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Saturday, March 14, 2020

How to of the Day

How to of the Day

How to Measure Brand Awareness

Posted: 14 Mar 2020 09:00 AM PDT

Brand awareness measures how many people are familiar with your product or service by tracking searches and engagement online or in person. If you have a brand and want to learn more about how aware people are of it, start by looking for tracking tools online to learn how often your brand is mentioned and searched for. Look into your web traffic and social media posts to see how others interact with your content. If you want answers to more direct questions, running surveys can help you get feedback from your target audience.


[Edit]Measuring Web Traffic

  1. Use Google Analytics to see how often your brand is searched for. Google Analytics is a free tool that you can use to look for web searches that relate to your brand. When you use Google Analytics, you'll be able to see the demographics, locations, and how often traffic goes to your website. You may also see how often people are directed to your brand from other websites so you can determine your overall reach. Sign up for a free account to start tracking your sites.[1]
    Measure Brand Awareness Step 1.jpg
    • Google Analytics also offers a paid option so you can control your searches more and get more in-depth information.
    • Some website design templates also offer web tracking so you can get information about the people that visit the site.
  2. See how much direct traffic your brand's website gets. Using Google Analytics or another web tracking service, look at the value for the number of people that visit your website directly to know how often people visit your website. Look for any changes in the trend lines so you can see when more or fewer people visit your site. If your site has a positive trend over time, then more people are looking for your brand, but if it decreases, then people are looking elsewhere for a similar service.[2]
    Measure Brand Awareness Step 2.jpg
    • Checking the number of people that visit your website doesn't necessarily mean that they used your service or brand in any way.
    • Some analytics tools may tell you how long the average user spends on your site as well as which pages are visited the most.
    • Look for your site's traffic on a monthly and yearly level to see when your site gets the most users.
  3. Monitor searches for your brand name with Google Trends. Google Trends is a free service that tracks the history of searches and how often keywords are looked up. Type in your brand's name into the analytics service you're using to look up how often people are searching for it. The data from the searches will show you where people are searching for your brand, how often they visit sites related to your brand, and what their demographics are. Check the trend lines of the searches to see if it's increasing or decreasing over time to gauge your brand's popularity.[3]
    Measure Brand Awareness Step 3.jpg
    • You can set up alerts through the web analysis service you use so you can get updates on when your brand name is mentioned on another site or searched for.
  4. Check what keywords are bringing people to your website. The keywords you search for and track vary depending on what product or service your brand provides. Type a list of words related to your brand in the analytics service you're using so you can get information about how often people are searching for the keywords. Compare how often people search for the words or phrases to the amount of traffic your website gets to see how often others find your brand.[4]
    Measure Brand Awareness Step 4.jpg
    • For example, if your brand is for headache medication, you may include keywords like, "pain relief," "headache," or "migraine."
  5. Determine your audience's demographics so you can market to them. The demographics of your audience include where they're located, what age group they fit into, and which gender they are. After looking at the analytics for your site, check the graphs or charts for analytics to see who is primarily searching for your product.[5]
    Measure Brand Awareness Step 5.jpg
    • Use the information you find to help determine if you need to market toward a different group of people or if you're finding the right audience.
  6. Look at the analytics for your competitors to see how your brand compares. Look for any larger competitors or brands that are similar to yours and type their website's information into your analysis service. Compare the numbers for their web traffic and keywords to your own brand so you can see how they're performing. If you have lower numbers than your competitors, then you may need to market your brand more to spread awareness to other people.[6]
    Measure Brand Awareness Step 6.jpg
    • For example, if you have a brand of headache medication, you may search for competitors like Tylenol or Advil to see how their numbers compare.

