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Sunday, February 16, 2020

Business News, Updates

Business News, Updates

ISIS is bigger now than when it first formed, and Trump's conflict with Iran could give it a boost

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 10:26 AM PST

ISIS fightery: Universal History Archive/Universal Images Group via Getty Images

Tensions between the US and Iran could benefit ISIS amid growing signs the terror group still poses a significant threat in the Middle East despite the death of its leader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and the loss of its self-declared caliphate. 

In the past, President Donald Trump has prematurely declared ISIS was defeated, which in December led him to be publicly called out to his face by French President Emmanuel Macron.

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For military personnel, 'mere membership' in a neo-Nazi group 'is not prohibited,' say military officials

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 10:25 AM PST

Members of the neo-Nazi National Socialist MovementMel Evans/ AP Photo

  • US military officials testified before a House Armed Services subcommittee hearing Tuesday, where they told legislators that personnel will not be discharged from the military for membership in a white-supremacist group.
  • "Mere membership in the organization is not prohibited," said Robert Grabosky, deputy director of the Air Force Office of Special Investigations. "Active participation," on the other hand, could result in administrative action.
  • A 2019 Military Times poll found that more than one-third of soldiers have seen examples of white supremacy in the military.
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United States military officials testified before Congress on Tuesday, telling legislators that personnel will not be discharged from the US military for claiming membership in a neo-Nazi group. 

The House Armed Services subcommittee on military personnel hearing — which featured scholars, experts, and Pentagon officials — comes on the heels of a broad uptick in white-supremacist violence that government officials are looking to curb.

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Veterinarians reveal 9 signs your pet could be overweight

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 10:20 AM PST

overweight corgiShutterstock

  • There are certain subtle signs that a pet is overweight. 
  • If your pet's back is perfectly flat it could be a sign they are obese. 
  • A dirty, messy coat can be a sign that your pet has gained too much weight to be able to properly groom themselves. 
  • If your pet sits down at every opportunity or is walking differently, they could be overweight. 
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Chubby pets may look cute, but that extra squishiness can sometimes lead to long-term health problems and even life-threatening medical conditions.

For starters, overweight pets are at risk of joint and back problems, inflammation, and dangerous heart and lung dysfunction.

Unfortunately, it can sometimes be tough to figure out if your own pet could stand to lose some weight. 

And so, Insider consulted with registered veterinarians to round up some signs your pet could be overweight.

Keep in mind that although this information can be useful, if you're ever unsure of your pet's health or want to change up their diet you should always schedule a real-life consultation with an expert. 

If your pet's collar keeps getting tighter, they could be overweight.


Dr. Rebecca Greenstein, chief veterinarian at Kleinburg Veterinary Hospital and veterinary medical advisor for Rover, told Insider that a too-tight collar can be one of the first signs of a weight problem. 

"In the winter months, when we all get a little lazy and start packing on pounds, you may notice that your pet's collar or body harness is getting a little snug. Instead of just sizing up, this should lead pet parents to make weight loss a priority," said Greenstein. 

One sneaky sign of obesity in pets is a matted or messy coat.


Shelly Zacharias, clinical veterinarian and vice president of medical affairs at Gallant, told Insider that a chubby pet may not be flexible enough to properly groom themselves. 

"If your pet is overweight, they may not be able to reach all the areas they need in order to groom themselves. Even dogs do this. You will notice a hair coat that appears more oily than usual, and has flakes or mats," said Zacharias. 

Overweight pets often have most trouble grooming the areas around the tail and lower back area. If your pet is looking unusually mangy, it might be time to check their weight. 


If your pet is often constipated or gassy, they may be overweight and/or following a poor diet.


Unsurprisingly, a poor diet and a few extra pounds can lead to trouble digesting food. 

"Being overweight, having decreased activity, or having excess abdominal fat can slow down the normal movement of the gastrointestinal tract. This, in turn, can cause constipation or increased flatulence. An unhealthy diet with too much fat and not enough fiber can also cause these issues," said Zacharias. 

It can be easy to incorporate more fiber into your pet's diet, but you may want to consult with a vet first. 


