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Sunday, February 2, 2020

Business News, Updates

Business News, Updates

'Bad Boys for Life' tops the box office for an incredible third-straight weekend and becomes the franchise's highest-grosser in just 17 days

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 09:49 AM PST

bad boys for life sonySony

  • Sony's "Bad Boys for Life" won the domestic box office for a third-straight weekend with $17.7 million.
  • The movie is now the highest-grossing title in the franchise. Its domestic total to date is $148 million.
  • Paramount's "The Rhythm Section" has the worst opening for a wide release in 2020 so far, as it only brought in $2.8 million on 3,000 screens.
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It may still be very early, but there can be no dispute: Sony is dominating the early days of 2020.

Multiplexes at the moment are filled with titles from the studio that can satisfy all audiences. From Oscar nominated titles like "Little Women" and "Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood," to blockbuster fare like "Jumanji: The Next Level" and "Bad Boys for Life." 

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Bloomberg's Super Bowl commercial is the crown jewel in a record ad campaign that's aired seven times more promotions than the previous top presidential spender

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 09:38 AM PST

Democratic presidential candidate, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, speaks to campaign workers and supporters in Minneapolis, Thursday, Jan. 23, 2020, as he opens the first field office in Minnesota and meets with local community leaders and voters to share his vision for the country. (AP Photo/Jim Mone)Associated Press

  • Michael Bloomberg and Donald Trump are both airing national ads during the Super Bowl today. This is the first time in Super Bowl history that a presidential candidate has aired a national ad. 
  • A Washington Post analysis, written by the three co-directors of the Wesleyan Media Project, analysed the historic ad spend in the 2020 campaign. Bloomberg has aired seven times as many TV commercials to date as the previous record holder, Mitt Romney's 2008 campaign.
  • Bloomberg and fellow billionaire Tom Steyer have spent $310 million on advertising so far. All other campaigns from 2008 on spent a total of $383.5 million on ads. 
  • Bloomberg's unconventional campaign is largely funded by his $54 billion net worth.
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At some point during Sunday's Super Bowl LIV, the nationwide broadcast will show presidential campaign advertisements from two New York billionaires. After President Trump's reelection campaign purchased two 30-second nationwide spots, Michael Bloomberg announced his own 60-second ad last month. These two ads will be the Super Bowl's first nationwide presidential ads. 

These ads, which cost both candidates roughly $10 million dollars, are emblematic of the astronomical ad spends in 2020's presidential contest. A Washington Post analysis, written by the three co-directors of the Wesleyan Media Project, found that Bloomberg's campaign has aired seven times as many TV commercials to date as previous record-holder Mitt Romney's campaign had at this point in 2008.  

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The next Apple Watch is expected to finally get one major feature it's been missing that Fitbit has offered for years. Here's everything we know so far. (AAPL)

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 09:30 AM PST

Apple WatchHollis Johnson

  • Apple is expected to release a new Apple Watch in 2020, as it's done every year since 2015.
  • The biggest new addition to this year's watch is expected to be sleep tracking, a feature that would help Apple catch up to rivals like Fitbit and Samsung.
  • Otherwise, the next Apple Watch, which is expected to be called the Series 6, is rumored to come with faster performance and better water resistance. 
  • Here's what else we know.
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Apple has released a new smartwatch every year since 2015, and there's a good chance 2020 will be no different.

While last year's Apple Watch brought improvements like an always-on display and a built-in compass, the biggest update expected to arrive on Apple's popular smartwatch in 2020 is support for sleep tracking. That's according to Bloomberg, which reported in early 2019 that Apple had been testing such a feature for a possible 2020 launch.

It would mark a significant upgrade for the Apple Watch, considering sleep tracking is the one major feature it's lacking compared to rivals like Fitbit and Samsung. That could further establish Apple's stronghold on the smartwatch market. Apple accounted for 47.9% of the smartwatch market as of the third quarter of 2019, according to Strategy Analytics, while Samsung followed with 13.4% and Fitbit placed in third at 11.3%. 

