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Friday, March 6, 2020

Business News, Updates

Business News, Updates

Mitt Romney will vote in favor of subpoenaing records of Hunter Biden's Ukraine work one day after criticizing it as partisan

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 10:46 AM PST

Mitt RomneyBill Clark/CQ Roll Call

  • Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah will vote in favor of subpoenaing records related to Hunter Biden's work in Ukraine, Romney's spokesperson said Friday.
  • His decision comes after he repeatedly criticized the Senate Homeland Security Committee's effort to investigate Biden, the son of former Vice President Joe Biden, as looking political.
  • "I would prefer that investigations are done by an independent, nonpolitical body," Romney told The Washington Post just one day before deciding to vote in favor of the subpoena. "There's no question the appearance is not good."
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Republican Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah will vote in favor of subpoenaing records related to Hunter Biden's work in Ukraine, Romney's spokesperson said on Friday.

Politico, which first broke the news, reported that Romney made the decision after securing certain commitments from Sen. Ron Johnson, the chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee, which is spearheading the nascent investigation.

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Conrad New York Midtown recently underwent a full renovation — here's which suite I think poses the best value after touring most rooms

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 10:46 AM PST

  Conrad NY Midtown 4x3

  • Conrad New York Midtown is a new offering from Hilton's boutique luxury line. It recently reopened after a full renovation and rebrand of the property formerly known as The London. 
  • Rooms at the all-suite hotel start at 500 square feet with separate living and sleeping areas, and high-end design, art, and amenities. It's a similar approach to Conrad New York Downtown, aimed at those who want to stay in the center of Midtown.
  • I spent the night in a Sky Suite, which provided loads of space and incredible views, but the standard One Bedroom King Suites offer the best value, with rates as low as $240 per night in slower seasons.
  • Read all Business Insider hotel reviews here.

I previously stayed at Conrad New York Downtown and was a fan of the all-suite offering. My room had one of the best hotel showers I've experienced to date.

So, the bar was set pretty high when I heard Conrad New York Midtown was opening, and I was invited to check it out.

Truthfully, the properties are different. Decor in rooms at the TriBeCa location is more traditional, while Midtown is styled with rich velvet upholstery, modern lighting fixtures, and pops of deep green and blue. Where TriBeCa grabs attention with its towering open atrium lobby, Midtown's first impression is much more diminutive, save for a prominent art installation.

But as such, both revere art, weaving it seamlessly throughout each property, and suites at either hotel are impressively sized. Standard entry-level offerings feel more pied-a-terre than generic hotel room.

This felt especially true at Conrad Midtown, where the style felt a bit more contemporary than Downtown.

But it's no competition. Each exists to serve its own distinct base. In Midtown, unlike TriBeCa, that means more newcomers to the city, eager to explore from such a well-placed base.

The 54-floor property houses more than 500 suites and just opened in late 2019 after taking over the space previously occupied by the London Hotel. It's steps from Central Park, Rockefeller Center, MoMA, and the Theater District. 

I toured most room types at Conrad Midtown and can safely say if you're looking for the best value, you can't go wrong with the One-Bedroom King Suite, which I was originally booked in, but was upgraded at check-in to the Sky Suite. My room was comped for review purposes but can start as high as $1,000. It's the hotel's lowest tier premium suite offering, but in a hotel where every standard room is already a suite, you're just as well off opting for the standard One-Bedroom King Suite. Published hotel rates start for it at $500, but I saw online prices as low as $240 in slower seasons.

Of course, there's also the thousand-dollar-per-night atrium, penthouse, and FAO-themed suites, if you're so inclined.

Keep reading to see why I was so impressed by Conrad New York Midtown.

Business Insider

Emily Hochberg/Business Insider

At first glance, the lobby at Conrad Midtown seems like any other hotel lobby you might stumble into in Midtown. But as my eyes focused, they landed on a central sculpture of a woman in a '50s bathing costume laying on an inflatable swan pool toy. It stood next to a cart loaded with suitcases and was so lifelike, it almost appeared as if a dancer from a nearby Broadway show had chosen the lobby for an odd nap.

It's the hotel's flagship piece of art, a sculpture by Carole Feuerman of a crystal-clad swimmer laying on a swan float, which is a reinterpretation of the Greek myth Leda and the Swan. It's a hint to the hotel's central theme of art, and a nod to nearby modern art marvel MoMA. Throughout the hotel, you'll find works from the likes of Matisse, Warhol, Judd, Calder and more featured in common spaces and guest rooms.

Emily Hochberg/Business Insider

Moving past "Leda," the line to check-in was short and fast-moving, despite many online reviews to the contrary. It is small, however, and short on seating as the art installation takes center stage.

I was welcomed as a Hilton Honors member and learned I'd receive two complimentary water bottles each day as such.