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Interior designers reveal 12 things they'd buy at Dollar Tree this month

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 10:20 AM PST

dollar tree ringDollar Tree

  • Insider asked interior designers to share what they'd buy at Dollar Tree this month. 
  • They recommended using Dollar Tree's stemless candle holders to add a simple, yet elegant touch to a table setting.
  • The budget-friendly chain's wooden toys, decorative ring holders, and apothecary jars can also spruce up your space. 
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You can give your home a fresh new look without spending a ton of cash. 

Dollar Tree has plenty of hidden home-decor treasures, and Insider spoke to several interior designers to help narrow down some of the most stylish options. 

Here are some of the best things you can get at Dollar Tree in February.

Keep in mind that these items cost $1 in store but are only sold in bulk online.

Multi-toned river pebbles can pair well with candles or glass jars.

Dollar Tree

River rocks make great decorations, according to Jeneva Aaron, interior designer and founder of The HouseWire.

Fortunately, Dollar Tree's river pebbles have versatile earthy tones, and come in 32-ounce packages that cost just a buck. These can be used as fillers for glass jars with candles or flowers in them. 

"You can always collect rocks while you walk along the beach or through the park with your kids, but it's a lot easier and cleaner to buy them for a buck at the dollar store," she told Insider. 

Dollar Tree's wooden toys would make a great addition to a midcentury- or Scandinavian-style home.

Dollar Tree

You probably wouldn't expect to find Scandinavian-style accents in the toy section at Dollar Tree, but John Linden, lead designer at MirrorCoop of Los Angeles, California, said you certainly can. 

There are four different wooden toy designs available: helicopters, fighter planes, sailboats, and race cars. 

"These cute wooden toys would make a great addition on a midcentury or Scandi-modern sideboard as a subtle, decorative touch," Linden told Insider. 


Mesh pencil holders could finish off an industrial, loft-style space.

Dollar Tree

In the same vein, Dollar Tree's wire mesh pencil holders are a really nice addition to a high-end loft, according to Linden.

He explained that the black, metal mesh and round design are classic, and would make a great addition to an industrial space. 

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How the royal family are moving forward in the aftermath of 'Megxit'

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 10:19 AM PST

meghan harry charles williamGetty Images, AP Images

  • It's back to business as usual for the royal family now that the dust has settled on "Megxit."
  • However, there have been some considerable changes to the way Prince William, Kate Middleton, and other members of the family have been carrying out duties over the past month.
  • William, Middleton, Prince Charles, and Camilla have been dubbed "the new Fab Four" by the British press after embarking on a rare joint engagement this week. 
  • Meanwhile, royal experts predict that Harry and Markle's departure will shine a light on the impactful work Middleton is doing as the "Children's Princess."
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It's been just over a month since the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their departure from the royal family

Now that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are no longer carrying out engagements on behalf of the Queen, the spotlight has fallen on other members of the family. 

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Meet the NYC woman getting paid $5,000 to fix clients' dating apps and 'ghost banter' with their matches

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 10:19 AM PST

Amy Nobile Love Amy online dating consultantHollis Johnson/Business Insider

  • Amy Nobile founded Love, Amy in April 2019 to help people find love on dating apps after meeting who she calls "the love of her life" on Bumble post-divorce.
  • Nobile conducts photoshoots for dating app profiles, holds sexting consultations, and "ghost banters" with clients' matches. 
  • Less than a year in, Nobile has built a full-fledged business from word-of-mouth, transforming a side-hustle into a service that charges clients $5,000 for three months.
  • But Nobile insists she's more "mirror" than matchmaker, helping clients first find love within before finding it in a partner.
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The best way to make someone fall in love with you on a dating app is with a photo featuring a dog — even if that means borrowing your neighbor's tiny Maltese.

On a recent Saturday afternoon in downtown Manhattan, a 30-something, Ivy League-educated consultant did just that, curling up on her couch, cuddling a toy dog as his owners cooed at him encouragingly.

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'Love Island' host Laura Whitmore slammed online trolls and paparazzi 'looking for a cheap sell' in an emotional tribute to her friend Caroline Flack

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 10:13 AM PST

caroline flackJoel C Ryan/AP

  • Caroline Flack's "Love Island" hosting successor, Laura Whitmore, opened her BBC Radio 5 Live show with a tribute to her friend, urging internet trolls and paparazzi to stop abusive behavior.
  • "Your words affect people," Whitmore said in her emotional opening. "To paparazzi and tabloids looking for a cheap sell, to trolls hiding behind a keyboard, enough."
  • Flack died by suicide and was found in her London flat on Saturday. 
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"Love Island" host Laura Whitmore gave a powerful tribute to her predecessor Caroline Flack, who died by suicide and was found in her London flat on Saturday. 