Here's a look at everything we're expecting to see from Apple's next smartwatch. 

Apple will probably call it the Apple Watch Series 6.

Justin Sullivan/Getty

If Apple sticks with the branding it's used since 2016, we can expect its next smartwatch to be called the Apple Watch Series 6. 

The watch will probably be released in September.


Apple typically debuts its new Apple Watch alongside its refreshed iPhones in September, so it seems plausible that the company may take a similar approach this year. In years past, Apple has revealed the new watch on stage during its fall keynote and launched the device in stores later in September, usually roughly 10 days after the launch event. 

It may be able to track your sleep.

People Images/Getty Images

Apple is expected to bring sleep tracking to the Apple Watch in 2020, according to Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. The Cupertino-based tech giant is said to have been testing the feature at its campus as of early 2019, according to the report. If the feature works as planned, Apple would integrate it into the Apple Watch in 2020. 

From the report, it's unclear if that means sleep tracking is only being developed for a new Apple Watch model, or if it would be pushed to older watches through a software update. 

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At an over-the-top Super Bowl party at Mar-a-Lago, Trump was drawn as a giant cartoon football player

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 09:27 AM PST

trump super bowlSAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images

  • President Donald Trump is spending Super Bowl weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort, where he apparently got started with a round of golf before attending an over-the-top party in his honor. 
  • Posts on social media show Trump's likeness superimposed on a cartoon football player at the victory-themed event, which was hosted in the club by a pro-Trump group. 
  • This year's Super Bowl comes amid impeachment proceedings in the Senate, and Trump will be on the airwaves during the big night in an $11.2 million ad and a Fox News interview. 
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President Donald Trump is spending Super Bowl weekend at his Mar-a-Lago resort, per his tradition, and his time away started with a campaign-themed bang. 

Posts on social media showed the president starting his day with golf, before attending an over-the-top celebration thrown by a group of his supporters. 

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THE EVOLUTION OF THE US NEOBANK MARKET: Why the US digital-only banking space may finally be poised for the spotlight (GS, JPM)

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 09:25 AM PST

NeoBank Infographics 3x4Business Insider Intelligence

What is a neobank? Total Funding for Major European and US NeobanksBusiness Insider Intelligence

Neobanks, digital-only banks that aren't saddled by traditional banking technology and costly networks of physical branches, have been working to redefine retail banking in major markets around the world.

Top neobanks in the US & EU

The top neobanks in the US and EU include:

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WeWork is the perfect example of why employees should not expect our workplaces to meet every physical, social, and spiritual need

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 09:18 AM PST

Adam Neumann WeWork IPO happyAP Photo/Mark Lennihan, File

  • Former WeWork CEO Adam Neumann stressed the idea that younger employees want "more from their work than just a job" and tried to make the company fulfill every need — physical, social, and spiritual.
  • But making work the central part of their lives deprives employees of meaningful relationships outside the workplace and is bad for our society.
  • Workers should make sure to strike a reasonable work-life balance and take time away from their jobs.
  • Sarah Wittman is an assistant professor of management at the George Mason University School of Business. Kevin Rockmann is a professor of management and Dean's Scholar at the George Mason University School of Business.
  • This is an opinion column. The thoughts expressed are those of the authors.
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The future of WeWork is unclear now that SoftBank — after pumping $4.4 billion into the company — forced out cofounder and CEO Adam Neumann amid its failed IPO.

With Neumann gone, it's also unclear whether the real-estate giant will stick to its claims of elevating "the consciousness of the world" by bringing individuals together as "part of a greater 'we.'" Its former executives have been called spiritual leaders as much as company executives.