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I used this sous vide tool to cook plain chicken with salt, pepper, and olive oil, and I was surprised at how tender and delicious it came out

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 10:46 AM PST


  • Sous vide is a popular cooking technique because it's low maintenance, precise, and turns plain meats and vegetables into something truly special.
  • Anova's powerful Precision Cooker Pro ($399), is a durable piece of machinery that rivals some of the sous vide devices you'd find in a commercial kitchen. 
  • I tried the Anova Pro and was impressed with how easy it was to use and how delicious the chicken I made with it tasted.
  • I'd quickly recommend this device to anyone because it works for small and large batches, but if you're looking for a more affordable option, check out our guide to the best sous vides.
Product Embed:
Product Name: Anova Culinary All Metal Sous Vide Precision Cooker Pro
Card Type: small
Width: 100%
Height: 150%


Cooking dinner is always a lot more glamorous in my head than it is in reality. I sear a steak and the inside is still exceptionally juicy. I roast vegetables until they're crisp, but never mushy. I set my timers, turn on some music, and not once do I forget about what's cooking in the oven, the pot, or what have you. 

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Dow tanks 450 points as coronavirus risks drag stocks deeper into correction territory

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 10:37 AM PST

Trader NYSEAndrew Kelly/Reuters

  • Stocks dropped for the second day in a row as coronavirus volatility dragged risk-asset prices deeper into correction territory.
  • All major US indices declined as the outbreak's infection count passed 100,000 and investors continued running to safe havens.
  • The S&P 500 sank as much as 3.6%, erasing all gains made earlier in the week.
  • Monitor US indices here.

US stocks dropped for the second session in a row as coronavirus woes continued to weigh on risk-asset prices and drive outsized volatility.

All major US indices sank in Friday trading as the outbreak's infection count passed 100,000. Maryland entered a state of emergency on Thursday after confirming the state's first virus cases. Pennsylvania announced its first two speculative cases Friday morning. President Trump's signing of an $8.3 billion epidemic relief package did little to calm the stock market's fears.

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Melania Trump tweets about her excitement for a new White House tennis court as the country battles the coronavirus

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 10:34 AM PST

First lady Melania Trump sits down at her table after speaking during the Governors' Spouses' luncheon in the Blue Room of the White House in Washington, Monday, Feb. 10, 2020. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)Associated Press

  • First Lady Melania Trump tweeted about the construction of new White House tennis courts on Thursday, sparking backlash. 
  • "I am excited to share the progress of the Tennis Pavillion at @WhiteHouse," she tweeted alongside photos of herself in a hard hat at the construction site.
  • Critics slammed the announcement as out of touch and even harmful as the country struggles to contain the coronavirus and deals with widespread economic fallout. 
  • "People are scared, @FLOTUS. Flaunting a lack of empathy inflicts further harm," columnist Connie Schultz tweeted. 
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First Lady Melania Trump tweeted about the construction of a new private White House tennis pavilion on Thursday as concern spreads that the Trump administration isn't doing enough to contain the coronavirus. 

"I am excited to share the progress of the Tennis Pavillion at @WhiteHouse," she tweeted alongside photos of herself in a hard hat at the construction site. "Thank you to the talented team for their hard work and dedication."

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NOW WATCH: A law professor weighs in on how Trump could beat impeachment

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I'm a financial planner, and I see clients make the same 6 mistakes with student loans over and over again

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 10:31 AM PST

college grad and parentsThomas Barwick/Getty Images


Student loans can be stressful. Borrowing money for school might seem straightforward, but repayment plans come with rules and red tape that can be difficult to navigate. The recent news about 99% of Public Service Loan Forgiveness (PSLF) applications being rejected proves how easy it is to make a mistake.

If you are considering taking out student loans or are already trying to pay them off, here are the top student loan mistakes I see as a financial planner.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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The best electric razors

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 10:30 AM PST

  • If you don't mind spending a little extra, an electric razor can give you a close shave, while also helping you perfectly groom your facial hair and more.
  • The Braun Series 7 is our top pick because it is powerful, versatile, and effective at removing facial and other body hair.

Modern electric razors can provide a close shave at home. While they can't quite match the closeness of the shave you'd receive from a talented barber, they're far more convenient and safe than the straight razor.

An electric razor uses spinning blades or blades that oscillate back and forth to cut the coarse hairs on the face tightly to the skin. Guards surround the blades to protect your skin from the moving blades. Most guards also contain slots or holes that catch the hairs and lift them upward, so the blades can clip them more effectively.

The heads on the electric shavers will flex singularly from each other, allowing the razor to match the contours of your face, which helps you achieve a closer shave.

One of the best features of modern electric razors is the ability to use them in wet or dry environments, as well as with shaving gel or foam.

Foil vs. rotary electric razors

The primary choice you'll have with electric razors is the design you want. Some people prefer a foil-style shaver, while others like a rotary-style shaver.