[Edit]Tracking Social Media Engagement

  1. Find a social media listening tool to keep track of post engagement. Social media has a huge impact on brands and their awareness for a general population. While some social media sites offer limited analytics, social media listening keeps track of each post you make to see how often others see and engage with your posts. Check online for free social media listening tools and choose the one that fits your needs.[7]
    Measure Brand Awareness Step 7.jpg
    • Some social media listening tools are more in-depth than others. While some may only track how often your posts are shared, others will also list the location and demographics of the people engaging with your posts.
  2. Search for how often your brand is mentioned in social media posts. Using your social media listening software, look up how many times people mention your brand and tag you in a post. The services actively look on multiple social media sites so you can see a breakdown of how often your brand's name is written down and shared on public posts. If your brand name is trending downward, then you may need to advertise or market better to make people more aware of you.[8]
    Measure Brand Awareness Step 8.jpg
    • Include misspellings of your brand name in your search to help reach a broader audience.
  3. Determine the reach of each post to know who saw it. The reach of a post is how many people saw it on their social media feeds so you know how large your audience is. Compare the numbers between each of your posts to see what type of content people respond to and are more likely to see. Once you learn which posts are most successful, plan to create similar content in the future to expand your reach so more people see it.[9]
    Measure Brand Awareness Step 9.jpg
    • Many social media sites have limited analytics where you can see how many people found your post.
    • People are usually more likely to see and read shorter posts than longer ones.
  4. Look at how many people interacted with your posts to determine user engagement. Your engagement includes the number of times people liked, shared, or commented on your posts. Check multiple posts to see how your user engagement has changed over time and what types of content people are more likely to respond to. Make note of your most successful posts so you can work on similar content or make adjustments to how you market your brand in the future.[10]
    Measure Brand Awareness Step 10.jpg
    • People are more likely to engage with your posts if you actively respond to comments or shares.
    • Check out the engagement for any of your competitors to see how you compare to them.
  5. Check how many users are using a hashtag for your brand. Hashtags can help your brand become recognizable and provide an easy way to spread awareness. Search for any hashtags that you've used for your brand to see how many users are putting them in their content. If people aren't using a certain hashtag you've used to market yourself, then you may need to think of a different one to use instead.[11]
    Measure Brand Awareness Step 11.jpg
    • For example, if you have a brand of headache medication, you may start a hashtag like #WhyIHaveAHeadache" to promote your medicine.
    • Look for popular hashtags on your competitors' social media pages to see what successful branding they're using. For example, Coca-Cola used "#ShareACoke" to promote their product and brand.

[Edit]Conducting Awareness Surveys

  1. Offer brand awareness surveys in person or online. You can conduct surveys in person if you want to target specific individuals, or you can set up an online survey for a larger audience to take. Look for free survey creation services online so you can write your questions and post them to your social media pages or website. If you're doing your surveys in person, you can reach out to random groups of people to take your survey.[12]
    Measure Brand Awareness Step 12.jpg
    • Brand awareness surveys can be the most difficult to use for metrics since it doesn't directly measure quantitative evidence.
    • If you're offering your survey in person, find a variety of people with different ages and backgrounds so you don't skew the results.
  2. Provide basic demographic questions to determine your brand's audience. When you write the questions for your survey, include questions about the user's age, where they're from, and what gender they are. This way, as you compile your results, you can see what audience your brand has and how much awareness people have for it depending on their age, location, or gender. Check if the audience you're trying to target appears more than others, and if they don't, make note of it so you can adjust your brand to reach them more.[13]
    Measure Brand Awareness Step 13.jpg
    • For example, at the beginning of your survey, you may include questions about their birthday and the country where they live.
    • You can include demographic questions at the end of your survey if you want to get into your questions immediately.
  3. Determine how your brand compares to competitors using a rating scale. Make a short list of 5-6 competitors as well as your brand, and ask the people taking your survey to rate them. Use a scale from 1-5, with 1 being not familiar with the brand and 5 being very familiar. Ask the person taking the survey to give each brand you list a specific rating so you can see how familiar they are with your brand.[14]
    Measure Brand Awareness Step 14.jpg
    • Include pictures of each brand if you can since people may be more likely to recognize something visually rather by name.
    • Don't list an overwhelming number of brands since it could make people less likely to finish the survey.
  4. Use questions with multiple choices to get more informed responses. Many people don't like to write out long responses while they're taking a survey, so use mostly multiple choice questions so people are more likely to complete it. Put your questions so the most important ones are at the beginning to increase the chances of people answering them. Be as specific with your questions as you can so people don't get confused or skew the results of your survey.[15]
    Measure Brand Awareness Step 15.jpg
    • Randomize the order of the answers since many people usually skew toward the first option listed.
  5. Ask what a person thinks of when they hear your brand name. Rather than using a multiple choice question, let people explain their first thoughts when they hear your brand name. Ask for only 2-3 thoughts so the person taking the survey doesn't feel the need to explain their thoughts in depth. If people aren't aware of your brand, you may provide an option that says "I have never heard of this brand." When you get the results of the survey, you can use the information to determine how people see your brand or see if they are familiar with it.[16]
    Measure Brand Awareness Step 16.jpg
    • You can also include a follow-up question about how people found your brand with multiple choices, such as "Social media," "From a friend," or "Advertisement."
    • You may also include similar questions about your brand's competitors to get an idea of how your audience perceives them.
  6. Compile the survey information to see how your brand compares to others. Once you have a number of people complete your survey, look at how people ranked your brand with the list of competitors so you can see how you compete with them. If people aren't familiar with your brand, then you may need to advertise more or market your product to a wider audience. If people are familiar with your brand, look at how they responded to what they think of when they hear the brand name.[17]
    Measure Brand Awareness Step 17.jpg
    • For example, if your brand is familiar and someone said their first thought was "old," you may want to try new designs or advertising to a younger market.