Whitmore specifically admonished the abusive online comments directed at Flack, as well as coverage by tabloids and invasive paparazzi. Flack had been in the midst of court proceedings involving an assault charge leveled against her after widespread allegations of assault against her boyfriend. 

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The Future of Fintech: AI & Blockchain

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 10:01 AM PST

Sweeping global regulations, the growing penetration of digital devices, and a slew of investor interest are catapulting the fintech industry to new highs.

Of the many emerging technologies poised to transform financial services, two of the most promising and mature are artificial intelligence (AI) and blockchain.

74% of banking executives believe AI will transform their industry completely, and 46% of global financial services employees expect blockchain to improve transparency and data management.

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Major tech firms have a 'fundamental responsibility' to protect US elections, Microsoft's president says

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 09:41 AM PST

Brad SmithPedro Fiúza/NurPhoto via Getty Images

  • The tech industry should work harder to defend US voters, campaigns, and the electoral process, Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith said on Saturday, according to CNBC.
  • Tech companies have "fundamental responsibility not just to address but to fight disinformation," Smith said at the Munich Security Conference on Saturday.
  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg made his first appearance at the forum, and called on tech firms to welcome some regulation around election interference.
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Major tech firms have "a fundamental responsibility" to protect the integrity of the upcoming election, Microsoft President and Chief Legal Officer Brad Smith said on Saturday, according to CNBC

Smith called on the tech sector to defend candidates from "attacks and hacking" as the 2020 election looms. The president cited voting polls, results, and the process as key targets for hackers looking to harm the upcoming election.

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THE EVOLUTION OF THE US NEOBANK MARKET: Why the US digital-only banking space may finally be poised for the spotlight (GS, JPM)

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 09:32 AM PST

NeoBank Infographics 3x4Business Insider Intelligence

What is a neobank? Total Funding for Major European and US NeobanksBusiness Insider Intelligence

Neobanks, digital-only banks that aren't saddled by traditional banking technology and costly networks of physical branches, have been working to redefine retail banking in major markets around the world.

Top neobanks in the US & EU

The top neobanks in the US and EU include:

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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How Jameela Jamil went from a radio hosting career to her role on 'The Good Place' and became the subject of online hate and conspiracies

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 09:19 AM PST

jameela jamil dress golden globesJordan Strauss/Invision/AP Images

  • Jameela Jamil is known for her role as Tahani Al-Jamil on "The Good Place," her activism, her I Weigh body neutrality campaign, and most recently, for viral conspiracies about her health.
  • The actress was the first solo female BBC Radio 1 presenter and worked for Premier Model Management Limited before moving to LA and auditioning for "The Good Place" after a breast cancer scare.
  • Jamil is currently the subject of viral sleuthing about whether she's lied about various illnesses, accidents, and her work history – though her boyfriend, singer James Blake, came to her defense.
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Actress Jameela Jamil was a media darling in the immediate years following her breakout role on "The Good Place," as she campaigned for body neutrality and against eating disorder culture, starting the I Weigh campaign and landing the cover of British Vogue (the edition edited by Meghan Markle, no less).

But more recently she's been the target of viral hate and conspiracies. Once Jamil was announced as a lead judge on the upcoming ballroom and voguing competition series "Legendary," critics said the then-presumed straight actress with no ties to queer ball culture was a choice that reeked of LGBTQ appropriation.

Then, Jamil clarified in a poorly received statement on Twitter that she is queer. Shortly afterward, an unofficial investigation conducted by writer and producer Tracie Egan Morrissey into whether Jamil has Munchausen syndrome and has lied repeatedly about her work and medical history went viral. 

Jamil and her boyfriend, the singer James Blake, have both defended her past claims, but inconsistencies still remain, according to Morrissey's Instagram highlight about Jamil. Here's how the actress went from her early media career in the UK to her current status at the center of a conspiracy theory.

Jamil grew up in London and struggled with an eating disorder as a teenager.


Her father is Indian and her mother is Pakistani. Jamil also has one brother. Growing up, she says she developed anorexia as a teenager, and struggled with it from the ages of 14 to 17.

