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Saturday, February 8, 2020

Business News, Updates

Business News, Updates

Why Trump's aggressive foreign policy hasn't backfired — yet

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 09:58 AM PST

FILE PHOTO:  U.S. President Donald Trump speaks about his acquittal in his Senate impeachment trial during what he described as Reuters

  • The nature of US politics, changing geopolitical conditions, and the inherent delay in other countries' response to US actions have blunted the backlash to President Donald Trump's foreign policy.
  • But his radical moves overseas shouldn't be expected to go without consequences — not for the US, and certainly not for others who don't have the resources or security of the US.
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These are heady days for US President Donald Trump. Secure in the knowledge he will survive impeachment, Trump is also coming off a string of what he can and does depict as foreign policy successes.

Closer inspection reveals these "successes" to be mixed bags at best and little more than hot air at worst. His trade war with China produced a "phase one" deal that leaves most of the underlying tensions unresolved, with any potential gains remaining hypothetical. And so far, his so-called maximum pressure campaigns against North Korea, Iran and Venezuela are 0-for-3 when it comes to concrete strategic gains.

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After 4 miscarriages, I had depression, anxiety, and PTSD. My doctors just told me to keep trying for another pregnancy.

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 09:54 AM PST

female patientGetty

When I got pregnant for the fifth time, after four miscarriages, my husband and I invested in an ultrasound machine to hear our baby's heartbeat at home. I promised myself I would only use it once a day, savoring the moment like a decadent chocolate treat. We listened before bed so I could sleep a little better, and stave off the nightmares of kidnappers yanking babies from my arms. In those two minutes (10 minutes? Forever?), I would have flashbacks to the traumatic checkups when the doctor said: "There is no heartbeat." 

It wasn't until I heard the sweet badump badump badump that I could breathe a little bit easier. 

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When discussing a possible Bernie Sanders presidency, MSNBC's Chris Matthews ranted about hypothetical executions in Central Park under Castro

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 09:50 AM PST

chris matthewsAstrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for RFK Human Rights

  • Following the ABC News/WMUR Democratic Debate on Friday, MSNBC's Chris Matthews lashed out at Bernie Sanders' bid for the White House.
  • Matthews mentioned the Cold War and said "I don't know who Bernie supports over these years."
  • The MSNBC host claimed Sanders has not been clear by his definition of socialism during his Friday rant, though MSNBC anchor Chris Hayes tried to offer some clarity.
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"Hardball" host Chris Matthews lashed out at Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders and his campaign for president following the ABC News'/WMUR Democratic Debate on Friday, seemingly mocking Sanders in comments that he has been unclear about his support for socialism. 

Matthews, 74, tore into Sanders during a post-debate discussion on MSNBC that included other MSNBC personalities and New Hampshire voters amid the upcoming February 11 contest in the 2020 presidential race. Matthews targeted Sanders, a self-described Democratic Socialist, and said that he didn't know what the 78-year-old candidate stood for in a rant in which he said he had an "attitude" about socialists.

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Rihanna wore a $1,660 neon coat and matching orange dress to celebrate Fenty's new clothing collection

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 09:34 AM PST

rihanna orange outfit fenty NYFWJames Devaney/GC Images

  • Rihanna wore a neon, layered orange outfit on Friday in New York City.
  • The star was attending an event celebrating the new Fenty fashion collection, "Release 2-20," which has a pop-up shop at Bergdorf Goodman.
  • The singer and designer paired a $960 sweater dress with a $1,660 trench coat, both from her latest Fenty collection.
  • She also wore a pair of metallic, heeled boots from Fenty, which retail for $670.
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Rihanna embodied the monochromatic dressing trend with her latest neon outfit, which she wore Friday in New York City.

The musician and designer represented her brand with her eye-catching ensemble, pairing an orange $960 turtleneck sweater minidress under a coordinating $1,660 trench-inspired parka coat — both of which are from the latest Fenty collection, "Release 2-20." 

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30 Big Tech Predictions for 2020

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 09:21 AM PST

Digital transformation has just begun. 30BigTechPredictionsfor2020

Not a single industry is safe from the unstoppable wave of digitization that is sweeping through finance, retail, healthcare, and more.

In 2020, we expect to see even more transformative developments that will change our businesses, careers, and lives.

