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Thursday, January 23, 2020

World News Updates, World News, Current Affairs, Daily Current Affairs, World News Updates

World News Updates, World News, Current Affairs, Daily Current Affairs, World News Updates

Coronavirus outbreak: China seals off SECOND major city - 18m people on lockdown

Posted: 23 Jan 2020 12:58 AM PST

CHINESE authorities have put a second city on lockdown to prevent the spread of coronavirus, which has killed 17 people and infected 600.

Australia fires: Horror as three US crew die in plane crash while fighting wildfires

Posted: 22 Jan 2020 08:07 PM PST

THREE Americans on board a water bomber have died after their plane crashed in Australia while fighting wildfires.

Macron LOSES it with Israel police as he’s blocked from entering church ‘know the rules!’

Posted: 22 Jan 2020 10:26 PM PST

EMMANUEL MACRON stunned onlookers when he erupted into a rage at Israeli policemen during a visit to Jerusalem, ordering them to leave the building he was in.

Doomsday Clock: Boris Johnson’s ‘letter of last resort' exposed ahead of announcement 

Posted: 22 Jan 2020 10:53 PM PST

BORIS JOHNSON has written a "letter of last resort" in the event the Doomsday Clock strikes midnight today and nuclear war is imminent.

‘She’s a TIMEBOMB’ Chinese woman hides Coronavirus to enter France - and brags online

Posted: 22 Jan 2020 10:21 PM PST

A CHINESE woman who knew she was infected with the deadly coronavirus has disguised her symptoms by deliberately taking antipyretics and successfully boarded a plane to France, she then bragged about her actions online in photographs with friends she met on arrival, according to Chinese media sources.

Von der Leyen says EU needs credible army to ‘be more assertive in world’

Posted: 23 Jan 2020 02:05 AM PST

EUROPE needs a fully-equipped EU army so it can be "more assertive in the world" according to Ursula von der Leyen.

India-Pakistan crisis: Imran Khan warns of imminent conflict as fears of World War 3 surge

Posted: 23 Jan 2020 02:15 AM PST

IMRAN KHAN has warned of "imminent conflict" between India and Pakistan over the long-disputed territory of Kashmir as the Prime Minister of Pakistan warned Prime Minister Narendra Modi is "heading in the wrong direction".

Australia fires latest: Are there still fires burning in Australia?

Posted: 23 Jan 2020 01:38 AM PST

AUSTRALIA is reeling as devastating bushfires ravage the nation, claiming the lives of people, animals and vegetation. So are the fires still burning?

Coronavirus China lockdown: Panic as terrifying footage emerges from 'sealed-off' Wuhan

Posted: 23 Jan 2020 01:07 AM PST

TERRIFYING footage from inside Wuhan has showed panic spreading throughout the city of 11 million, after it was put under extraordinary lockdown by the Chinese government.

Spain weather latest: Brutal storm lashes Spanish coast with 90mph gales - nine dead

Posted: 23 Jan 2020 12:19 AM PST

SPAIN has witnessed winds of up to 90mph and towering waves as Storm Gloria wreaked havoc on the country.