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The riveting true story of Lord Lucan's disappearance — where a British aristocrat killed his maid and disappeared forever

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 09:14 AM PST

John Bingham, 7th Earl of Lucan (1934 - ?) with his future wife, Veronica Duncan (1937 - 2017) after they announced their engagement, 14th October 1963.byTerry Fincher/Daily Express/Hulton Archive/Getty

  • In 1974, Britain was captivated by the brutal murder of a nanny, named Sandra Rivett, and the disappearance of the main suspect, Lord Lucan. 
  • He was never seen again but was formally found guilty a year later. In the years since, he's been spotted more than 70 times, but none of the sightings have held up under scrutiny.
  • In January, Rivett's son claimed he found Lord Lucan in an unnamed city in Australia.
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His friends called him "Lucky."

In 1974, Britain, and later much of the rest of the world, was captivated by the brutal murder of a 29-year-old nanny named Sandra Rivett, and the rapid disappearance of the main suspect: an aristocrat named Richard John Bingham — or Lord Lucan.

It helped that Lucan was, according to The New York Times, a "dashing British aristocrat and army officer, known for his prowess at backgammon and bridge and his fondness for vodka martinis, powerboats, and Aston Martin cars."

It helped, too, that the murder took place in an apartment's dark basement, providing space for conjecture. What helped the most, though, was that Lucan disappeared forever, meaning no one could say for sure what happened.

There have been many theories — he committed suicide by ferry propeller, he started a new life in Africa, he was fed to a tiger. No one knows for sure. By 2017, he had been spotted more than 70 times, but none of the sightings proved to be true. To this day, the public doesn't know what happened to Lucan. 

One of Lucan's friends, James Wilson, told The Telegraph that Lucan was a gambler. "He gambled on successfully killing his wife and being able to hide her body and get away with murder," he said.

But it all went terribly wrong. 

Here's the full story, in photos. 

At 9 p.m., on November 7, 1974, a 29-year-old nanny named Sandra Rivettt descended into the dark basement of an apartment in Belgravia, London. She never walked out.

Daily Mirror/Mirrorpix / Getty

Source: History Extra

At about 10 p.m. a different bleeding woman burst into a nearby pub, called The Plumbers Arms, screaming for help.

David Ashdown/Keystone/Hulton Archive/Getty

"Help, help me," she said. "I have just escaped from a murderer. He's in my house. He's murdered the nanny."

Sources: The Atlantic, History Extra

The bleeding woman was Veronica Lucan. She had gone down into the basement, looking for Rivett, wondering why her cup of tea was taking so long.

Geoff Wilkinson/Mirrorpix/Getty

Sources: The Atlantic, Telegraph, Independent

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The Wuhan coronavirus has led to a face mask shortage, with sellers now offering masks at up to $7 apiece

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 09:13 AM PST

A man wears a masks in Chinatown following the outbreak of a new coronavirus, in Chicago, Illinois, U.S. January 30, 2020. REUTERS/Kamil KrzaczynskiReuters

  • As fears of the Wuhan coronavirus spread, online and brick-and-mortar retailers are selling out of face masks. 
  • Top-selling face mask companies have warned consumers not to buy counterfeit products. 
  • Some Amazon sellers peddling face masks are charging about $50 for a box of 10, selling the masks alongside sex toys like dildos and penis rings. 
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The coronavirus is an official global public health emergency, the World Health Organization announced yesterday, having already made at least 9,000 people sick and killing more than 200 people in China, where it originated. 

The announcement likely hasn't quelled the fears of people who've been flocking to online and brick-and-mortar retailers to purchase face masks in an attempt to protect themselves from the disease. 