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TikTok's influencer home Hype House has some notable similarities to Jake Paul's Team 10 YouTuber collective

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 09:06 AM PST

jake paul boxingJake Paul/Instagram

  • "Hype House" is a new media collective composed of 21 influencers popularly known from social platform TikTok, renting a Los Angeles mansion to produce content together.
  • The collective is reminiscent of Jake Paul's former Team 10, from its social media presence to relationships within the collective.  
  • While some Hype House members inhabit the mansion, the residence is meant to be a space for content creation and not parties.
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In 2016, Jake Paul sought to dominate YouTube as the self-appointed leader and creator of Team 10, a content collective composed of him and, at the time, five of his closest friends. However, what was supposed to be a close-knit friend group making light-hearted videos about their lives in Los Angeles slowly veered into a frenzy of chaos and turmoil.

As time passed, the collective would see members scornfully leave, face bullying and discrimination accusations, and receive complaints from neighbors about crazed fans and dangerous pranks wreaking havoc on the West Hollywood community they inhabited. 

Flash forward almost four years later and the rise of social media platform, TikTok, has propelled a new generation of teens to internet stardom. The platform, formerly known as and operating under Chinese company ByteDance, has allowed teens to upload short videos of themselves on the app doing just about anything — from dancing and lip-syncing to sketch comedy- with the feature to overlay footage with music or sound bites from other media.

With TikTok's growing popularity, a new group of the platform's most-followed users are following in Team 10's footsteps, creating their own content collective. Hype House, as they've proclaimed themselves, is the newest mainstream content house on the block trying to shake up the digital landscape.

Like Team 10, Hype House lacks diversity

Instagram Embed:
Width: 540px


In many ways, the group draws natural parallels with Paul's once dominant Team 10. Whereas Team 10 had Jake Paul, Hype House was conceived as the passion project of Chase Hudson, 17, known by his 10+ million TikTok followers as Lilhuddy and Thomas Petrou, 21, a YouTuber with over 171 thousand subscribers on the platform. 

With 21 members in total, including TikTok powerhouse sisters Charli and Dixie D'Amelio, the young internet personalities have a combined fanbase of over 90 million worldwide. 

When Hype House made its debut in December 2019 with a photo series of members clad in white tops and faded blue jeans, it was noted by several internet communities that similar to Team 10, the collective lacks diversity. That is, almost all members are notably fit, white, attractive youths, reminiscent of many influencers Paul often recruited to join Team 10. Even so, the photos sparked the internet ablaze with speculation as to what exactly Hype House was going to be.

Rumors of romance are key to the buzz around Hype House, like they were to Team 10

Instagram Embed:
Width: 540px


If Hudson is Paul, Charli D'Amelio, with nearly 20 million TikTok followers at only 15 years old, naturally fits the role of Alissa Violet, an original Team 10 member. 

Along with Paul, the duo shared social media content and online behavior that fueled "maybe they are dating, maybe they aren't" speculation that constantly kept fans guessing. Similarly, D'Amelio and Hudson are known to post seemingly intimate photos together as well as parodying their own sometimes platonic sometimes romantic relationship in a series of TikToks.

 As Team 10 would later take on other iterations with the introduction of new members, new couples would infamously arise such as Jake Paul and his former assistant turned member Erika Costell, as well as later additions Tessa Brooks and Chance Sutton. A welcome video posted by the official Hype House YouTube channel on January 7th confirmed the only "official" house couple was Alex Warren and Kouvr Annon, who have been in a long-term relationship since before the Hype House's conception.

How the houses and living arrangements compare

Youtube Embed:
Width: 560px
Height: 315px


Hudson and Petrou teased what the channel has in store for future videos, such as a furnished house tour as well as content featuring all 21 of the house's members. As for the actual house itself, a Spanish-style mansion with seemingly endless rooms and a massive bathroom recognizable in many TikToks as a favorite filming location, the members currently rent the space, however, they have expressed plans to buy a property sometime in the future. 

In what she describes as a "pre-house tour" posted to her personal YouTube channel in December, member Daisy Keech shows viewers how grand the house truly is, complete with a pool and impressive garden, though she notes it isn't done being furnished and some light repairs are needed.

Back in 2016, the original Team 10 house, a five bedroom, five bathroom McMansion near Melrose and Kilkea, was the location where Paul and his crew would pull antics like burning mattresses in the property's pool. The house's address was also  infamously public knowledge to fans, who would flock to the community for a glimpse at the internet personalities. While Paul's collective had all its members living in the West Hollywood home he rented before relocating to a $6.9 million, 15,000 square-foot mansion in Calabasas, only four out of the 21 Hype House members live in the house full-time with the rest living in different homes and even different states.