  • Foil: The foil electric shaver contains oscillating blades that move back and forth at high speeds. These blades are covered with guards that lift hair for cutting and that protect the skin. A foil razor will often have a few separate cutting blades that flex independently to match the contours of your face. However, because a foil head has a rectangular shape, it might not match your face as well as a rotary razor.
  • Rotary: The rotary razor has round blades that spin. You'll receive protection from the spinning rotary blades with a slotted guard that sits atop the blades and helps to lift the hairs so they're easier to cut. The heads flex in multiple directions, giving you a close shave by hugging the contours of your face. However, rotary heads are more difficult to clean after shaving versus the foil shaver.

Here are the best electric razors you can buy:

Updated on 3/5/2020 by Amir Ismael: Updated prices, links, and formatting. Updated picks for best overall, best high-end, best for coarse and curly hair, and included the other razors we considered.

The best electric razor overall


The Braun Series 7 is able to "read" the density of your beard and automatically adjust its power to give you a close shave.

The Braun Series 7 (model 7075cc) may just be the most useful item in a man's bathroom. This electric razor is capable of determining how thick your facial hair is in order to automatically adjust its power, so you'll be able to get a clean and even shave in just one pass.

This is made possible by Braun's Sonic and AutoSense technology, which reads and adapts the power to the density of your beard.

While our previous pick for best electric razor overall, the Braun Series 7 (model 7865cc) featured the same technology, the newer Series 7 is better for a few key reasons.

Compared to the previous version, which features an eight-directional flexible shaving head, the new 7075cc features 360 Degree adaptation for better control, contouring, and ultimately a better shave.

I also appreciate the updated trimmer design. The previous version had a trimmer tool conveniently attached to the front of the device, but its awkward placement made it difficult to use with precision. When looking in the mirror, the shaver head blocked most of the trimmer tool, which made it hard to see what you were doing.

The new Series 7 (model 7865cc) has a trimmer attachment, and that can be put in place of the shaver attachment. Although it's not attached to the device at all times, its position at the top of the device makes it more precise and easier to use.

The Braun Series 7 comes with a Clean and Charge Station with cleaning solution, a cleaning brush, a travel case, a beard trimmer attachment, and several guards.

The Series 7 is also entirely waterproof, so you can even bring it in the shower with you, use it with or without shaving cream and water, and rinse it off in the sink when you're done. — Amir Ismael

Pros: Quality construction, waterproof, provides a great, close shave in just one pass, contours your face and neck well  

Cons: None to speak of

The best affordable electric razor


The Remington F5-5800 has just enough features to make it a smart, budget-friendly choice.

Electric shavers can be expensive, especially foil style shavers, but Remington consistently offers models with good performance, at the affordable end of the market. The Remington F5-5800 is one of the better razors available for such a low price. It certainly has some drawbacks, but it will give you a decent level of performance, considering what you're paying.

The F5-5800 has a nicely contoured handle that makes it comfortable to use. Meanwhile, the head on this electric razor is just the right size to reach hard-to-shave areas, such as just below the nose. Keep in mind, though, that the Remington F5-5800 does not allow for wet shaves, and it won't work with shaving foam or gel.

The rechargeable battery on the Remington F5-5800 is reliable, and the handle of the razor contains a series of LEDs that indicate the current charge level, which is convenient.

Many people like to use the F5-5800 as a travel razor or as a second razor at the office, because of its small size and low price. Shaver Guru likes the pop-up trimmer that allows you to closely trim your mustache or sideburns, which is a feature you don't always find on an inexpensive electric shaver.

Because the F5-5800 has two foil areas, it will match the contours of your face more closely than foil shavers that just have one foil, according to Male Sense Pro.

One Amazon buyer said he has to shave his coarse beard twice a day and found that the F5-5800 stands up to this regular usage extremely well, providing a close shave every time.

One problem many Amazon reviewers mentioned is the failing of the foil screens on the razor after several months. This can expose sharp edges on the F5-5800 that could cause nicks and cuts while shaving. — Kyle Schurman

Pros: Low price point for a foil style shaver, small size and comfortable handle, includes a pop-up trimmer for close grooming work, foils on the shaver will tilt back and forth to match your face

Cons: Doesn't have the longevity of other electric razors, will not work with foam or gel, may develop sharp edges over time, limited motion compared to other razors

The best high-end electric razor


The Braun Series 9 offers all of the latest features found in an electric razor to make it more comfortable to use, while also yielding a close shave.

The Braun Series 9 (9370cc) electric foil shaver is an upgrade to both Series 7 and older Series 9 Braun shavers with the latest design features. Although you'll pay extra for these features, the 9370cc is well worth the extra money.

The cutting head consists of five separate parts — two OptiFoil shavers, a lift and cut trimmer, a direct and cut trimmer, and a protective skin guard. Together, the system provides a smooth and close shave, whether your hairs lay flat, stand up, or grow in an odd direction.