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Posted: 02 Feb 2020 09:04 AM PST

Tom Brady's teammates explained his reasoning behind the mysterious tweet that made fans think the legend was leaving the Patriots

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 08:52 AM PST

Tom BradyMark Konezny-USA TODAY Sports

  • Legendary Patriots quarterback Tom Brady tweeted a cryptic black-and-white photo of him walking indistinguishably in or out of a stadium tunnel, prompting fan concerns that he was leaving the team.
  • But Brady's teammates Devin and Jason McCourty told Barstool Radio that they asked Brady why he posted the photo, and his reasoning was significantly less dramatic than the speculation.
  • "He was like, 'Bro, I'm 42 years old, one of the oldest guys in the league, wanted to remind people that the best photos are in black and white,'" the twin NFL players told Barstool Radio.
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Days before the Super Bowl LIV, a player for a different team entirely sent fans into a tailspin. Legendary Patriots quarterback Tom Brady tweeted a cryptic black-and-white photo of himself that drove plenty of speculation.

In the uncaptioned photo, Brady could be seen walking through a stadium tunnel. But because of the shadows and lack of color, it was impossible to tell which way he was walking: in or out? This led fans to question whether it was a nod to Brady's next move, as his future in the NFL is currently uncertain.

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Halsey shut down a troll who yelled out ex G-Eazy's name during her concert

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 08:44 AM PST

halsey november 2019Evan Agostini/Invision/AP

  • Halsey paused during her performance in Miami, Florida on Saturday to call out an attendee who kept shouting the name of her ex-boyfriend, G-Eazy.
  • In a now-viral video shared by a fan on Twitter, Halsey was heard saying: "If you say G-Eazy one more f---ing time I will kick you out of this party."
  • On her Instagram story afterward, Halsey also told fans: "don't ever let someone make u feel crazy or unhinged cause ur a woman standing up for urself. don't tolerate disrespect in the name of being 'nice.'"
  • The two stars began dating in 2017 and split the following year.
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Halsey shut down an attendee who repeatedly shouted the name of her ex-boyfriend, G-Eazy, during a concert in Miami, Florida on Saturday. 

The 25-year-old "Without Me" singer was performing at Budweiser's BUDX Miami party as part of a pre-Super Bowl event. In a now-viral video shared by a fan on Twitter, someone yelled out rapper G-Eazy's name and Halsey interrupted her show to put an end to it.

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How to get ahead in 2020, the startups that will boom, and inside Goldman Sachs' first investor day

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 08:30 AM PST


This is Matt Turner, executive editor at Business Insider, back from parental leave and excited to be picking up from where my excellent colleagues left off with this weekly email. 

It might already be February, but this past week was my first week of work in 2020. And so in that spirit, I wanted to start this email rounding up some stories that could help you get ahead in the year ahead.

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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Photos and videos show officials in hazmat suits spraying passengers with mist as they arrive in Indonesia amid coronavirus scare

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 08:22 AM PST

wuhan indonesiaAntara Foto/via REUTERS

  • Airplane passengers who flew from Wuhan, China to Batam, Indonesia were sprayed with a substance when they disembarked, according to photos and videos
  • According to the Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, 243 people returned from China's Hubei province and are now in isolation at Natuna Island in Indonesia. 
  • The government said all passengers who returned to the country had passed health screenings before being allowed off of the Batik Air flight.
  • The death toll from the novel coronavirus has reached 304 with all but one occurring in China.   
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Passengers exiting a flight from Wuhan, China to Batam, Indonesia can be seen being sprayed with a substance as they disembark from a plane in photos and videos posted online.  

In one video posted to Twitter on February 2, passengers can be seen exiting a Batik Air Indonesia flight. When they disembark, individuals wearing yellow hazmat suits and backpacks with the word "ALKOHOL" inscribed on them briefly spray each passenger with a clear mist. It's not immediately clear what the passengers were being sprayed with, though Alkohol translates to Alcohol. A caption on photos of the spray from Reuters, also posted on February 2, taken by Indonesia-based Antara Foto, refers to it as an "antiseptic." 