  • Monitor review sites, like Google Reviews or Yelp, to see what other users or customers are saying about your brand. Looking at the reviews for your brand may not directly measure your brand awareness, but it can help guide how you market yourself in the future so you get better reviews.[18]
  • Track your brand awareness multiple ways so you can get an overall reading of how well your brand is doing against your competitors.


How to Celebrate Pi Day

Posted: 14 Mar 2020 01:00 AM PDT

Pi is a mathematical constant that is the ratio of a circle's circumference to its diameter, and it is also one of the most revered mathematical constants in the known world.[1] Pi Day was first officially celebrated on a large scale in 1988 at the San Francisco Exploratorium.[2] Since then, Pi Day has been celebrated by millions of students and math-lovers each year. The holiday is celebrated on 14th March, since 3 (the month of March) 1 and 4 (the 14th day) are the first three and most well-known digits in the decimal form of pi. Though you can observe this fun little holiday however you choose, there are a few pi day celebrations that are popular and guarantee a good time for everyone!


[Edit]Enjoying Pi-Themed Foods

  1. Have a pi feast. No pi day activities are complete without pi foods! Eating these may be the easiest and the most fun way to celebrate pi. If you're in school, everyone can bring in a pi-themed food for a pi pot luck, and if you're just celebrating with friends, you can all enjoy a pi-themed meal together.
    Celebrate Pi Day Step 1 Version 2.jpg
  2. Eat pie. While "pie" and "pi" are spelled differently, they sound the same so eating pie on Pi Day is a popular option. Furthermore, since traditional pies are round, their circular shape acknowledges the mathematical importance of pi.
    Celebrate Pi Day Step 2 Version 2.jpg
    • Eat any type of pie. Try key lime pie, pumpkin pie, pecan pie, or apple pie. You can even make a special Pi Day pie in honor of the day.
    • For something a little different, consider purchasing and using a pie pan shaped in the mathematical symbol for pi. Such pans can be purchased online.[3]
    • Pi foods don't have to be limited to desserts. Eat shepherd's pie or chicken pot pie.
  3. Choose circular foods. Any food that has a circular shape can be fit for your feast due to the mathematical significance of pi. You might try making cookies, cakes, cupcakes, or pancakes.
    Celebrate Pi Day Step 3 Version 2.jpg
    • Consider using icing to put the pi symbol on a variety of cookies, pies, and cupcakes. You can even make the foods in advance and write pi on them in icing in a big group.
    • Similarly, you can use pi-shaped cookie cutters, pans, and free-form techniques to shape these foods in the symbol for pi.
  4. Make a pun. Serve foods that start with the letters "pi." For instance, you could eat pineapple, pizza, or pine nuts, or drink piña coladas and pineapple juice.
    Celebrate Pi Day Step 4 Version 2.jpg
    • You might even consider combining this idea with some of the others. Write the symbol for pi using pepperoni on your pizza or make a pineapple pie.

[Edit]Creating a Pi-Themed Ambiance

  1. Wear pi-themed clothing. Math geeks and clothing manufacturers have a better relationship than you might expect. Consider purchasing a t-shirt with the mathematical symbol for pi on the front and wearing it on the special day. You can easily find these shirts online.
    Celebrate Pi Day Step 5 Version 2.jpg
    • If you don't want to buy a shirt, consider creating your own pi shirt using fabric paint and a pi-shaped stencil instead.
    • You can also wear pi accessories. This idea can be taken further to include pi symbol pendants and other jewelry, or you can take a representative approach by wearing something like a necklace with beads representing the numbers in pi,
    • You could even consider wearing a pi symbol temporary tattoo.
  2. Carry pi with you where you go. Shop around online for some fun pi paraphernalia, like pi mugs and pi watches.
    Celebrate Pi Day Step 6 Version 2.jpg
    • Another option would be to put pi symbol stickers on your belongings.
    • If you want to spread the celebration, try giving away pencils with pi symbols on them.
    • Make your computer or phone background into something related to pi. The symbol might work, or you can have a background filled with bubbles or other circular shapes.