If you weren't a fan of electric razors with pivoting heads in the past because they didn't fit the contours of your face well, you don't have to worry about that issue with the 9370cc. Braun included a 10-direction pivoting head that provides all the flexibility you'll need.

With 20% more battery power than the previous model, you'll get a full hour of shaving time on just one charge. And if it does die, you can get enough power for a full shave from a five-minute quick charge.

As one final advantage over its predecessors, the 9370cc has one of the largest heads found on an electric shaver, allowing you to finish shaving a bit more quickly than with other electric razors. This Braun razor will work in wet or dry conditions, and you can use it with shaving foam or gel.

I've used the previous version (the Series 9 9290cc) and found the small, but notable improvements to be worthwhile. At $300, the Braun Series 9 9370cc is definitely a splurge item, but if you're after a truly high-end trimmer, this is it.

Pros: Flexible 10-direction pivoting head, five different cutting areas for close shaves, good for trimming various types of hair, large shaving head to complete the job faster

Cons: Expensive

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From travel bans to disaster-recovery sites, here's everything we know about how Wall Street banks are handling the spread of coronavirus

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 10:27 AM PST

wall street 2030 wealth management 4x3Simon Dawson/REUTERS; Samantha Lee/Business Insider

  • The spread of coronavirus has sent Wall Street banks scrambling to put in place policies to protect workers and clients and make sure business can carry on with as little disruption as possible. 
  • The changes come as financial markets are being rocked by worries about the economic impact of supply-chain disruption and containment measures.
  • And the first emergency rate cut by the Federal Reserve since the financial crisis has put even more pressure on banks. 
  • Here's a look at the latest guidance being given to employees at massive financial institutions that dominate dealmaking, trading, and consumer banking. 
  • Visit BI Prime for more Wall Street stories.

With the global spread of coronavirus, Wall Street banks are grappling with how to keep workers and clients safe while keeping their sprawling operations running with as little disruption as possible. 

We've been tracking changes to employee travel policies, disruptions to in-person meetings and conferences, and how banks are deploying contingency plans. We've also talked to top bankers to understand how international travel restrictions and a lack of face-to-face meetings could put a big dent in dealmaking. 

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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THEN AND NOW: How Burger King has changed through the years

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 10:24 AM PST

whopper Burger KingKatherine Frey/The Washington Post/Getty Images

Burger King is the second-largest fast-food burger chain in the world, and it isn't for lack of trying.

Ever since the first Insta-Burger King opened its doors in Jacksonville, Florida, in 1953, the chain has been serving up signature flame-broiled burgers, milkshakes, and fries that have satisfied customers all over the globe.

We took a look back at how the chain has evolved over the years, from mascot and menu changes to restaurant redesigns.

Here's how Burger King has changed since its beginnings in the 1950s.

The first Burger King restaurant opened in 1953. Back then, it was called Insta-Burger King.

Burger King

Founded in Jacksonville, Florida, by Keith Kramer and Matthew Burns, the company was taken over in 1954 by David Edgerton and James McLamore. They decided to expand its locations.

In 1967, Burger King was purchased by the Pillsbury Company. At the time of the purchase, Burger King had 274 restaurants across the United States and was worth an estimated $18 million.

It was the second-largest fast-food chain in the country, behind McDonald's.

Source: Britannica, Encyclopedia

Today, Burger King has ‎17,796 locations worldwide.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

However, just like when Burger King first opened, the chain falls short of McDonald's, which has more than 38,000 locations across the globe.

An early version of the Burger King logo featured curved letters sandwiched between two yellow burger buns.

Bernard CHARLON/Gamma-Rapho/Getty Images

Other versions included images of the Burger King, the chain's mascot at the time.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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How to change your phone number in Gmail using your computer or mobile device

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 10:23 AM PST

google gmailS3studio/Getty Images

  • You can easily change your phone number in Gmail by accessing your Personal Information tab in settings.
  • You may want to change your phone number if you've switched carriers, changed jobs, or moved to a new country.
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

Along with sending and receiving messages, you can make changes to your personal information in your Gmail settings — including your phone number.

You may want to change your phone number if you've recently switched mobile carriers, changed jobs, or moved to a new country. 

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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Gig economy workers say they'll have to work through the coronavirus outbreak even if they get sick: "We can't risk losing a day's income"

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 10:23 AM PST


  • The CDC has issued guidelines on how to avoid spreading coronavirus, warning everyone to stay home if they feel sick. But for a lot of Americans, this isn't possible.
  • Research shows that hourly employees in the US are likely to come into work while sick, due to the lack of paid sick leave.
  • Having sick employees in restaurants, ride-sharing cars, and retail stores can mitigate the spread of coronavirus.
  • One former waitress, who went to work with swine flu, told Insider she sees this happening again with coronavirus.
  • Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.

