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Friday, February 7, 2020

How to of the Day

How to of the Day

How to Dispose of Lighters

Posted: 07 Feb 2020 04:00 PM PST

Unfortunately, lighters cannot be recycled. The residue from the lighter fluid or butane makes lighters impossible to process, even when your lighter has been emptied or cleaned. However, before you throw your lighter in the garbage, contact your local sanitation or waste management department to find out what the regulations are where you live. In some states, you are legally required to put the lighter in the trash. In other states, you cannot throw your lighter out and must take it to a dedicated hazardous waste site to have it processed separately.


[Edit]Throwing Your Lighter Out

  1. Toss your lighter in the garbage if it's required by law where you live. Look up the phone number for your local sanitation or waste management department. Call them and ask about the regulations surrounding lighter disposal in your area. In many cities and states, you are required by law to throw lighters out since it's impossible to recycle them. If this is the case where you live, you have no choice but to throw the lighter out.[1]
    Dispose of Lighters Step 1.jpg
    • Even when they've been emptied out, lighters will ruin recyclable materials. The gas residue will make it impossible for a recycling plant to safely process the metal or plastic. Additionally, if the gas gets on other items, they won't be recycled.
    • You may be able to find this information on your local government's website, but many states don't list information about lighter disposal online.
    • This process applies to disposable and refillable lighters alike. It doesn't matter if your lighter uses butane or lighter fluid.
  2. Empty your lighter by burning off the excess fuel. Do this outdoors in a safe area, at least away from any flammable materials. Turn your lighter on and let it burn until the flame goes out. Depending on how much fuel you have left in the lighter, this may take anywhere from 2 seconds to 10 minutes. However, if you're throwing your lighter out because it is empty, this shouldn't take long.[2]
    Dispose of Lighters Step 2.jpg
    • Do not pour lighter fluid or butane down the drain. Even if you can physically access the fuel or butane, the gas will erode septic tanks and sewer lines. It may also damage the environment, even after the gas is filtered at a water treatment facility.[3]
  3. Put your lighter in your garbage can and wait for it to be collected. Once your lighter is empty, simply toss it in the trash. Wait for your trash to be collected by your local waste management service to dispose of your lighter.[4]
    Dispose of Lighters Step 3.jpg

[Edit]Taking Your Lighter to a Waste Facility

  1. Bring your lighter to a household hazardous waste site if required. In many cities and states, it is illegal to throw a lighter out in the trash. Contact your local sanitation or waste management department to find out if you can take your lighter to a household hazardous waste site. If you can, this is the ideal way to dispose of a lighter since the gas won't interfere with other items at the landfill as they're processed.[5]
    Dispose of Lighters Step 4.jpg
    • A household hazardous waste site, often abbreviated HHW, is a dedicated waste facility that disposes of items one at a time to ensure that local laws are followed and safety standards are upheld. Items at these sites are typically incinerated or destroyed, but it's still safer than throwing your lighter in the trash.
  2. Look online to find the location of a hazardous waste site in your area. Either visit your local government's website to pull up the address for the hazardous waste site, or look online to find the waste site closest to you.[6]
    Dispose of Lighters Step 5.jpg
    • Some cities and states have a search engine on their website to to make it easier to find an appropriate disposal site.
  3. Take your lighter to the disposal site and drop it off. Walk into the household hazardous waste site and hand your lighter over to the clerk behind the desk. They will pass the lighter off to the proper department to have the lighter responsibly destroyed.[7]
    Dispose of Lighters Step 6.jpg
    • This service is always free.


  • Use a refillable lighter or matches to cut back on the need for disposable lighters.[8]
  • Unless you're working on some kind of art project, there isn't an easy way to upcycle or reuse a disposable lighter.
  • Charcoal lighter fluid canisters can typically be recycled, but you usually have to drop it off at a plant yourself.[9]


  • Do not empty a lighter by dumping the fuel out on the ground. Lighter fluid and butane are incredibly bad for the environment, and you may accidentally poison the wildlife in your area.