[Edit]Throwing a Pi-Themed Celebration

  1. Play pi games. Pi games will not only be fun, but they will improve your understanding of pi and will make everyone around you have a deeper appreciation of pi.
    Celebrate Pi Day Step 7 Version 2.jpg
    • There are plenty of traditional games that are appropriate on Pi Day, like a piñata, a pie-eating contest, or a pie-in-the-face fundraiser.
    • Answer math questions. Come to Pi Day with at least ten math questions you can spring on people. They should be related to geometry, trigonometry, or other fields where pi is particularly useful.
    • Conduct a Pi Day Scavenger Hunt. Hide pi-themed objects around your classroom, home, or other celebration venue. You can also hide objects representing the digits of pi: three baseballs, one frisbee, four basketballs, etc.
    • Pi Day also happens to be the birthday of Albert Einstein. Play an Einstein-themed trivia game, or have an Einstein impersonator contest.[4]
    • Have a pi memorization or recitation contest. As soon as someone loses, you can hit him in the face with a pie. If you want to really show your dedication on Pi Day, learn to memorize pi in advance by studying as many of the digits of pi as you can.
  2. Use your artistic side to celebrate pi. You don't have to be a left-brained thinker to fully celebrate pi. You can use your creative side to show how much you love and appreciate pi. And even if you're not the world's most talented poet or writer, you can still have fun while being silly. You don't have to create art to celebrate pi; you can also just appreciate art that already celebrates it. Here are a few ways to celebrate pi artistically:
    Celebrate Pi Day Step 8 Version 2.jpg
    • Write poetry. Write either a pi-ku (haiku) or a regular pi-em (poem) to show how much you love pi.
    • Write a pi-themed song and sing it, or write a short pi-themed skit and act it out.
    • Paint a picture of pi.
    • Watch movies related to pi. Try the film π--it's an interesting and dark movie about a mathematician who goes crazy, but intended for an adult audience only. You could also watch the film Life of Pi.[5] Technically "Pi" is only the protagonist's name, but it has gotten people thinking about pi.
    • Listen to Kate Bush. Progressive rock musician Kate Bush performed a song titled π on her 2005 album Aerial. Bush sings pi to its 137th decimal place, but omits the 79th through 100th decimal places of pi for unknown reasons.
  3. Get physical with pi. You can also use your physical prowess, or even your car, to show your love for pi. Here are a few things you can do to celebrate pi:
    Celebrate Pi Day Step 9.jpg
    • Do a pi mile run. Run , which is just a tiny bit longer than a 5K. You can take this a step further by organizing a pi mile run with friends or colleagues.
    • Lay down in pi formation and take a picture. If you're bold, have two people standing up while holding up a third person who is lying sideways in between them. Make sure the lightest person is on top.
    • Drive exactly .
    • March in a circle to show your love for pi.

[Edit]Celebrating the Real Meaning of Pi Day

  1. Celebrate at 1:59 PM on Pi Day. This time represents the next three digits of pi: 3.14159. Take a minute to acknowledge pi in whatever way you see fit at that moment During this minute, you can cheer wildly, or even have a countdown leading up to "pi minute" the minute before.
    Celebrate Pi Day Step 10.jpg
    • For added effect for a countdown, have a "pi drop" where you drop a big pie off a balcony or another elevated structure. You can even add a lot of sprinkles to the pie to make it look like a disco ball.
    • If you've written a pi song or made a pi dance, this would be the perfect minute to share your art.
    • Note that there is some debate regarding the exact time that Pi Day should be celebrated. Though 1:59PM is probably the most common, some believe that the 24-hour clock should be used instead, which would mean that Pi Day should be celebrated at 1:59AM or 15:09PM.
  2. Convert things into pi. This step is absolutely necessary for two reasons: first, to utterly confuse people who have no idea what you're talking about, and secondly, to have fun seeing how many things can be referenced with pi. This will help you reach an even higher appreciation for the amazing number that is pi. Consider two approaches:
    Celebrate Pi Day Step 11.jpg
    • Use pi to tell the time. Convert naturally circular things into radians, like the hours on the clock. Instead of it being 3 o'clock, now it's 1/2 pi o'clock. Or, instead of it being 3 o'clock, convert the inclination of the sun into radians and describe that as the time.
    • Simply use 3.14 as a unit of measure. Instead of being 31 years old, you are 9pi years old. With this same approach, you can find out your next pi birthday -- just don't forget to celebrate it when it comes!
  3. Help the tradition continue. Don't let this be a one-time thing — you owe it to pi to celebrate again and again. Set the date for next year and consider creating a pi club or website in the process.
    Celebrate Pi Day Step 12.jpg
    • Talk about your plans for Pi Day the following year. This will help generate enthusiasm.
    • Take notes after your Pi Day celebration. What can you do next year to make your celebration even more incredible?
    • Next year, talk about the day months in advance so your skeptical friends can be convinced to join in. You can even advertise for the event by emailing your closest friends or even setting up a Pi Day Facebook page.