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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US military says some US service members in South Korea may be quarantined to stop the spread of the Wuhan coronavirus

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 08:10 AM PST

us korea joint training

  • US service members in South Korea face the possibility of quarantine if they recently returned to their posts from mainland China.
  • A 14-day self-quarantine has been put in place for US military personnel who returned to South Korea from China between Jan. 19 and Feb. 2, USFK said in a statement Sunday.
  • Gen. Robert Abrams, US Forces Korea commander, tweeted Sunday that "we are taking all appropriate measures to prevent any potential spread of the virus." He added: "If not feeling well—get screened ASAP!
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US service members in South Korea face the possibility of quarantine if they recently returned to their posts from mainland China, US Forces Korea announced Sunday as the novel coronavirus that originated in Wuhan, China continues to spread.

A 14-day self-quarantine has been put in place for US military personnel who returned to South Korea from China between Jan. 19 and Feb. 2, USFK said in a statement. There are already 15 cases of the coronavrius in South Korea, where around 28,500 US troops are stationed.

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Jeff Bezos' girlfriend's brother is suing the Amazon CEO for defamation, claiming he was falsely accused of providing incriminating photos to the National Enquirer

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 08:02 AM PST

jeff bezos lauren sanchez michael sanchezProdip Guha/Getty Images; John Sciulli/Getty Images for Politicon

  • As the saga of Jeff Bezos, his nude selfies, and his leaked affair with Lauren Sanchez continues, a new development has arisen – Sanchez's brother Michael Sanchez is now suing Bezos for defamation.
  • Bloomberg reports Sanchez has accused the Amazon CEO and his security consultant Gavin de Becker of telling journalists that Sanchez leaked Bezos' nude photos to the National Enquirer. 
  • But Sanchez says he has never possessed the intimate photos, contradicting a New York Times report that found evidence that Lauren Sanchez sent the leaked texts and photos to her brother.
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Michael Sanchez has filed a defamation lawsuit against his sister's boyfriend Jeff Bezos, claiming that Bezos and his security consultant falsely told journalists that Sanchez provided Bezos' nude photos to the National Enquirer.

A recent New York Times report pushed back against the claim that Bezos' phone was hacked in May 2018 by Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia. Bezos' personal hired security consultant Gavin de Becker compiled a report outlining the claim that Bezos' iPhone X had been hacked after receiving a WhatsApp message from the account belonging to the crown prince.

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A picture-perfect San Francisco Tudor mansion made famous by a painting and owned by Nicholas Cage is on the market for $11 million — see inside

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 07:53 AM PST

004Mark Levinson/Compass

This stunning San Francisco mansion asking $11 million has several claims to fame. It was featured in the painting "An Evening Journey," by artist Evgeny Lushpin, and it was once owned by actor Nicolas Cage, according to The Wall Street Journal. Cage bought the home for $9.4 million in 2006, and sold for only $8.5 million in 2008.

Now, the home is once again for sale, requesting $10.95 million. The home is listed with Mark Allan Levinson at Compass.

Scroll to see photos of this luxurious and historic mansion.

The Tudor home is located on the north slope of Russian Hill.

Mark Levinson/Compass

Built in 1914, it retains much of its original charm.

Mark Levinson/Compass

The main entry is through a Gothic stone archway.

Mark Levinson/Compass

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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Kylie Jenner threw an extravagant birthday party for daughter Stormi that included rides, a tie-dye station, and a 'Frozen'-themed room

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 07:51 AM PST

kylie jenner stormi party 2020Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Sean Combs and Kylie Jenner/Instagram

  • Kylie Jenner hosted a lavish party for daughter Stormi Wester's second birthday, dubbed "StormiWorld 2."
  • The event included a "Frozen"-inspired room, a ball pit, a photo booth, merchandise, a tie-dye station, and a "Dumbo" ride. 
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Kylie Jenner threw an extravagant party in honor of daughter Stormi Webster's second birthday and called the massive event "StormiWorld 2."

On Saturday, the 22-year-old Kylie Cosmetics founder gave fans an inside look at the festivities by sharing plenty of photos and videos on her Instagram story. She previously teased the party in December 2019 when she tweeted that it was going to be "insane."