During the 2009 swine flu outbreak, Lauren Rinaldi was 26, working as a server in Philadelphia. It was the busiest time of year, when restaurants were packed with locals and tourists and there were tips to be made. She didn't feel well, but she decided to push through it and see a doctor afterwards. That doctor told her she had been working with swine flu, and was likely spreading it to the people around her.

"Missing shifts for an illness would have definitely affected our ability to pay for our expenses," she told Insider in an email. She had a baby to take care of, a mortgage to pay, and student loan bills, and daycare costs to handle.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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Trump said Warren's campaign failed because she's 'mean' and lacks talent, and not because of sexism

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 10:20 AM PST

Elizabeth WarrenBrian Snyder/Reuters

  • President Donald Trump rejected the notion sexism had something to do with Sen. Elizabeth Warren's lack of success in the 2020 campaign season.
  • Warren dropped out of the 2020 race on Thursday. 
  • "I think lack of talent was her problem. She had a tremendous lack of talent," Trump told reporters Friday.
  • The president, who spends much of his time attacking people on Twitter, said people like "a person like me, that's not mean."
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

President Donald Trump on Friday said that Sen. Elizabeth Warren's campaign did not fail because of sexism, but because she's "mean" and lacks "talent." 

"I think lack of talent was her problem. She had a tremendous lack of talent," Trump told reporters as he signed an $8 billion coronavirus bill, before going on to say Warren was a good debater who "destroyed Mike it was nothing."

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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The US has reported 14 coronavirus deaths among at least 260 cases. Here's what we know about the US patients.

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 10:20 AM PST

Life care centerDavid Ryder/Getty Images

The US has reported 14 deaths from the coronavirus as of Friday: 13 in Washington state and one in California.

Two of the Washington patients died February 26, but their diagnoses were confirmed posthumously on Tuesday, making them the earliest known coronavirus fatalities in the US. 

In total, the US has confirmed at least 260 cases of the coronavirus, which originated in Wuhan, China, in December. 

Forty-six of those cases are passengers who had been quarantined on the Diamond Princess cruise ship then repatriated. Three evacuees from Wuhan also tested positive for the coronavirus.

Twenty-one states have reported cases, but in one of those states, Nebraska, the infections are only among repatriated citizens. 

The coronavirus causes a respiratory disease known as COVID-19. More than 3,400 people have died and more than 100,000 others have been infected, about 80% of whom are in China. Cases have been recorded in around 90 countries.

The US is seeing a rising number of cases of "community spread" — patients with no known exposure to the virus or travel history to countries where outbreaks have been reported.

For the latest case total, death toll, and travel information, see Business Insider's live updates here.



Here's everything we know about the coronavirus in the US — in the list below, states are ordered by their number of cases.

Fourteen people have died from the coronavirus on US soil.

Suzi Pratt/Getty

Washington has reported 13 deaths. The first — a man in his 50s who had chronic underlying health issues — was reported on Saturday at EvergreenHealth, a hospital in King County, Washington.

California's first death, announced on Wednesday, was a female patient at Kaiser Permanente in Placer County.

Public-health officials think the woman was likely exposed to the coronavirus in February on a Princess cruise ship, the Grand Princess, that went from San Francisco to Mexico. Passengers who remained onboard after the last voyage — around 3,500 people — have been told to stay in their rooms until they're cleared by medical staff. Many are showing symptoms.

The ship is off the coast of for San Francisco but has not docked.

"While we have expected more cases, this death is an unfortunate milestone in our efforts to fight this disease, and one that we never wanted to see," Aimee Sisson, Placer County's health officer, said in a statement. 

Washington has confirmed at least 70 cases of the virus and 13 deaths. Several patients are residents of a nursing facility in King County.


Many of the Washington deaths have been among residents of a long-term care facility called Life Care Center, where more than 50 residents and staff members have shown symptoms of the virus.

King County has confirmed 51 cases and 10 deaths thus far. Snohomish County has confirmed an additional 18 cases and one death. 

On Saturday, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee declared a state of emergency. The CDC said it might recommend canceling large public events in Washington state if the virus spreads further there. 

California has confirmed at least 61 cases.

Associated Press

Two cases in San Francisco are indicative of community spread, San Francisco's Director of Health, Grant Colfax, said on Thursday. 

One patient is a man in his 90s with underlying health conditions, and the other is a woman in her 40s; neither had been in contact with a coronavirus patient or had a travel history in affected countries.

Across California, cases have been confirmed in the following counties: Alameda, Contra Costa, Humboldt, Los Angeles (which confirmed 11 cases as of Thursday), Orange, Placer (where one patient died), Sacramento, San Benito, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara (which confirmed 20 cases on Thursday), Solano, and Sonoma.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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The best indoor bike trainers

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 10:20 AM PST

  • A high-quality indoor bike trainer helps you replicate an outdoor riding experience, isn't too loud, and is made of durable materials.
  • The following guide features trainers that are easy to use and set up, work with a variety of different bike styles and types, and have a track record of proven performance.
  • Our top pick, the Elite Direto 2 Interactive Smart Trainer, is compatible with the most popular training apps, is lightweight and affordable compared to other direct drive trainers, and is easy to quickly set up. 