  • Show your love for pi by getting married on Pi Day. There's nothing more romantic than being married to the one you love at 1:59:26 PM on March 14th to show that, like pi, your love will continue forever.
  • Pi day is also Einstein's Birthday.
  • Note that Pi Approximation Day is held on July 22, because when you use the DD/MM format, it is shown as 22/7, the fraction for pi.
  • Pi continues indefinitely, and so far it has been tracked out to 2,576,980,377,524 (over 2 trillion) digits after the decimal place using a computer. [6]
  • In 2015, celebrate with much pomp and ceremony as possible, as this is the only day in most of our lifetimes when pi day will fall on 3/14/15, at 9:26! 3.1415926

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[Edit]Quick Summary

How to Style Windbreaker Pants

Posted: 13 Mar 2020 05:00 PM PDT

Windbreaker pants are made of swishy nylon material, just like windbreaker jackets. Although they were originally made for athletes to wear, they're now great staple items in your wardrobe for comfy and cool streetwear looks. If you have some windbreaker pants you've been dying to try out, try wearing them with a few different tops, shoes, and accessories to create outfits for a day in or a night out.


[Edit]Keeping Your Pants Casual

  1. Pair your pants with a cropped sweatshirt for a sporty outfit. Contrast the bulk of the windbreaker pants with a chic layer on your upper body. Choose a sweatshirt that hits just above your waist for a simple, cute outfit to wear on a casual day out.[1]
    Style Windbreaker Pants Step 1 Version 2.jpg
    • Pair a grey cropped sweatshirt with some black windbreaker pants and white shoes for a neutral outfit.
  2. Keep your outfit simple with a fitted T-shirt. You don't have to make your entire outfit look oversized to match your pants. Combat the bulk of your windbreaker pants with a V-neck or scoop neck shirt that is fitted to your upper body.[2]
    Style Windbreaker Pants Step 2 Version 2.jpg
    • Add a pop of color to your outfit with a bright blue or red shirt with some black or grey windbreaker pants.
  3. Use a cropped tank top to keep cool in the summer. Throw on a spaghetti-strap tank top that stops just above your natural waistline to hug your curves. A cropped tank will also provide a nice contrast from the larger, more oversized pants in your outfit.[3]
    Style Windbreaker Pants Step 3 Version 2.jpg
    • Put on a white tank top, red windbreaker pants, and a baseball hat for a cute summer outfit.
  4. Make your outfit oversized with a large winter coat. It's okay to add some bulk up top when wearing windbreaker pants. Throw on a winter coat with a big hood to stay comfortable and warm in your windbreaker pants.[4]
    Style Windbreaker Pants Step 4 Version 2.jpg
    • Navy blue windbreaker pants look great with a black or hunter green coat.
    • Pair your outfit with some winter boots to keep your feet warm.
  5. Add some chunky sneakers for a comfortable look. Chunky sneakers add more bulk to your bottom half which looks great in a more sporty outfit. Complete your outfit with some bulky shoes to stick with the oversized theme.[5]
    Style Windbreaker Pants Step 5 Version 2.jpg
    • Pair your sneakers and windbreaker pants with a large jacket and a beanie for an oversized outfit.
  6. Create a sporty outfit by wearing some running shoes. Windbreaker pants were made to exercise in. Use running shoes to copy the sporty look, or even to go running or jogging.[6]
    Style Windbreaker Pants Step 6 Version 2.jpg
    • Black running shoes, black and white windbreaker pants, and a navy jacket pair well together for a quick jog through the neighborhood.
  7. Carry a small backpack to stick with the casual aesthetic. Purses and handbags can make your outfit look more formal. Choose a small backpack to carry your phone, wallet, and keys in to keep your arms free.[7]
    Style Windbreaker Pants Step 7.jpg
    • Add a pop of color to your outfit with a pink or yellow backpack, or stay neutral with a cream or black one.
  8. Wear a baseball cap to finish off your look. Since windbreaker pants are so sporty, you can top off your outfit with a cool baseball hat. Use a black or white one to keep it neutral, or add a pop of color to your outfit with a neon hat.[8]
    Style Windbreaker Pants Step 8 Version 2.jpg
    • You can find cheap baseball hats at most thrift stores.
    • Black windbreaker pants, a neon green shirt, and a white baseball hat is a great casual look.