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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I tried McDonald's fried chicken and mozzarella stick sandwich that is only available in Korea, and it crushed my fried cheese dreams

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 07:50 AM PST

mcdonald's korea mcchicken mozzarellaKate Taylor/Business Insider

  • When I heard that McDonald's had added a chicken sandwich topped with mozzarella sticks to the menu in South Korea, I was immediately intrigued. 
  • I love mozzarella sticks and I loved fried chicken, so I was determined to try the McChicken Mozzarella when I visited Seoul. 
  • However, my fried chicken and fried cheese dream sandwich turned out to be closer to a messy nightmare. 
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When I decided to visit McDonald's in South Korea, I knew that there was one limited-time menu offering that I had to try: the McChicken Mozzarella. 

I had glimpsed a picture of the McChicken Mozzarella while scrolling through the various fast-food-centric publications I follow. Brand Eating had written up the new menu item in South Korea, summing it up as "your plain old McChicken stuffed with two mozzarella sticks and spicy Arrabbiata sauce." 

I was ecstatic. My Instagram stalking had already taught me that fast-food chains frequently launch quirkier menu items in Asia. A fried chicken sandwich topped with mozzarella sticks sounds pretty close to my ideal sandwich. 

However, when I finally ordered the McChicken Mozzarella, the sandwich was closer to a nightmare than my fried chicken dream. 

Here is what the McChicken Mozzarella looks like on McDonald's Korea's website. Now that is a gorgeous looking sandwich.

McDonald's Korea

When I ordered the chicken sandwich, I was impressed by its heft even before unwrapping it. This McChicken was the height of at least three Big Macs.

Kate Taylor/Business Insider

It was so tall it had to have its own wrapper around the side to keep things contained! (Upon reflection, a sandwich that needs two wrappers should have been my first sign something was amiss.)

Kate Taylor/Business Insider

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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I'm a CEO and a dad. Here's the college advice I'm giving to my kids — including why I don't care what they major in.

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 07:30 AM PST

Chris LitsterCourtesy of Chris Litster

  • Chris Litster is the CEO of Buildium, a platform to help property managers become more efficient and profitable.
  • While touring colleges with his middle child, he was shocked to hear his 17-year-old ask if the school had an engineering program; his child had gotten the message that being an engineer was the only way to get a job.
  • Litster was a French major, and is now the CEO of a tech firm.
  • He says that college is about learning how to learn, stepping out of your comfort zone, learning how to lead, and making an experience that is truly unique to you.
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It's normal for kids to ask questions, but as we were touring college campuses this summer, our middle child hit us with a doozy: "Does this school have an engineering program?" 

This might not have stopped some parents in their tracks, but to me, it was a shock. Engineering is a fine career path, but frankly, it's not my kid. He's the artistic one in our family, the funny one who plays guitar and, most importantly, he hates math. Where was this coming from? 

It turned out he had somehow gotten the message that becoming an engineer was going to be the only way to get a job. At 17, with a whole world of opportunity in front of him, he became fixated on the idea of a singular path to success. 

There's so much pressure on kids today to choose a viable career path while they're still in high school. When you add the cost of education, uncertain job markets, and anxiety around the future of work, picking the right program at the right college can be overwhelming — not just for kids, but parents, too (even celebrities aren't immune). 

But as a French major who is now at the helm of a tech firm, I'm living proof that what you study in college doesn't need to define your career. As I look to the future, as a dad and a CEO, I've come up with a few pieces of advice I'm hoping will tone down the pressure for my kids and help them get the most out of those college years.

You don't have to know before you go

Getty Images

When I was a teenager stressing about my next step, my parents reassured me that an undergraduate degree doesn't have to define your future. In fact, it shouldn't.  