How to Show Integrity

Posted: 07 Feb 2020 08:00 AM PST

Integrity comes in many different forms, and there are lots of ways to show it both in everyday life and at work. Doing things like being accountable for your mistakes, accepting helpful criticism, and following through on your commitments will help you show integrity in everything you do. To show integrity with others, though, you will also have to develop personal integrity, which means treating yourself with respect and establishing considerate habits that you'll be able to show to others.


[Edit]Showing Integrity to Others

  1. Acknowledge mistakes you made by apologizing and fixing them. If you do or say something that isn't right, own up to your mistake and acknowledge that you were wrong. This includes apologizing when it's necessary and making the effort to fix the problem that you may have created or contributed to.[1]
    Show Integrity Step 1 Version 2.jpg
    • For example, if you accuse someone of something they didn't do, apologize to make it right.
    • If you forgot to pick up something from the store or didn't remember an important date, avoid making excuses and accept that you made a mistake.
  2. Respect other people's opinions even if you don't agree. It's likely that you'll run into people whose beliefs, values, or thoughts don't line up exactly with yours. Instead of convincing yourself that they're wrong, try to listen to their point of view. Even if you still don't agree, respect their right to a different opinion and be considerate when you're talking about it with them.[2]
    Show Integrity Step 2.jpg
    • This could be something as insignificant as which restaurant to go to for dinner, to bigger opinions like who to vote for in elections.
  3. Give credit to others when they've done a good job. Congratulate the people around you when they've accomplished something so that others are aware of a job well done. This shows that you appreciate the work of others and are a good teammate.[3]
    Show Integrity Step 3.jpg
    • Avoid bragging about your own accomplishments, as this doesn't show integrity.
  4. Treat your employees or coworkers with respect. Whether you're talking to your boss or a low-level employee, treat everyone equally and with kindness. Do this by listening to others when they're speaking without interrupting them, and responding in a polite way to their ideas, opinions, or directions. Being respectful of those around you will encourage others to be respectful to you, too.[4]
    Show Integrity Step 4.jpg
    • Other examples of being respectful include saying thank you when a coworker helps you out or being considerate of other people's time.
  5. Follow company policies to lead by example. This shows that you respect your company and believe in its rules and guidelines. By following the proper protocol and not cutting corners, you'll show a strong sense of integrity and honesty.[5]
    Show Integrity Step 5.jpg
    • For example, avoid texting or talking on the phone during work hours if you're not supposed to.
  6. Communicate with others openly and honestly to inspire them to do the same. If you're a leader, tell your employees that you want to create an environment where people can talk freely and honestly, and show this by communicating with them efficiently. If you're not in charge of others, you can still encourage open communication by talking with others frequently and updating them on the things you're doing.[6]
    Show Integrity Step 6.jpg
    • If you're impressed with something your employees did, worried about a deadline, or have questions about a project, talk with others to share your concerns or praise.

[Edit]Developing Personal Integrity

  1. Help others without expecting something in return. This shows kindness as well as integrity. Lend a helping hand to make someone's life easier, not because you think they'll owe you a favor in the future. This kind of selfless giving will put a smile on your face as well as others.[7]
    Show Integrity Step 7.jpg
    • Reach out to people that might need help to offer your support, whether it's by cooking them a meal, mowing their lawn, or doing them some other favor.
  2. Accept and listen to helpful criticism. It can be hard to accept criticism about ourselves, but being open to others' advice will only help you become a better person. Take what other people have to say seriously, using it as encouragement to do some self-reflecting.[8]
    Show Integrity Step 8.jpg
    • For example, instead of being angry if someone tells you your listening skills could be improved, think about whether you truly have been a good listener lately and come up with ways to be a better one.
  3. Follow through on your commitments to show that you're reliable. Whether you set a date to do something or make a promise to someone, stick to your commitment. This shows that people can depend on you and you take your obligations seriously.[9]
    Show Integrity Step 9.jpg
    • If you set a date to meet up with a friend, get there on time so you don't keep them waiting.
    • If something serious comes up and you can't follow through on a commitment, be honest about what's happened and communicate with the other person or people to make it up to them later.
  4. Be transparent about things that are happening at work and at home. Be honest about events going on in your life or thoughts you're having. Tell your family members, friends, or coworkers exactly what's going on so everyone is on the same page.[10]
    Show Integrity Step 10.jpg
    • For example, if you're worried about having enough money for something or having enough time to get a project done, be honest about your concerns and share them with the people involved.
  5. Use your time productively. If you happen to have downtime while you're at work, try to think of ways to use this time to accomplish things, like responding to emails or helping out a coworker. When you have free time at home, instead of lounging on the couch watching television or wasting time on social media, try organizing the house, reading a book, or spending time on a hobby.[11]
    Show Integrity Step 11.jpg
    • Show up to work and try to work productively all the way up until your break or lunchtime, using your downtime to destress and refocus.