[Edit]Creating Fashion-Forward Outfits

  1. Elevate your outfit with a bedazzled bomber jacket. If you want to stay away from the sporty aspect of windbreaker pants, throw on a bomber jacket with some sparkly accents to make your upper half pop. Choose a silky bomber jacket to elevate it even more.[9]
    Style Windbreaker Pants Step 9 Version 2.jpg
    • Wear a pink bomber jacket with some black windbreaker pants and white sneakers for a cute outfit.
  2. Throw on a windbreaker jacket for a tracksuit look. Go for a bold outfit by pairing a matching windbreaker jacket with your windbreaker pants. This is a great look if you have a bright vintage windbreaker jacket that you can wear with some bright pants.[10]
    Style Windbreaker Pants Step 10 Version 2.jpg
    • Pair red windbreaker pants with a red jacket to stand out, or keep your outfit more muted with a neutral navy blue or black.
  3. Put on a patterned top to spice up plain windbreaker pants. Stripes, polka dots, or even animal print goes great with solid-colored windbreaker pants. Add an interesting element to your outfit by wearing a bold piece up top.[11]
    Style Windbreaker Pants Step 11 Version 2.jpg
    • Wear a leopard print shirt with some black windbreaker pants and a bucket hat for a streetwear outfit.
  4. Elevate your outfit with a button-down. Choose a button-down shirt with a solid color and some bright windbreaker pants. Tuck your button-down shirt into your pants for a cool streetwear look to make you stand out.[12]
    Style Windbreaker Pants Step 12 Version 2.jpg
    • Pair a light blue button down paired with some red windbreaker pants and black sneakers.
  5. Make your outfit more cozy with a soft sweater. Contrast the swishy material of windbreaker pants with a wool or nylon sweater. Pair a pair of neutral pants with a neon sweater for a bright look, or go all out and mix bright pants and a bright sweater.[13]
    Style Windbreaker Pants Step 13 Version 2.jpg
    • Wear some pink windbreaker pants with a neon green sweater for an outfit that will stand out.
  6. Tuck your pants into crew socks for a bold look. Wear crew socks that hit above your ankles. Pull the bottoms of your pants into your socks and smooth them out flat.[14]
    Style Windbreaker Pants Step 14 Version 2.jpg
  7. Hang a fanny pack over one shoulder for a fashion-forward bag. Grab a neutral fanny pack that goes well with any outfit, like black or brown. Instead of wearing it around your waist, pull it on over one shoulder so that it hangs on your torso like a crossbody bag.[15]
    Style Windbreaker Pants Step 15 Version 2.jpg
    • Use a neon fanny pack to make it stand out.
    • Red windbreaker pants, a white shirt, and a black fanny pack pair well together for a simple look.
  8. Pair your pants with some skinny heels for a night out. Windbreaker pants don't have to be worn during the day. Throw on some black stiletto heels to elevate your outfit enough for a night out.[16]
    Style Windbreaker Pants Step 16 Version 2.jpg
    • Wear some black windbreaker pants with white stripes down the side, black heels, and a white crop top to take your outfit to a club.
  9. Throw on some boots for a contradiction. Since windbreaker pants are so sporty, you can contrast that with a pair of chunky work boots. Tuck the bottom of your pants into your boots for a seamless look.[17]
    Style Windbreaker Pants Step 17 Version 2.jpg
    • Pair black work boots with black windbreaker pants and a jean jacket for a fashion-forward outfit.


  • Try out a few different outfits to find a style that you like!


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