She described her parents as "incredibly fat-phobic" in recent interviews and has a contentious relationship with them. Her mother is a former model, and Jamil told the Sunday Times that "jutting hip bones were seen as a sign of peak brilliance both at home and at school."

After high school, Jamil got into modeling by working with one of the top modeling agencies in the UK.

David M. Benett/Dave Benett / Getty Images for Sunglass Hut

At Queen's College, an independent school for girls in London, Jamil says she was involved in a car accident at age 17 and lost mobility. She used a Zimmer frame to walk and has cited the recovery period as when her relationship to her body started to change.

Despite being "shy and bookish" at school, her accident led to her curtailing her educational pursuits. Instead, Jamil told the Independent in 2013, she worked for Premier Model Management as a model scout, and that the "scout" was dropped from her title over time. 

Jamil was then able to start booking gigs as a presenter on UK television.

Rachel Luna/Getty Images

While teaching English to foreign students in London, Jamil was plucked from obscurity to start presenting on British television. She appeared on the E4 show "Music Zone" in 2008 and in 2009 began hosting on the now-defunct T4 channel, replacing model Alexa Chung.

Jamil started to attend London Fashion Week and became recognizable for what the Independent described as "flamboyant" fashion.

In 2010, an archived profile of Jamil's style from Sky described her as an ex-model who was "carving out her own niche in feminine grunge glam outfits."

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Over 1,100 former Justice Department officials call for William Barr's resignation after his handling of Roger Stone's sentencing

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 09:14 AM PST

FILE - In this Oct. 28, 2019, file photo, President Donald Trump shakes hands with Attorney General William Barr before Trump signed an executive order creating a commission to study law enforcement and justice at the International Association of Chiefs of Police Convention in Chicago. Attorney General William Barr took a public swipe Thursday at President Donald Trump, saying that the president’s tweets about Justice Department prosecutors and cases “make it impossible for me to do my job.”  Barr made the comment during an interview with ABC News just days after the Justice Department overruled its own prosecutors. they had initially recommended in a court filing that President Donald Trump’s longtime ally and confidant Roger Stone be sentenced to 7 to 9 years in prison. But the next day, the Justice Department took the extraordinary step of lowering the amount of prison time it would seek for Stone.  (AP Photo/Charles Rex Arbogast, File)Associated Press

  • More than 1,100 former Justice Department officials signed on to a letter Sunday that called for the resignation of Attorney General William Barr.
  • Barr has faced criticism over the handling of sentencing recommendations for Roger Stone, the longtime Republican adviser and Trump ally, who was convicted last year on seven counts related to his involvement in the Mueller investigation. 
  • Prosecutors had initially recommended a seven-to-nine year sentence, though the DOJ would later call the recommendations "excessive" not long after angry tweets from President Trump. 
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Over 1,100 former officials at the US Department of Justice have called on US Attorney General William Barr to resign over the DOJ's handling of Roger Stone's sentencing, arguing he acted politically while intervening to reduce Roger Stone's sentencing recommendation. 

The letter, signed by former DOJ personnel who worked under Republican and Democrat presidents, was published through Medium on Sunday. The statement was organized through Project Democracy,  a watchdog organization founded in 2017 by former White House and DOJ officials that aims to monitor abuses of power in government, and is part of its goal to protect law enforcement agencies from political interference. 

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A 21-year-old Canadian woman in Wuhan says she won't evacuate because she can't abandon her cat. Here's what her life is like under lockdown.

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 09:14 AM PST

Wuhan quarantine kristina 2Kristina Shramko

Kristina Shramko hasn't been outside in a full week.

The last time she left her loft in Wuhan, China, officers in the supermarket across the street checked her temperature before she entered the store to buy groceries. She wore a mask — a requirement in Wuhan as of late January — and officers patrolled the store to make sure patrons complied, Shramko said. 

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YouTuber Adam Saleh tells us why he loves the Yemeni dish lamb haneeth

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 09:02 AM PST

  • We visited Yemen Cafe in Brooklyn, New York, with YouTuber Adam Saleh to see how the traditional dish lamb haneeth is made.
  • Lamb haneeth is slow-cooked and takes five hours to make. When ready, the strands of meat are supple and almost fall off the bone.
  • The dish is served with rice or Yemeni bread called malawah and is usually shared in a family-style manner.
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Following is a transcript of the video.