With an indoor bike trainer, I'm able to simulate what it's like to ride outdoors whenever the weather turns particularly nasty — or for when I just don't feel like throwing on my rain gear. Even if it is nice outside, it allows me to get in a quick workout before or after work, or whenever I have a few minutes to spare but not enough time for a full-on ride. 

They're also an excellent alternative to at-home stationary bikes like those offered by NordicTrack or Peloton. While those bikes offer a highly interactive experience, indoor bike trainers put the onus of the workout on the rider. There are no instructors motivating you along the way or any tablet-sized monitors displaying your stats. It's just you, your bike, and the trainer — and some cyclists prefer it this way. 

This method of training is nothing new as bike trainers have been around for more than a century. The first trainers were bike rollers, which consisted of three rolling cylinders — two in the back and one in the front — on which the bike would rest as you pedaled away. You can still find bike rollers, and they're excellent for fine-tuning your balance.

However, they're no longer as popular as modern trainers offer a more advanced and effective approach. Though most of today's trainers simply hold the bike in place, there is some variation. Here are the types of trainers you'll come across:

  • Friction Trainers: Friction trainers used to be the go-to bike trainer (emphasis on used to). This type of trainer supplies fluid- or magnetic-resistance to the rear wheel via a small roller. 
  • Direct Drive Trainers: Overtaking friction trainers were direct drive trainers. With these, you remove your back wheel and attach the rear dropout to the trainer — they require a cassette compatible with your bike, too. Direct-drive trainers offer the highest level of resistance and are often the most accurate. They also happen to cost the most. Direct-drive trainers are smart, too, which means you can connect them to a mobile device and whatever virtual riding apps you use. You can control the resistance yourself or have it adjust automatically. 
  • Fluid Trainers: Direct-drive trainers aren't the only smart trainers as there are also several fluid trainers with Bluetooth or ANT+ connectivity. Even if you choose a non-smart trainer, you're still able to purchase accessories to make it smart. For instance, the Garmin Bike Speed Sensor 2 and Cadence Sensor 2 bundle provides you with valuable data when you're riding outdoors.

Our guide features trainers that are easy to use, work with a variety of bike types, and have a track record of performance. When shopping for a trainer, make sure the model you look at is compatible with your bike. If not, you may need to buy additional parts. 

Here are the best indoor bike trainers you can buy:

Updated 3/6/2020 by Rick Stella: Updated the introduction to include more information on the different types of bike trainers, expanded on the difference between bike trainers and at-home trainers offered by NordicTrack and Peloton, edited the copy to reflect the new year, checked the availability of each pick, and updated the prices, links, and formatting of the original article. 

The best indoor bike trainer overall


The Elite Direto 2 Interactive Smart Trainer provides an optimal balance of performance (with and without inclines), and an attractive price.

The Elite Direto 2 Interactive Smart Trainer uses an optical torque sensor (OTS) power meter to accurately measure power within 2% of the actual output. This combined with Direto's pedal analysis options helps you optimize your training. The smart trainer can also simulate inclines up to 14%. Wireless connectivity is through Bluetooth and ANT+ FE-C, and it's compatible with Windows, macOS, Android, and iOS.  

In our research, the only difference we could find between the Direto and the Direto 2 is that the newer version comes with a trainer block and features a slight internal upgrade for accuracy. The two are so similar that the Direto 2 sometimes gets delivered in the same box as the Direto and is simply labeled "Direto" without the "2."

Pros: Accurate, lightweight, affordable, easy to set up, great for hill climbs

Cons: Runs loud, several features are only available through in-app purchases

The best high-end indoor bike trainer


If you're willing to spend a little extra for a trainer that closely captures the feel of riding on the road, the Tacx NEO 2 Smart Indoor Trainer is your best bet.

The Tacx NEO 2 Smart Indoor Trainer features dynamic inertia, which compensates for incline, speed, and weight to provide a smooth and realistic ride feel. It's even able to simulate acceleration on descents or riding over gravel and cobblestones.

Tacx focused on creating a silent trainer that keeps you and your bike completely still while mounted — a much-needed perk for cyclists who live in apartment buildings. The trainer also closely monitors the position of each leg to achieve a more precise pedal analysis.

The NEO 2 Smart can simulate climbs up to 25% and resists sprints up to 2,200 watts. Tacx backs the quality of this product with a two-year warranty. 

