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Saturday, January 11, 2020

World News Updates, World News, Current Affairs, Daily Current Affairs, World News Updates

World News Updates, World News, Current Affairs, Daily Current Affairs, World News Updates

Michelle and Barack Obama advising 'friends' Harry and Meghan on life outside Royal Family

Posted: 10 Jan 2020 06:44 PM PST

MICHELLE and Barack Obama have been advising Prince Harry and Megan Markle on their new life outside the Royal Family, insiders have claimed

Real reason Putin showed support for Iran in wake of Soleimani’s death revealed

Posted: 10 Jan 2020 04:09 PM PST

RUSSIAN officials dubbed US President Donald Trump's assassination of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani "illegal" last week in an apparent show of support for Iran – but Russian President Vladimir Putin may have had some alternative reasons for supporting the Middle Eastern country according to an Iranian expert, speaking in in an interview on Thursday.

President’s early morning call with PM warning 'likelihood of World War 3' exposed

Posted: 10 Jan 2020 10:00 PM PST

WORLD WAR 3 was on the brink and US President John F. Kennedy was more than just concerned, according to notes from a secret Cabinet meeting seen by, where he warned of "learning lessons from Hitler" and to "persist by securing with force".

Tempest Fighter Jet: UK know-how will deliver ‘critical national endeavour’ says expert

Posted: 11 Jan 2020 01:00 AM PST

THE Tempest Fighter Jet is a "critical national endeavour" which will have to be delivered on a "unprecedented" timescale - but one which is achievable as a result of British know-how, an industry expert heavily involved in the project has said.

Iran crisis: Tehran ‘set to attack four US embassies’ before Soleimani killing, says Trump

Posted: 11 Jan 2020 01:18 AM PST

IRAN was plotting attacks on four US embassies, including the one in Baghdad, prior to the air strike which killed military commander Major General Qassem Soleimani, US President Donald Trump has claimed.

Middle East peace at risk over Ukrainian airliner disaster warns ex-British ambassador

Posted: 10 Jan 2020 09:11 PM PST

FORMER British ambassador to Iran Sir Richard Dalton has said he believes the shooting down of a Ukrainian airliner won't result in a total breakdown of relations between Iran and the west.

Iran admits it ‘unintentionally’ shot down Ukrainian airliner in deadly blunder

Posted: 10 Jan 2020 09:18 PM PST

IRAN military officials have via a statement read out on state TV admitted to "unintentionally" shooting down a Ukrainian International Airlines plane after it took off from Imam Khomeini Airpot.

ISIS welcomes Soleimani assassination and claims it will help terror gang return

Posted: 10 Jan 2020 08:09 PM PST

ISIS HAS welcomed the US killing of Iranian general Qasem Soleimani as an act of "divine intervention" that will allow the terror gang to regroup.

Stunning truth about Melania Trump revealed by childhood friends from Slovenia

Posted: 10 Jan 2020 07:19 PM PST

MELANIA TRUMP was born in Novo Mesto in what is now Slovenia in 1970, moving to the US in 1996.

EU's only foreign policy in tatters as bloc refuses to support US in Iran crisis

Posted: 11 Jan 2020 01:01 AM PST

THE European Union sees its role in the Iran nuclear deal as a matter of great prestige – but now the bloc is watching helplessly as its one and only foreign policy victory hurtles towards oblivion.