouken photography here!

  • Source: Jordan Weiland Photography

When the bride asks where the groom is, she demands answers! *breathes out loudly*

  • Source: RSB Photography
Don’t Piss Me Off!

They are barely out of their wedding attire and the fight has already begun – in jest!

don't piss me off
Groom Kidnap

There’s no stopping this wedding, especially when you stuff the groom in the trunk to make sure he gets to the chapel.

groom kidnap
  • Source: Stelmakh Studio


While it may look like these awe-inspiring wedding portraits were created out of pure fun, they are very carefully executed ideas with lots of detail forged in the post-processing stage. Thus, a hat-tip to all photographers for really bringing out the beauty (and laughs) one could expect from a shot like that.

Now it’s your turn! Which portrait do you wish to shoot during your wedding photography session? Have you discovered your favorite portrait somewhere on the Web? We can’t wait to see what you have to share!

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How to Play Animated GIFs onClick

Posted: 19 Mar 2020 06:23 AM PDT

The Animated GIF is a popular way to visualize a design concept (here’s an example of how we did it for the post text effects created with CSS) or show off a short video clip. But if you have too many of them in the same page, it will deviate your user’s focus. For pages that showcase a lot of GIFs, this is bad news.

The solution: serve users with a static image and only allow the animated GIF to run upon user-click. In this short tutorial we’re going to show you how to do just that.

Getting Started

Begin with preparing the project folders and files which include: an HTML file, the jQuery, and lastly a JavaScript file where we will write our code. You may link jQuery to a CDN or grab the copy and link it to your project directory. I would leave the styles and CSS to your imagination. The most essential part is the HTML markup is as follows:

  <figure>  	<img src="img/mobile-wireframe.png" height="300" width="400" alt="Static Image" data-alt="img/mobile-wireframe.gif">  </figure>  <!-- add more images -->  

Notice the additional data-alt attribute in the img element. This is where we store the GIF, in place of the static image which we initially serve. You may add more images and also add a caption for each through the figcaption element.

After that, we will write the JavaScript that will bring the magic. The idea is to serve the GIF image when the user clicks on the image.

The JavaScript

First, we create a function that will retrieve the GIF image path we have put in the data-alt attribute. We will loop through each of the image and use the jQuery .data() method to do so:

  var getGif = function() {  	var gif = [];  	$('img').each(function() {  		var data = $(this).data('alt');  		gif.push(data);  	});  	return gif;  }  var gif = getGif();

We run the function and save the output in a variable gif, as above. The gif variable now contains the path of the GIF from the images in the page.

Image Pre-loading

We now have a loading problem: with the GIF not yet loaded, there is a chance that the animated GIF would not play instantly (since the browser would need a few seconds to fully load the GIF). This delay would be felt more significantly when the GIF image size is large.

We need to pre-load, or load the GIFs simultaneously as the page is loading.

  // Preload all the GIF.  var image = [];    $.each(gif, function(index) {  	image[index]     = new Image();  	image[index].src = gif[index];  });

Now, open the DevTools then head over to the Network (or Resources) tab. You will notice that the GIFs are already loaded even though they are saved in the data-alt attribute. And the following is all the code you need to do so.

gif loaded

The last piece of the code is where we bind each figure element that wraps the image with the click event.

The code will swap the image source between the src attribute where the static image is served and the data-alt attribute where we initially serve the GIF image.

The code will also revert to the static image as the user clicks a second time, “stopping” the animation.

  $('figure').on('click', function() {      var $this   = $(this),            $index  = $this.index(),                        $img    = $this.children('img'),            $imgSrc = $img.attr('src'),            $imgAlt = $img.attr('data-alt'),            $imgExt = $imgAlt.split('.');                if($imgExt[1] === 'gif') {        $img.attr('src', $'alt')).attr('data-alt', $imgSrc);    } else {        $img.attr('src', $imgAlt).attr('data-alt', $'alt'));    }    });

And that’s it. You can polish the page with styles, for example, you may add a play button overlaying the image to indicate that it is “playable” or an animated GIF.

Check out the demo and download the source here.

The post How to Play Animated GIFs onClick appeared first on Hongkiat.

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