Pros: Excellent performance, accurate power meter, realistic road feel, runs quietly, works with several apps, two-year warranty

Cons: No-carry handle, complaints about the pedal analysis features, connectivity issues with the Tacx app

The best smart indoor bike trainer on a budget


The Kinetic Road Machine Smart 2 Trainer is one of the most affordable smart trainers on the market, and it's built to last.

The Kinetic Road Machine Smart 2 Trainer takes Kinetic by Kurt's popular 2.0 Fluid Trainer and makes it compatible with the top training apps, including Zwift, Trainer Road, and Rouvy. Fluid resistance is controlled by your speed with a max resistance of 1,400 watts at 35 mph.

The unit works with an array of bike types, including bikes with wheels as small as 16 inches, internally geared hubs, and thru-axles.

Pros: Affordable, supports ANT+, portable, lifelike road feel, sturdy build, easy to use

Cons: The app works poorly or not at all, questionable accuracy

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Tesla failed to tell regulators about dozens of factory injuries, then claimed without evidence that regulators praised its record-keeping (TSLA)

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 10:17 AM PST


  • Tesla sent California regulators incomplete records of injuries at its main assembly plant, according to California's Division of Occupational Safety and Health.
  • Tesla failed to mention as many as 36 injuries in 2018 alone when reporting injuries to the state.
  • Under scrutiny about workplace injuries, Tesla has repeatedly claimed that regulators praised its record-keeping — an assertion that is undermined by the state's records.
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Tesla defended the safety of its assembly plants last month, claiming in a statement that California regulators praised the company for "99% accuracy in our safety record keeping."

But there's no evidence to support that claim, according to documents maintained by California's Division of Occupational Safety and Health, first reported by Bloomberg and confirmed by Business Insider.

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10 habits and qualities the most authentic people share, according to a psychologist

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 10:03 AM PST

female professional talking to coworkersalvarez/Getty Images

  • Truly authentic and successful people approach success differently: They don't embrace the status quo.
  • They're self-reflective, working on knowing who they are, and not worrying about others' positions.
  • They focus on possibilities ahead, all while listening to others and remaining team-oriented.
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In a society embroiled in bling, cash, ego, and status, we have lost our authenticity.

What does it mean to "be ourselves" anymore? So many are caught up in following the crowd they have gotten lost in it. How can any type of true success come from being a follower?

Followers are lost to their authenticity and are chasers of "status" and "wealth." Followers are competitive, insecure, and consistently positioning and provoking to one-up each other. The stand-out successes we all admire are not in the crowd, they aren't chasing cash, or being cool.

It doesn't mean they don't love nice things or indulge in them: It means they approach success from a different mindset.

1. Self-reflect

ljubaphoto/Getty Images

Authenticity cannot be reached if you are only looking outside of yourself obsessing over ways to live in all the narcissistic traps.

To be authentic, unique, and individual, you have to know who and what you are, which comes through self-reflection. How can you know who you are if you are following everyone else?

Self-reflection puts you in a state of personal harmony, causing you to experience less anxiety. You aren't worried about another person's position because you're confident enough to focus on your own. You have nothing to hide, which allows you a freedom to be yourself followers do not experience.

2. Have a healthy ego

Getty Images

Authenticity comes from your heart. In life always lead from your heart. There is nothing deep about being superficially better than others or having more success or money because all of that "status" is temporary and subjective.

When you're authentic you have the healthy ego fundamental for great leadership, rather than the ego of an insecure competitor. To be the great leader of anyone or anything, you have to dig deep, lead with courage and practice empathy.

You have to be secure enough in yourself that you are able to lead while considering of the ideas and feelings of others.

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3. Focus on possibilities

Christine Mooijer/Getty Images

When someone is ego-based or disingenuous, they are always focused on themselves, the short-term, what they want, and how they can manipulate to get what they want right now. They tend to be reactive and to run their mouths to get results. They want things now in an effort to get them before other people. They are agenda-oriented. It's all about them.

When you live authentically, you have no time to waste emotion on temporary and sometimes necessary setbacks. The focus for you is always long term and on what possibilities patience and hard work will garner when you continue pressing forward. You are relationship-oriented. The authentic leader knows certain battles must be lost to win the war.

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The US is sending 20,000 troops to Europe and British army engineers are already practicing to get them around

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 10:01 AM PST

British army river bridging Defender-Europe 20British Army/Sgt. Alistair Laidlaw

  • NATO officers and British engineers got together in Germany at the end of February to prepare for Exercise Defender-Europe 20.
  • The engineers will have an important role in the massive US-led exercise this spring, when they come under the command of the UK-based multinational NATO corps.
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MINDEN, Germany – Staff officers from NATO's Allied Rapid Reaction Corps (ARRC) have visited British Royal Engineers in Minden, northwestern Germany to learn about amphibious engineering ahead of the Corps's participation in Exercise "Defender Europe 20."

The NATO officers witnessed the troops from the British Army's 23 Amphibious Engineer Squadron rehearse "wide wet gap" crossing drills on their M3 Amphibious Rigs at their German base on the River Weser.