 For Team 10, cohabitating together became a source of tension most notably when Jake Paul and Alissa Violet publicly separated, followed by allegations of cheating and abuse which led Violet to leave Team 10 and later join the YouTube collective Clout Gang, spearheaded by her now ex-boyfriend FaZe Banks. 

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Couples are turning to wedding therapy to deal with the stress of planning their big day

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 09:05 AM PST

Landis Headshot_BP1.JPGLandis Bejar

  • A New York-based therapist named Landis Bejar is the founder of AisleTalk, a boutique wedding therapy practice.
  • Bejar helps engaged couples deal with the stress of planning a wedding, addressing everything from how to be firm with vendors to dealing with overbearing in-laws.
  • She got the idea for the business after she helped settle an argument between her mother-in-law and sister-in-law that took place while they were wedding dress shopping.
  • Bejar offers six different kinds of services, including premarital counseling and out-of-office visits.
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Wedding therapy is a developing field of psychology.

Breslavtsev Oleg/Shutterstock

Premarital counseling has existed for a long time, but psychologists have been expanding their services in recent years to offer more substantive wedding therapy. 

Wedding therapy caters to the stressors that couples experience when they're planning a wedding, addressing everything from arguments with in-laws to having important discussions with your partner about how you would want to raise future children.

Landis Bejar is a wedding therapist based in New York City.

Landis Bejar

"I couldn't help but notice the unique family dynamics and stress that seems to be evoked during wedding planning as I watched my friends and family, and eventually myself go through the process," Bejar told Insider of why she decided to get into the business of wedding therapy.

She founded her company AisleTalk in 2018.

Bejar founded AisleTalk after witnessing a wedding-induced argument between her mother-in-law and sister-in-law.

Joshua Kane Photography

"As she was trying on dresses, her mom, my mother-in-law, made a comment indicating she did not think the fit of the dress was great," Bejar told Insider of the incident.

"This led to an argument between the two of them, which I was able to help smooth over, as it seemed to be a matter of miscommunication and heightened emotions."

"My mother-in-law joked that it was good they brought the therapist along for the trip and that I should consider being a bridal therapist," Bejar added. "I laughed along, but this is the moment that I really stopped to put these two things together: wedding stress and my career as a therapist. It made perfect sense."

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Here's how Princess Beatrice's wedding to property tycoon and single dad Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi will change the royal family

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 09:05 AM PST

Beatrice, Edo and QueenMisan Harriman, Chris Jackson/ Getty Images

Princess Beatrice of York and Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi will tie the knot on May 29 at the Chapel Royal in the grounds of St James's Palace in London, Buckingham Palace confirmed on Friday.

The Queen will then host a private reception in the gardens of Buckingham Palace.

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72 photos show all of the key moments from Trump's impeachment

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 09:03 AM PST

trump acquitted east room white house speech impeachmentAP Photo/ Evan Vucci

President Donald Trump is a free man.

On February 5, he was acquitted on both impeachment charges — abuse of power and obstruction of Congress —after a quick Senate trial that began in the third week of January.

House Democrats previously pursued several months of private and public hearings to investigate whether Trump pressured Ukraine's president to investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, by threatening to withhold $400 million in military aid.

House committees first investigated behind closed doors, and then with televised hearings. Witnesses and questioners were both under intense scrutiny. Democrats were hoping the publicized hearings would convince the public that Trump should be impeached. Republicans were trying their best to distract and make the case that Trump should stay in office.

The two sides again faced off after the impeachment trial moved to the Senate, with lead House impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff delivering a stirring opening statement and Trump's defense team putting on what Business Insider's Sonam Sheth described as a "masterclass in disinformation."

Here's a look back at Trump's impeachment, in photos.

On September 24, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi announced Congress was launching an impeachment inquiry to look into an anonymous complaint that accused President Donald Trump of pressuring Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. She said Trump's actions had betrayed his oath as president, national security, and the integrity of US elections.

Andrew Harnik / AP

Source: PRI

Trump was accused of withholding $400 million in military aid unless Ukraine investigated former Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter for corruption. The two leaders happened to meet at the UN on September 25.

REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

Sources:Business Insider, Business Insider

That same day, the White House released a memo detailing the call. It showed Trump told Zelensky the US did "a lot for Ukraine," and the phrase, "I would like you to do us a favor though."

REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

Source: Business Insider

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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Shopping at Costco saves me over $500 a year on personal-care products, from tampons to toothpaste

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 08:56 AM PST

costco signDominic Lipinski - PA Images/Contributor/Getty Images

  • I never shopped at Costco as a kid because there wasn't one in my town, but after my first trip to the bulk retailer at age 30, I was hooked.
  • After I got past the shock of the parking lot, I discovered great deals on the personal-care products I use every month.
  • By shopping at Costco, I save over $500 a year on tampons, dental-care products, razors, makeup, body wash, and makeup remover wipes.
  • You can use the Costco Anywhere Visa® Card by Citi to earn 2% back on eligible in-store and online Costco purchases.

One confession I'm always a little hesitant to make is the fact that I never stepped foot in a Costco until I was 30 years old. 

A lot of people I know grew up spending Saturday or Sunday rolling massive shopping carts around the warehouse store, sampling food and buying things in bulk. My parents were obsessed with discounts but never got into Costco, mostly because there wasn't one in our town. 

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Elon Musk said the worst job he's ever had was so dangerous, it put him at risk of getting hypothermia

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 08:48 AM PST

Elon MuskYouTube/Third Row Tesla

  • Elon Musk said on a podcast that his least favorite job was a short-term position at a lumber mill when he was a teenager. 
  • The job required him to shovel "steaming" sand and mulch out of a wood-pulp boiler. 
  • The job was dangerous, Musk said, since it would be hard to get someone out of a boiler in an emergency.
  • Workers in and outside of a boiler would have to switch positions every 15 minutes so they wouldn't get hypothermia.
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From the way Elon Musk has described it, being the CEO of Tesla is not easy. The job has at times required working 120-hour weeks and sleeping on the floor of the electric-car maker's California factory.

But Musk's most unpleasant job came years before Tesla was founded. During an interview with the "Third Row Tesla" podcast, Musk said the worst job he's had involved cleaning boiler rooms in a lumber mill in Vancouver.

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Steve Bannon used his Bill Maher appearance to argue that Bernie Sanders supporters should vote for Trump

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 08:15 AM PST

Former White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon (L); Sean Gallup/Getty Images, Randy Holmes/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

  • Former White House Chief Strategist and Breitbart founding member Steve Bannon debated with Bill Maher about Trump, Bernie Sanders, impeachment, and more on "Real Time" Friday night. 
  • Bannon stressed his support for Sanders, saying that he doesn't agree with the "populist" candidate's "solutions," but claimed that his supporters helped elect Trump in 2016.
  • "The Bernie people helped make Trump president and they're gonna help make Trump president again, because he's been screwed by the Democratic Party," Bannon said, in what seemed to be a pitch to leftists.
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On "Real Time with Bill Maher," former Trump White House Chief Strategist Steve Bannon used his time to make a pitch to Bernie Sanders supporters. 

"Either don't vote or vote for Trump," Bannon said. "The Bernie people helped make Trump president and they're gonna help make Trump president again, because he's been screwed by the Democratic Party."

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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11 West Coast chains we wish would go national

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 08:06 AM PST

in n out contentChristian S./Yelp

  • The West Coast is home to a few of the most notable region-specific restaurant chains in the country.
  • From In-N-Out Burger's signature Thousand Island sauce to Eggslut's far-from-forgettable name and aesthetic, these franchises have made a name for themselves nationwide. 
  • Outside of the burger realm, chains like Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles and Din Tai Fung deserve to expand into other parts of the country. 
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The West Coast has plenty of beautiful sights and notable landmarks, and it also has some tasty food. 

Some of its chain restaurants are so good that no distance can come between the food and those who love it. But for many, getting a bite of the West Coast's best is still just a dream.

Here are some West Coast chains we wish would be available in more places around the globe.

Editor's Note: Some of these chains have a few locations outside of the West Coast, but since they're based in the West Coast and primarily serve that region of the US, they're included on this list.

In-N-Out Burger is a West Coast staple.

David L./Yelp

Located almost exclusively in California, In-N-Out is a West Coast cult classic.

The restaurant serves up tasty but inexpensive burgers and legendary "animal-style" fries topped with cheese, Thousand Island spread, and grilled onions.

As much as we'd love the chain spread, In-N-Out vice president of planning and development Carl Van Fleet told Business Insider in a prior 2017 interview that the company has no plans of expanding beyond the six states it currently operates in.