How to Wear Red

Posted: 07 Feb 2020 12:00 AM PST

Red is a striking and classic color that can brighten up any outfit. It is the perfect choice for a date, a formal event or casual outing. Choose a shade of red that brings your complexion to life. Pair your red clothes with neutral colors for a formal look, or with clashing colors for a fun and trendy look. Add extra color to your outfit by wearing red accessories.


[Edit]Wearing Red Clothes

  1. Choose a shade of red that compliments your skin tone. If you have olive or darker skin, you'll look great in an orangey red, like coral or tangerine. If you have a fair complexion, look for reds that are slightly more pink, such as ruby red or berry red. If your skin is a medium shade, you will probably look good in most shades.
    Wear Red Step 1 Version 2.jpg
    • If you notice that your skin looks particularly good in a shade of red, you've probably found your best color match.
  2. Pair red with black or white to create a smart, business look. Red, black, and white are bold colors that create a striking contrast when paired together. This is a good option if you want to achieve a formal look for an event or for work. A red dress shirt with a black tie and a black suit makes a striking contrast that exudes power and confidence.[1]
    Wear Red Step 2 Version 2.jpg
    • Choose a bright shade of red if want to create a really sharp look.
    • If you feel shy wearing bold red, look for black or white shirts that have red prints or patterns on them.
    • Wear a red dress with a black or white blazer for a formal event.
  3. Wear red from head to toe if you want to stand out. Wearing red from head to toe is very on trend. If you are feeling really bold, wear red shoes, red trousers, and a red shirt. This outfit would be perfect for a fashion show or a trip to the city.[2]
    Wear Red Step 3 Version 2.jpg
    • Choose different shades of red to help break the outfit up.
    • If you like to blend in with the crowd, you may want to pick a muted shade rather than a bold one.
  4. Combine red with mustard, pink, or silver to create an on-trend look. Currently, pairing red with contrasting colors is a trendy look. Wear a red item of clothing with an item that clashes. A mustard or pink sweater paired with red flared trousers is a bold choice.[3]
    Wear Red Step 4 Version 2.jpg
    • This style works best for block colours. Wear a top that is completely red or mustard, rather than a top that has a mustard and red pattern.
    • Pair red with light blue to create a slightly less bold, but still trendy look.
    • You may want to avoid this look if you are going to a formal work event.
  5. Wear a red dress if you want to create a classic and feminine look. Red dresses are a fun way to wear red because you can style them in so many different ways. If you want a sexy and fun look, choose a fitting dress with a "v" shaped neckline. If you want a summery look, wear a loose fitting dress with spaghetti straps.[4]
    Wear Red Step 5 Version 2.jpg
    • Create a formal look by wearing a grey or gold blazer over a deep red dress. Alternatively, wear a leather jacket for a street look.
    • Wear black leggings under your red dress in winter to create a classy feel for work or going out.
  6. Wear a red suit if you want to stand out from the crowd. Regardless of your gender, a red suit is an outfit that is sure to stand out. Where a full red suit if you are feeling brave, or a red suit jacket if you want a more conservative look.[5]
    Wear Red Step 6 Version 2.jpg
    • A deep red suit with a white dress shirt and black shoes would make for a stunning outfit.
    • Try wearing a red jumpsuit or red overalls if you want a less formal option.