From their perspective, college was less about learning job skills and landing a career than it was about learning how to learn: developing critical thinking skills, exposing yourself to new ideas, and discovering how to communicate and defend your thoughts. My parents felt those lessons would be the most valuable in helping me find a suitable career path, and they were right. I couldn't see how at the time, but my French degree was critical in helping me learn about the world, and it eventually led me to a career in business leadership. 

I've passed this advice onto my own kids. 

Yes, there are some jobs that need very specific training from day one. But as an employer, I've learned that most technical skills are ultimately teachable; it's much more important that new hires know themselves and know how to communicate, think critically, and problem solve.

Take a leap out of your comfort zone

David Becker/Getty Images

There's a reason many schools have broad curriculum requirements — diversity in your studies is only going to make you a more well-rounded person. And when you enter the workforce, chances are you will have to wear multiple hats and work with a diverse range of people. I know my company is always seeking out talent who can bring holistic experience to the table

College is full of opportunities to broaden your horizons and embrace diverse experiences and perspectives — and not just in class. Join clubs, take a semester abroad, go to campus events where you'll be the odd one out, and get used to putting yourself in places where you're a little bit uncomfortable. If you're studying STEM, take a comparative literature class to learn how to interpret abstract thoughts and ideas; if you're studying arts, get a grounding in logic by taking a computer science course. 

To that end, choosing a college that is in a different community and has a different demographic than where you grew up can help you meet people with varied backgrounds, experiences, and ideas about the world. 

I grew up in a town where almost everyone lived and looked like me, so I applied to large, public universities so I could meet and connect with people from all walks of life. My eldest son, who grew up near Boston, is now getting a totally different experience at UC Berkeley. Getting out of your comfort zone can inform your education more than any lecture ever could.

Don't just attend class — really show up

Rogelio V. Solis/AP

There's no way around it: the increasing cost of college has only amplified the pressure to make the most of it. But that doesn't necessarily mean having a perfect attendance record or burying your nose in books (or screens). Earning top marks doesn't always mean you're learning the most valuable lessons and — spoiler alert — no employer is going to care if you get a 3.9 instead of a 4.0.

Most companies want people to step up to the plate, and lead by example in taking initiative to get things done. College is a great place to learn to do that, whether it's by starting a club, organizing a protest, or participating fully in class discussions through respectful debate.

That being said, I realize this comes more naturally to some people than others — and to be clear, it's not about taking up all the oxygen in the room and dominating the conversation. It's about truly participating in every opportunity, sitting in front, raising your hand, and learning to hone your voice and speak up for what you believe in.

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15 of the best foods to get at Aldi this month for under $5

Posted: 02 Feb 2020 07:30 AM PST

February Aldi thumbAldi

  • Each month, Aldi launches a new selection of grocery items.
  • For February, Aldi is launching many great dessert options like cookie melts, keto-friendly ice cream, and gelato.
  • There are also several quick, affordable meal options like breakfast bowls and shrimp-taco kits coming as well. 
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For the month of February, Aldi is stocking its shelves with plenty of delicious items.

Whether you need quick, healthy meals or something indulgent to make for dinner, here are some of the best foods to get at Aldi this month for under $5. 

Specially Selected Shrimp & Crab Ravioli is great for easy, romantic dinners.


Price: $3.99

This seafood ravioli, filled with shrimp and crab, will give any family dinner an upscale feel. It's also a great contender for a surf 'n' turf-style Valentine's Day dinner.

Display these Southern Grove California Mission Figs on a beautiful cheese board.


Price: $1.89

If you love to put together cheeseboards, you'll want to add these California Mission Figs to your next spread. They'll pair well with creamy cheeses and some crunchy nuts.

Add a burst of flavor to your dinners with Park Street Deli Simmer Sauce.


Price: $3.49

These versatile, flavorful simmer sauces will take any meal up a notch. There are three available flavors: white poblano chile, mushroom medley, and tomato-artichoke caper. 

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