Burgerville serves up food made with local ingredients.

Mojdeh S./Yelp

Located along the coast of the Pacific Northwest, Burgerville prides itself on using local produce, meat, fish, and dairy in its meals.

According to the Burgerville website, 72% of the chain's food comes from within 400 miles of Vancouver, Washington.

The menu, which includes things like hamburgers, veggie burgers, and fish and chips, only displays options using in-season ingredients.

Top your hot dog with anything from chili to fries at Wienerschnitzel.

Danielle P./Yelp

With locations primarily throughout California, Wienerschnitzel is known as the "World's Largest Hot Dog Chain."

Its inexpensive menu satisfies all hot-dog needs, and customers can choose from toppings such as chili, relish, cheese, kraut, bacon, and fries. 

Although most of the chain's locations are located on the West Coast, it has started to spread to places like Illinois and Louisiana. 

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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A Thai soldier reportedly killed 17 people, including his commander, in a shooting spree livestreamed on Facebook

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 08:00 AM PST

korat thailand shootingGoogle Maps/Insider

  • A Thai soldier carried out a shooting spree and livestreamed his activities on Facebook, the Bangkok Post reported.
  • Local media reported the suspect's name to be Cpl Jakrapanth Thomma.
  • 17 people died and others were injured in the attack, The New York Times reported. One of the victims included Thomma's commander.
  • As of 10 p.m. local time, regional outlets reported that police and military authorities were still trying to detain the suspect at a shopping center in Korat, a city northeast of Bangkok. 
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Thai police faced a Saturday night standoff with a soldier who carried out a shooting spree in Korat, Thailand, and livestreamed his attack on Facebook, the Bangkok Post reported.

The attacker, whom The Post has named as Cpl Jakrapanth Thomma, reportedly killed 17 people and injured others, according to The New York Times. Coconut, a local news site, also named Thomma as the suspect. 

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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All of Margot Robbie's movies, ranked by critics

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 08:00 AM PST

margot robbie rankedWarner Bros. Pictures,DC Comics, Focus Features

  • Margot Robbie has been acting for years, but some of her movies are higher-rated than others. 
  • Robbie's best films include "Birds of Prey" (2020) and "I, Tonya" (2017).
  • On the other hand, she also starred in critical flops like "Terminal" (2018) and "Suicide Squad" (2016).  
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Although she's only been in films for a few years, Australian actress Margot Robbie has already been nominated for two Academy Awards and has proven herself as a performer to watch. 

And although she's been in some hits, the actress has also appeared in a few flops.

Here are all of the movies in Robbie's filmography, ranked according to critical scores on Rotten Tomatoes.

Note: All scores were current on the date of publication and are subject to change.

Robbie's lowest-rated film is "Terminal" (2018).

RLJ Entertainment

Rotten Tomatoes score: 20%

Summary: In the neo-noir thriller "Terminal," Robbie stars as Annie, a waitress who leads a dark double life.

In a sprawling city, Annie's life intersects with a teacher (Simon Pegg) battling a terminal illness and a contractor (Mike Myers) who employs a pair of hit men. 

She kicked off her turn as Harley Quinn in "Suicide Squad" (2016).

Warner Bros.

Rotten Tomatoes score: 27%

Summary: In the action thriller "Suicide Squad," intelligence officer Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) releases Gotham's most dangerous villains from jail under the caveat that they complete a deadly mission that could be their last.

The villains include Joker (Jared Leto), Deadshot (Will Smith), Killer Croc (Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje), Diablo (Jay Hernandez), and Harley Quinn (Robbie). 

Robbie starred as Jane Clayton in "The Legend of Tarzan" (2016).

Warner Bros.

Rotten Tomatoes score: 36%

Summary: Years after leaving the jungle behind, Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgard) and his wife Jane (Robbie) are called back on a mission for the Parliament in the action-adventure film "The Legend of Tarzan."

Once they return to the jungle, they realize that they have become pawns of the greed-driven Captain Leon Rom (Christoph Waltz). 

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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Burrow's Presidents' Day sale includes up to $500 off couches, rugs, and tables

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 08:00 AM PST


burrow sale 2

President's Day is coming up, and with it, deals on nearly anything you can buy online. In the furniture world, online startup Burrow has a sitewide sale from February 8 through February 23.