Medha Imam: It's falling right off the bone!

Adam Saleh: Yeah, it's really soft.

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People reveal 12 things they didn't learn until embarrassingly late in life — and the answers will make you cringe

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 09:00 AM PST

mount rushmoreJ. Pat Hodges/Shutterstock

  • Reddit users shared hilarious stories of facts they learned way too late in life.
  • One person mistakenly thought cheese grew on trees ... until they were "12 or 13."
  • Someone else was in their 20s when they found out the Sistine Chapel wasn't called the "16th Chapel."
  • Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.

We hope the old saying that you're "never too old to learn" is true, because if these Reddit users' stories are any indication, some things manage to slip through the cracks, no matter how smart you are — or how old.

From believing that cheese grew on bushes to misunderstanding how speed bumps function, here are 12 of the most hilarious facts Reddit users only learned at an embarrassingly late age ... and though Insider can't independently verify any of these tales, they do make for some wild reading.

"I thought ponies were baby horses."


Reddit user cal-gal's mistaken belief that ponies were baby horses is a common one, but as user stegasp clarified: "Ponies are small breeds of horses. Baby horses are called foals."

"My sister believed Mount Rushmore was a naturally occurring rock formation."

J. Pat Hodges/Shutterstock

"This may seem too ridiculous to be true, but I assure you, it is...

Until she was in her mid-20s, my sister believed Mount Rushmore was a naturally occurring rock formation. Until somewhere in her teen years, she thought earlier Americans had used Mount Rushmore to select presidents, and was very concerned we had 'used up all the good ones.'" — Reddit user whimbrel.

For the curious, Mount Rushmore is a giant granite sculpture in South Dakota, designed by a man named Gutzon Borglum — read up on more facts about Mount Rushmore here.

"I didn't know narwhals were real until sophomore year of college."


Some people erroneously believe that narwhals are not real — but they are! Reddit user 1pptouch, who wrote the confession above, went on to explain: "I knew what they were, but I thought that they were like a mermaid or a sphinx."

See the rest of the story at Business Insider

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I tasted all of the pancake dishes at IHOP and ranked them from worst to best

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 08:45 AM PST

paigeat ihopPaige Bennett for Insider

  • I visited two different IHOP locations to taste all of the chain's current pancake dishes and I ranked them from least to most delicious.
  • I tried 12 varieties and spent around $90 on a mix of half-stack and full-stack orders.
  • I was surprised that double-blueberry pancakes were my least favorite, but I felt they simply had too many berries and it was odd to me that they were cold.
  • The chain's limited-edition churro pancakes were my favorite — they tasted like the center of a gooey cinnamon roll, and were topped with crunchy, fried churro bits. 
  • Visit Insider's homepage for more stories.

Although it offers plenty of tasty menu items, like omelets, crepes, and burgers, IHOP's claim to fame is its iconic pancakes.

The diner chain offers so many varieties of stacks that it can sometimes feel overwhelming as you're trying to decide what to order.

To help narrow down the options, I visited IHOP and tried all of its current pancake menu items, ranking them from my least favorite to my most favorite.

I visited two IHOPs and found a total of 12 pancake varieties to try.

Paige Bennett for Insider

For this taste test, I went to two different IHOP locations — one in Encino, California, and the other in Glendale, California. Across both menus, I found 12 different pancakes to try. 

When ordering for this taste test, I did not specify stack size at either location, and was surprised to find that the Encino location gave me full-stacks (four pancakes), and the Glendale location gave me half-stacks (two pancakes) as a default.

Because of this, the prices listed may vary, and it's important to note that stack size was not factored into my final ranking. 

The six half-stacks and six full-stacks (with one of these being labeled a short stack) cost me roughly $90. 

Keep scrolling to see how the 12 dishes fared.


Double-blueberry pancakes —$4.19, half-stack

Paige Bennett for Insider

The double-blueberry pancakes arrived to my table in gorgeous form — it looked a lot like a blueberry pie, one of my favorite desserts.

Each berry was beautifully suspended in gelatinous liquid, and there was a heavy helping of perfectly swirled whipped cream on top. 

However, once I took a bite of these, I understood how the topping remained in such great shape. The blueberries were served cold, so they quickly cooled down the pancakes and kept everything from melting.