The Royal Engineers will play a key role during the massive US-led exercise in Poland during May 2020 where they will come under the command of the UK-based multinational NATO corps.

British Army Maj. Andrew Smith, staff officer at NATO's Allied Rapid Reaction Corps, said: "We've come to Minden to experience and to learn about the M3 Rig and the 'wide wet gap' crossing capability that we have. It's a unique and critical capability that many of us aren't familiar with, and by coming here today we can learn about it and learn how we're the best employer in corps warfighting.

British Army/Sgt. Alistair Laidlaw

"As we exercise later this year on 'Defender Europe 20,' large rivers and wide wet gap crossing are a key part and very contemporary for our planning. By coming here today we get to learn how we will best employ that equipment and we get a feel for it, something that's not particularly familiar to many of us.

"By coming over here as Headquarters ARRC, we've brought some of our partner nations with us to show them the equipment that we have. And when we exercise our amphibious capability, it's very much interoperable with the German army as well," Smith added.

British Army/Sgt. Alistair Laidlaw

"It's been really, really good fun. The equipment is incredibly manoeuvrable on the water, and it's good fun to use and operate. It was surprisingly easy to drive although I don't think I'll be allowed to do it in fighting quarters."

British Army Cpl. Paul Peck, a Section Commander from 23 Amphibious Engineer Squadron, added: "We're going to go into Poland, and we've got the major exercise with the Americans and everybody else. And we will be putting in one of the longest bridges in there.

British Army/Sgt. Alistair Laidlaw

"We work with the Germans to do all the bridging, the ferrying, which is good especially with 'Defender Europe' coming up.

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Get a sneak peek into the most trusted social media platforms of 2019

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 10:01 AM PST

Jeff weinerStephen Lam/Getty Images

Digital trust is the confidence people have in a platform to protect their information and provide a safe environment for them to create and engage with content. Consumers' trust in social platforms impacts how they interact with ads, and benchmarking trust can help social platforms win ad dollars and instruct advertisers how to allocate budget effectively.

In our third annual Digital Trust Report, we evaluate consumer perception of seven major social networks – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Pinterest – across six different pillars: Security, Legitimacy, Community, User Experience, Shareability, and Relevance.

The complete 2019 Digital Trust Enterprise Edge Report is available exclusively for Business Insider Intelligence Enterprise subscribers — our corporate clients.

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Capital One cardholders have more options for using their miles than ever — here are the best ways to redeem, from covering air travel to earning cash back

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 09:58 AM PST

finance money bank banking banking credit card credit score investment payment capital one venture cox 4Crystal Cox/Business Insider

  • While Capital One offers a variety of credit cards geared to different uses, top travel credit cards like the Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit Card let you earn "miles" you can redeem in more than one way.
  • Recently, Capital One even announced two new hotel transfer partners: Wyndham and Accor. The brand also announced an improved transfer ratio for one of its airline partners, JetBlue.
  • If you're looking for a travel credit card that lets you choose among several popular redemption options, Capital One travel credit cards may just be ideal.
  • While these cards let you transfer miles to partners, you can also redeem miles to cover any eligible travel purchase charged to your credit card at a rate of 1 cent per mile.
  • See Business Insider's list of the best rewards credit cards.

Capital One offers an array of travel and cash-back credit cards aimed at different types of consumers. Options include cards geared to those who want to earn cash back without an annual fee like the Capital One® Quicksilver® Cash Rewards Credit Card, for example, as well as cards geared to foodies like the Capital One® Savor® Cash Rewards Credit Card.

Capital One travel credit cards are also popular due to their generous initial bonus offers and the numerous ways you can redeem your rewards. Like some other "flexible" credit cards, travel credit cards from Capital One that let you earn "miles" pave the way to redeeming miles to cover travel expenses or transferring to airline and hotel partners, among other options.

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'Get real, Bernie': Sanders and Joe Biden spar over who's more likely to cut Social Security

Posted: 06 Mar 2020 09:57 AM PST

joe biden bernie sandersREUTERS/Carlos Barria; REUTERS/Sam Wolfe

  • Biden and Sanders sparred over who is more likely to cut Social Security.
  • "Here's the deal, folks: social security is on the ballot this year, and the choice couldn't be clearer: I'll protect and expand it," Biden wrote on Twitter.
  • Sanders then attacked Biden, who responded, "Get real, Bernie."
  • The exchange likely previews a broader ideological clash as the primary narrows down to the two frontrunners.
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Former Vice President Joe Biden and Sen. Bernie Sanders sparred on Twitter Thursday night over who was more likely to cut Social Security.

The confrontation between the 2020 candidates began after President Trump said at a Fox News town hall he wanted to cut Social Security and Medicare, the largest social safety net programs. Trump walked back those comments on Friday.

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