The sale is tiered — the bigger your order, the bigger the deal. It starts off with 10% off orders up to $1,499 and maxes out at $500 off orders of $3,000 or more. Check out the full sale below. 

Burrow first became popular for its easy-to-assemble modular sofas, which include clever features like built-in USB chargers and customizable arms and legs. There are different fabric or leather seating options, so you'll be able to find one that fits your style. The prices are already reasonable, but they're even more competitive right now with the sale.

Shoppers also love the company because there's free shipping and it ships your order in about a week, with none of the pesky delivery constraints of traditional furniture companies.  If you want to get a better feel for Burrow's offerings before you commit, you can order a free swatch or visit one of Burrow's showrooms. Plus, you get a 30-day trial, with free returns. 

Here are all the details of Burrow's sale. Your final discount depends on your order total.

  • 10% off orders up to $1,499
  • $200 off orders of $1,500+ 
  • $250 off orders of $1,800+
  • $300 off orders of $2,200+
  • $400 off orders of $2,600+
  • $500 off orders of $3,000+

If you're not sure what to shop, these are our 5 favorite Burrow products: 

Nomad Sofa Sectional


Nomad Sofa Sectional, $1,495 (originally $1,695) [You save $200] 

Burrow's classic fabric couch has a reversible chaise lounge, plus all the signature Burrow features: sturdy frame, built-in USB chargers, and customizable wooden legs. 

Nomad Leather Sofa


Nomad Leather Sofa, $1,745 (originally $1,995) [You save $250] 

The handsome and sophisticated sofa is made from soft but sturdy full-grain Italian leather. Here's our full review.


Nomad 8-Seat U Sectional


Nomad 8-Seat U Sectional, $3,495 (originally $3,995) [You save $500] 

These great-looking 8-seaters are perfect for family rooms and entertainment rooms. Thanks to its smart modular design that lets you take apart and put together the individual seats, you can adjust the number of seats for your space without sacrificing comfort.


See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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The skills and knowledge you need to succeed in the fastest-growing jobs in America

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 08:00 AM PST

Nurse practitioner

  • Certain skills and knowledge can give you an advantage in occupations that are likely to see a lot of employment growth over the next decade.
  • We used data from the US Labor Department to find common skills and knowledge areas that have high importance in the fastest-growing jobs.
  • Customer and personal service knowledge, active listening, and critical thinking were among the top skills on the list.   
  • Visit Business Insider's homepage for more stories.

If you are looking to grow your skills or wondering what to study, you may want to focus on subjects that could help you land jobs that are likely to grow quickly in the next few years. 

Every two years, the US Bureau of Labor Statistics releases employment projections, estimating how employment in various occupations is likely to grow over the next decade. The most recent projections include a list of the fastest-growing occupations based on the estimated employment change between 2018 and 2028. To determine what changes in occupational employment may look like over 10 years, the BLS used various resources like historical data and scholarly papers.

According to the BLS, two of the broad occupational groups that will be quickly growing are healthcare support, with an expected increase in employment of 18.2%, followed by personal care and services, where employment is projected to grow by 17.4%. Jobs that are predicted to grow within these occupation categories include various kinds of healthcare aides, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

To get a sense of what skills are most important to the fastest-growing jobs, we used the Labor Department's Occupational Information Network (O*NET) importance scales regarding skills and knowledge. Based on surveys of employers and workers, these scores range from 0 to 100, where a higher score indicates a more important skill or knowledge area for a particular job.

We looked at the top three skills and knowledge areas for each of the 15 jobs with the highest projected employment growth between 2018 and 2028. Occasionally, there were ties among the top three most important skills and knowledge areas.  

For the fastest-growing occupations, there was some overlap in the kinds of skills and knowledge areas that are important to fulfilling job responsibilities. Active listening was the most frequently listed skill among the top three in the 15 fastest-growing jobs, while understanding English and psychology were the top knowledge fields.

It's worth noting that these skills are non-technological ones — O*NET has a separate technology skills section. Although it may be important to have a background in various technology applications, it is interesting to see which social or conceptual skills employees and workers find important in order to succeed in their jobs. 

Read on to find out the 15 projected fast-growing jobs between 2018 and 2028, along with their growth rate, average salary in 2018, top skills and knowledge areas, and job description according to O*NET.

15. Application software developers

Maskot/Getty Images

Occupation description according to O*NET: Develop, create, and modify general computer applications software or specialized utility programs.