Interestingly, though, there didn't seem to be tons of blueberries sprinkled throughout the actual pancake batter, which is how this dish is pictured on IHOP's website. This wasn't a huge problem for me since my biggest gripe here was that there were way too many blueberries in this dish.

Yes, these pancakes are called double blueberry, but I think the amount of blueberries could have been reduced by at least half, if not more.

Harvest Grain 'N Nut Pancakes —$4.15, half-stack

Paige Bennett for Insider

Upon reading the menu description, the Harvest Grain 'N Nut Pancakes sounded right up my alley. The batter was filled with three things I love: oats, almonds, and walnuts.

Unfortunately, after just one bite I was thrown off by the strange texture of these pancakes.

I knew there'd be some crunch, but that crunchiness embedded into the fluffy pancakes just didn't work very well, in my opinion.

The stack had a nice flavor, but I found the pancakes to be quite dry. I topped them with one of the fruit syrups from the table caddy (I went with boysenberry) and they tasted much better, but I just couldn't get past the odd texture. 

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These are the 5 biggest bombshells from The New York Times' report on Trump's money and Deutsche Bank

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 08:36 AM PST

President Donald Trump listens to a question during a meeting with Ecuadorian President Lenin Moreno in the Oval Office of the White House, Wednesday, Feb. 12, 2020, in Washington. (AP Photo/Evan Vucci)Associated Press

  • A new report from The New York Times' David Enrich highlights dubious dealmaking and questionable partnerships between President Donald Trump and Deutsche Bank.
  • While numerous banks viewed Trump's past bankruptcies as a sign to steer clear of the real estate mogul, Deutsche Bank used him and his businesses to rapidly ascend the financial sector.
  • The Times report details how Deutsche Bank gave Trump special treatment over several years, and how the millionaire leveraged the partnership to secure unorthodox credit lines. 
  • Here are the five biggest bombshells from the report, from Trump flying bankers in his private jet to the bank holding years of hidden tax returns.
  • Visit the Business Insider homepage for more stories.

President Donald Trump's relationship with Deutsche Bank has fallen under public and regulatory scrutiny since his first months in office, and a new report from The New York Times offers new insights into the unorthodox partnership.

Times reporter David Enrich, who spent the last two years interviewing Deutsche Bank executives about the firm's relationship with Trump, gleaning a mix of revealing anecdotes and riveting details, revealed how some employees viewed Trump as a boon for the growing company, while others look back on their business with the real estate mogul with "a mixture of anger and regret."

For Trump, Deutsche Bank fueled numerous risky loans and allowed him to continue expanding his business empire after a number of major bankruptcies. The Times' report details how working with Trump helped establish Deutsche Bank as a maverick among financial institutions, willing to do business with people other banks wouldn't touch.

Here are the five biggest bombshells from the early February report, from Trump's cozying up with bank staff to a questionable method for obtaining new loans.

Trump's tax returns

Evan Vucci/AP

Democrats have been on the hunt for Trump's tax returns for years, as the documents would answer numerous questions about Trump's financial situation, alleged tax fraud, and hush-money payments made during the 2016 presidential campaign. The president has swiftly fought to keep his returns hidden through litigation and charged public statements.

As a main lender for Trump's multimillion-dollar real estate projects, Deutsche Bank enjoyed special access to the president's returns as they weighed the risk of opening a line of credit. Executives at the firm told Enrich that Deutsche Bank either has or has had portions of Trump's personal tax returns going as far back as 2011, revealing where new information on the president's finances could turn up.

In 2018, House representatives subpoenaed Deutsche Bank for Trump's returns after Democrats took back the chamber. The Trump family responded by suing the bank, aiming to block the documents' release. Two federal courts have since ruled against Trump, and the Supreme Court is set to hear arguments for the case in the spring. The subsequent ruling could set a new precedent for financial privacy and lead Deutsche Bank to reveal more about its secretive dealings with Trump and his businesses.

Same bank, different teams

Sean Gallup/Getty Images

Trump's relationship with Deutsche Bank soured in the aftermath of the financial crisis. The business giant sued the firm to avoid paying back a $334 million loan for his Chicago skyscraper. Deutsche Bank sued back, claiming Trump still owed the $40 million he promised to pay in 2005. The debacle was settled in 2010, and the bank agreed to give Trump two years to pay the $40 million sum. 