[Edit]Choosing Red Accessories

  1. Pick a pair of red sunglasses if you want to draw attention to your face. A red pair of sunglasses will brighten any outfit. Choose fully red frames if you want a bold option, or opt for glasses with a red pattern if you want a quieter look.[6]
    Wear Red Step 7.jpg
    • If you feel really adventurous, choose a pair of sunglasses with red tinted lenses.
    • Search online for red sunglasses if you can't find any at your local clothing stores.
  2. Choose a pair of red shoes to add color to your outfit. If you're wearing a plain or neutral-coloured outfit, spice it up by adding a pair of red shoes. Wear heels with a formal outfit and flats a casual outfit. If you are wearing a suit, choose a pair of dark red shoes.[7]
    Wear Red Step 8.jpg
    • Choose a pair of shoes that show your personality and style. If you like to look feminine, choose something lacy or strappy. If you prefer to have an edgy look, wear a block heel or something shiny. If you like a grunge look, you could wear red skater shoes.
  3. Add a red tie for a pop of color. If you want just a little bit of red in your outfit, choose a neutral-colored suit like tan or navy. Pair it with a white dress shirt and a red tie. Keep the rest of your accessories neutral so the tie is the star of your ensemble.
    Wear Red Step 9.jpg
  4. Wear a red necklace, bracelet, or ring, to spice up your outfit. Jewellery is a great way to make a plain outfit look more exciting. Red jewellery will really stand out if you wear it with neutral colors like grey, black, white, or navy. Wear red jewellery with a bright outfit to create a fun and playful look.[8]
    Wear Red Step 10.jpg
    • Wear chunky red jewellery if you want it to stand out, or choose a smaller piece if you prefer a more subtle look.
    • Wear a red topaz or ruby ring to create a classy look.
  5. Carry a red handbag or backpack to brighten your outfit. A red bag is a great way to add red into your outfit in a subtle way. A sleek bag will work well with a formal outfit and a big leather bag will complement a streetwear look. For casual wear, pick a red backpack.[9]
    Wear Red Step 11.jpg
    • Pair a bright red handbag with a navy and white outfit to create a nautical look.
    • Wear a red backpack if you want to achieve a fun and on-trend style.
  6. Add a red scarf to your outfit if you want an extra splash of color. A scarf is a great way to dress up a plain outfit. If it's winter, look for a warm and fluffy scarf. If you're wearing a scarf for decoration, choose a lighter scarf. Wear a scarf over a plain, unpatterned top to help it stand out.[10]
    Wear Red Step 12.jpg
    • Choose a scarf that suits your skin tone. This is extra important when choosing a scarf, as it so close to your face.
  7. Paint your nails red to create a bold statement. Red is a popular and striking nail polish choice. Choose your favorite shade or choose a red that matches your outfit. A dark red is a classy option for formal events and a bright red is a fun option for casual wear.[11]
    Wear Red Step 13.jpg
    • If you don't want to paint all your fingernails red, paint only your ring fingernails red and paint the rest of your nails a neutral color. This is an on-trend look that will make the red nails stand out.
    • If you don't like red nails, consider applying red nail art stickers. Place these over light-colored nail polish to add a splash of color.
  8. Wear a red lipstick to create a classic and elegant look. Pick a bright and bold lip color if you have a warm or dark skin tone. Choose a red with more pink tones if you have a lighter complexion. Pick an orangey-red if you have olive skin.[12]
    Wear Red Step 14.jpg
    • Experiment with different colours and pick one that brightens your complexion.
    • Choose a pinker red if you want your teeth to look whiter.
    • Stay away from deep red lipstick if you have thin lips. These shades can make your lips look thinner.