Expected growth rate between 2018 and 2028: 25.6%

Average annual salary: $103,620

Top knowledge areas: Computers and electronics, engineering and technology, and English language

Top skills: Programming, systems analysis, and systems evaluation

14. Operations research analysts

Monty Rakusen/Getty Images

Occupation description according to O*NET: Formulate and apply mathematical modeling and other optimizing methods to develop and interpret information that assists management with decision making, policy formulation, or other managerial functions. 

Expected growth rate between 2018 and 2028: 25.6%

Average annual salary: $83,390 

Top knowledge areas: Mathematics, English language, computers and electronics

Top skills: Mathematics, complex problem solving, and critical thinking

13. Mathematicians

Hill Street Studios/Getty Images

Occupation description according to O*NET: Conduct research in fundamental mathematics or in application of mathematical techniques to science, management, and other fields.

Expected growth rate between 2018 and 2028: 26.0%

Average annual salary: $101,900 

Top knowledge areas: Mathematics, computers and electronics, and English language

Top skills: Mathematics, complex problem solving, critical thinking and reading comprehension

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Daughter of controversial academic Jordan Peterson says he flew to Russia for treatment after developing a 'physical dependency' on prescription drugs

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 07:48 AM PST

Jordan PetersonCarlos Osorio/Getty Images

  • Jordan Peterson, a controversial Candian academic popular among conservatives, sought treatment in Russia for a "physical dependency" on anti-anxiety medication, his daughter said. 
  • Mikhaila Peterson, posting on her father's YouTube and Instagram accounts, said her father had a physical dependency and a "paradoxical reaction" to an unspecified benzodiazepine that he started taking years ago.
  • The dosage of the medication had been increased following his wife's cancer diagnosis.
  • Peterson said her father tried to seek treatment in North American hospitals, but his attempts were unsuccessful, adding he developed pneumonia.
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Jordan Peterson, the controversial Canadian professor and clinical psychologist popular with online conservatives, is recovering following a physical dependence and a "paradoxical reaction" to a prescription anti-anxiety medication that required he seek emergency medical treatment in Russia, his daughter said.  

"The last year has been extremely difficult for our family," Peterson's 27-year-old daughter, Mikhaila said in a YouTube video posted to her father's channel Friday. She said that her dad was prescribed a low dose of an unspecified benzodiazepine following an "extremely severe auto-immune reaction to food" a few years ago. 

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Goldman Sachs is going through a huge transformation under CEO David Solomon. Here's everything you need to know.

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 07:31 AM PST

Goldman Sachs CEO David SolomonGetty Images

  • Goldman Sachs has been going through some high-profile changes. The storied investment bank is seeing leadership shakeups under CEO David Solomon and a slew of partner departures. 
  • The Wall Street bank has been moving away from high-risk businesses like trading and is making pushes into more stable areas like consumer lending
  • There have been big cultural changes, too. Solomon is looking to create a more transparent workplace, while new tech execs are taking cues from Silicon Valley heavy-hitters. 
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Storied Wall Street bank Goldman Sachs is going through some massive shifts under CEO David Solomon.

Recently, it's taken big steps involving transparency and inclusion to change up its culture. Its tech execs are also embracing change by promoting APIs and putting Goldman's Marquee app on Amazon's cloud. It has seen a slew of partner departures — many in the securities division. And now it's beefing up recruiting exes to focus on lateral hiring. 

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Prince Harry reportedly spoke about his mental health and not regretting 'Megxit' at the Sussexes' first public appearance in weeks

Posted: 08 Feb 2020 07:30 AM PST

Meghan HarryAP/Star Max

  • Prince Harry and Meghan Markle attended a private JPMorgan event in Miami Beach on Thursday, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson confirmed with Insider.
  • This was Prince Harry and Markle's first speaking engagement or event appearance since the palace's announcement in mid-January that the couple would step back from royal duties starting in the spring.
  • A source told the New York Post's Page Six that in a speech at the event, Prince Harry opened up about coping with the loss of his mother, Princess Diana.
  • Prince Harry has previously spoken about mental health and going to therapy to cope with grief.
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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle made their first public appearance since announcing that they'll rescind their titles and step back from official royal duties starting in the spring.

The Sussexes attended a private JPMorgan event in Miami Beach on Thursday, a Buckingham Palace spokesperson confirmed with Insider. The event was held at 1 Hotel South Beach in Miami Beach, Florida, and a palace spokesperson confirmed that Prince Harry was a speaker at the engagement.

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