The spat led the bank to avoid further business with Trump, but their separation didn't last long. The real estate mogul was struggling to find a new bank to finance his projects, and in his desperation to secure new credit, Trump got away with an extremely risky deal. During a 2011 meeting with a highly successful member of Deutsche Bank's new private banking division, Trump asked for a new loan. He wanted to pay off one of his Deutsche Bank loans with new credit from a separate division, according to The Times.

Even after pushback from the bank's executives, the firm's lawyers approved the deal and Trump discovered a new door into the bank's lending services. He later used Deutsche Bank's private banking division to finance his purchase of the Doral Resort & Spa, as well as his failed bid for the Buffalo Bills football team. The partnership ended in the run-up to the 2016 election, but the conflict within Deutsche Bank reveals its appetite for risk when working with Trump.


Mike Segar/Reuters

Trump made sure to reward the bankers lending him hundreds of millions of dollars. After the German firm sold more than $400 million worth of junk bonds to fund Trump Hotels & Resorts, Trump "repaid the Deutsche Bank team with a weekend trip to his Mar-­a-­Lago resort." 

When teams fell out of favor with Trump over lawsuits, unpaid loans, or heightened risks, the businessman turned to a new desk at Deutsche Bank for funding. After the junk bond sale, Trump looked to the firm's commercial real estate division to finance his Chicago tower. He reportedly flew the bankers, who included the son of Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, in the same Boeing jet that he used to send the other team to Florida. Trump then invited the bankers to Trump Tower, showered them in praise, and noted that Ivanka would lead the Chicago project, according to The Times. The deal went through.

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'Sonic the Hedgehog' has the biggest opening weekend ever for a video game movie with $57 million

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 08:25 AM PST

Sonic the Hedgehog (movie)Paramount/Sega

  • Paramount's "Sonic the Hedgehog" won the domestic box office with an estimated $57 million ($68 million over by Monday).
  • The movie performed higher than the studio's projection of $40 million.
  • $57 million is the biggest opening ever for a video game movie, besting the $54.3 million opening by "Pokémon Detective Pikachu."
  • Best picture Oscar-winner "Parasite" took in $5.5 million over the weekend, after Neon expanded it to 2,000 screens. Its biggest weekend to date.
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Paramount finally has a box office winner, and it's thanks to a video game character and Jim Carrey wearing a silly mustache.

Following duds like "Gemini Man," "Terminator: Dark Fate," and most recently "The Rhythm Section," the studio is atop the domestic box office this Presidents' Day weekend with "Sonic the Hedgehog."

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Pete Buttigieg said he's 'not going to take lectures on family values from the likes of Rush Limbaugh,' after the conservative personality made comments about his sexuality

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 08:09 AM PST

pete buttigiegReuters/Brian C. Frank

  • Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg responded to conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh's comments about his sexuality bashing his campaign.
  • Speaking on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday morning, Buttigieg said he isn't going to take "lectures on family values" from Limbaugh.
  • The controversial radio host, who has been married four times and divorced three, described the first openly gay candidate in a major presidential campaign as "a gay guy, 37 years old, loves kissing his husband on debate stages."
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Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg brushed off comments by conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh that took aim at the former mayor's sexuality and relationship with his husband.

Speaking on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday morning, Buttigieg said he isn't going to take "lectures on family values" from Limbaugh, who previously described the candidate as "a gay guy, 37 years old, loves kissing his husband on debate stages."

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There are 5 types of grief that don't involve death — here's how to know if you're suffering from any of them

Posted: 16 Feb 2020 07:46 AM PST

woman sad mirrorConstantinis / Getty

  • Grief doesn't just hit us when we experience a death.
  • There are actually five kinds of grief that don't involve death at all.
  • They are estrangement, financial or worldly losses, illness or injury, relinquishment, and institutional losses.
  • Bereavement specialist Terri Daniel explained what they all mean and how they can impact us mentally.
  • Changes in sleep or diet, a feeling of powerlessness, and even physical symptoms can all be signs you are suffering with grief.
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Cold, stormy weather during winter can easily negatively impact anyone's mood. So much so, the dark and grey months can actually make us feel like we are grieving, even if we haven't lost anyone.

Bereavement specialist Terri Daniel, author of "Grief and God: When Religion Does More Harm Than Healing," told Insider there are actually five types of grief that don't involve death at all, and they can come into sharper focus when we're already feeling seasonal glumness.

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