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Sunday, February 2, 2020

World News Updates, World News, Current Affairs, Daily Current Affairs, World News Updates

World News Updates, World News, Current Affairs, Daily Current Affairs, World News Updates

Germany chaos: Huge riots erupt on streets of Berlin as police and angry protesters clash

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 12:41 AM PST

BRUTAL riots erupted on the streets of Berlin on Friday as police clashed with Antifa anti-police brutality protestors.

Cummings orders full UK defence review slamming ‘MoD corruption, Civil Service mediocrity'

Posted: 01 Feb 2020 04:06 PM PST

THE threats which Britain has faced since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the end of the Cold War have multiplied alarmingly - making the forthcoming defence review ordered by Government adviser Dominic Cummings crucial, analysts have said.

Melania Trump fury: FLOTUS accused of ‘lying’ in latest Twitter post about life expectancy

Posted: 01 Feb 2020 07:23 PM PST

MELANIA TRUMP has been accused of posting an update on Twitter that may have misled the public about the health impacts of her husband's administration.

Donald Trump boost: Democrats’ plot to oust US President BACKFIRES in spectacular way

Posted: 01 Feb 2020 04:01 PM PST

DEMOCRATS' efforts to impeach Donald Trump have led to a cash windfall in donations to his presidential campaign, insiders said last night.

Millions of dogs BUTCHERED cruelly in Cambodia for horror meat market

Posted: 01 Feb 2020 04:01 PM PST

THE TRUE extent of Cambodia's dog meat trade is today laid bare as the Sunday Express reveals that millions of dogs are being killed to fulfil the growing demand for their meat.

Dog graveyard: Tens of thousands of pets in China to be SLAUGHTERED by authorities

Posted: 01 Feb 2020 03:40 AM PST

PET OWNERS in China have been ordered to KILL their animals or risk them being culled by the the government.

Welcome back! Maldives rejoins Commonwealth - one hour after Brexit

Posted: 01 Feb 2020 04:08 AM PST

MALDIVES, one of the world's most beautiful islands, rejoined the Commonwealth today, handing a huge boost to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson after he outlined ambitious vision for the future, and barely one hour after Britain quit the European Union.

Tempest fighter: Breathtaking power of state-of-the-art plane shows Britain's new ambition

Posted: 01 Feb 2020 03:10 AM PST

PLANS to deploy the futuristic Tempest Fighter Jet by 2035 are entirely realistic - provided the Government puts its money where its mouth is and commits "significant resources" to the groundbreaking project, probably this year, a leading industry expert has said.

Entire US on coronavirus lockdown! US DENIES entry to people who recently visited China

Posted: 01 Feb 2020 08:17 AM PST

THE US is on an emergency lockdown against any foreign nationals who recently visited China as measures to combat the deadly coronavirus are now underway.

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