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Monday, January 13, 2020

Latest World News, World News, Current Affairs, Daily Current Affairs

Latest World News, World News, Current Affairs, Daily Current Affairs

Tweets For Today

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 10:00 PM PST

Picture Of The Day

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 09:23 PM PST

Premier of Alberta Jason Kenney, Prime Minister of Canada Justin Trudeau and David H Turpin, President of the University of Alberta, attend a memorial service at the University of Alberta for the crash victims in Edmonton, Canada January 12, 2020. REUTERS/Candace Elliott

WNU Editor: The above picture came from this photo-gallery .... Ukrainian airliner crash victims mourned (Reuters).

China Should Never Have Stolen This Russian Jet Design

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 09:19 PM PST

National Interest: China Paid a Big Price For Stealing a Russian Fighter Jet Design

Beijing is paying the price.

Key Point: Russia loves pointing out the flaws in the Chinese J-15, which is a knock-off of their Su-33

Though Russia and China are now friends, even holding joint exercises, Russia's Sputnik News recently trotted out an article titled "Chinese Navy Short on Carrier-Based Fighters, Only Has Problem-Ridden J-15."

The J-15 is an unlicensed copy of Russia's Su-33 carrier jet, which is a 1980s derivative of the Su-27K land-based fighter. China had acquired a T-10K-3, an Su-33 prototype, from Ukraine and then reverse-engineered it.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: It is never easy to reverse engineer sophisticated tech.

New India-China Military Hotline To Become Operational

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 08:57 PM PST

Economic Times: New India-China military hotline to become operational between DGMO and Western Theatre Command

India and China have also looked at setting up more hotlines between their armies. During the visit of the Chinese Defence Minister General Wei Fenghe to India in August 2018, a year after the Doklam standoff, he had suggested to the then Defence Minister Sitharaman on establishing two to three more military hotlines with India such as at the local command level.

NEW DELHI: A new military hotline between India and China which has been pending for a long time will soon become operational, Army Chief General Manoj Mukund Naravane said on Saturday. He explained that the proposal for the hotline has been accepted by both sides after all procedural issues were resolved.

Naravane shared the development during his first press conference after taking over as the Army Chief. "As far as the hotline between India and China is concerned, proposals have been in the pipeline for a long time," he said.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: This is long overdue.

The Russian Navy Has The Monopoly On Supercavitating Torpedoes

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 08:52 PM PST

Media: Wikipedia

National Interest: Russia's 200 Knot 'Supercavitating' Torpedoes Leave America Speechless

Key point: At the moment Russia has a monopoly on supercavitating missiles.

Imagine the sudden revelation of a weapon that can suddenly go six times faster than its predecessors. The shock of such a breakthrough system would turn an entire field of warfare on its head, as potential adversaries scrambled to deploy countermeasures to a new weapon they are defenseless against. While a lull in great power competition delayed the impact of this new technology, the so-called "supercavitating torpedo" may be about to take the world by storm.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: A torpedo moving at 200 knots?!?!?!?

The US Navy Was Eager To Get Back Its Secret Device From A Croatian Fisherman

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 08:19 PM PST

The mystery object was handed over to the crew of the US Naval Service's Oceanographic survey ship USNS Bruce C. Heezen. H I Sutton (Author)

Forbes: Mystery Underwater Device Lost By U.S. Navy

A Croatian fishing vessel netted more than it bargained for when it pulled part of a U.S. underwater system out of the Adriatic on Jan. 6. The Marian II was trawling at depths of 460 feet when the snared the mystery object. The device, weighing about 220 pounds, was hauled up onto deck. The crew, and local media could only speculate as to what it was.

The object consisted of a square orange buoy with an anchor underneath. There appears to be a Teledyne Model R12K Acoustic Transponding Release in one of two vertical tubes. This would be used for launching another more valuable instrument. The yellow tubular object appears to be a Kongsberg cNODE transponder which can act as a sophisticated beacon.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: It must have been important. The US Navy moved very quickly to get it back, and probably paid a good amount of money to get it back.

US Navy Admits It Still Has Additional Video Of The 2004 USS Nimitz ‘Tic Tac’ UFO Encounter That Has Not Been Released To the Public

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 07:40 PM PST

The classified video is likely the full version of the leaked 76-second clip (above) which circulated online from 2007, and was confirmed as authentic in 2017

Daily Mail: Navy admits it has secret unreleased video from infamous USS Nimitz encounters with mysterious 'Tic Tac' UFO in 2004

* ONI revealed the existence of the video in a response to a FOIA request
* The classified video relates to the 2004 USS Nimitz 'Tic Tac' UFO encounters
* A confirmed clip of gun-pod video of the flying object previously leaked online
* The classified video is likely the full unreleased version of that leaked video
* ONI also says it has Top Secret briefing slides related to the encounters

The U.S. Navy's Office of Naval Intelligence has revealed the existence of a classified, unreleased video relating to the USS Nimitz carrier group's 2004 encounters with a 'Tic Tac'-shaped UFO.

The existence of the video was revealed in a response to a Freedom of Information Act request made by researcher Christian Lambright, and published by Lambright's friend Paul Dean on Wednesday.

The video is likely the full version of a leaked 76-second video clip that the Defense Department admitted in 2017 was authentic Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) gun-pod camera footage of the object shot by an F-18 Super Hornet pilot over the Pacific.

However, the possibility remains that a separate video exists of the object, which at least six Super Hornet pilots made visual or instrument contact with on November 14, 2004.

Read more ....

More News On The US Navy Admitting It Still Has Additional Video Of The 2004 USS Nimitz 'Tic Tac' UFO Encounter That Has Not Been Released To the Public

Navy admits it still has never before released video of infamous USS Nimitz 'Tic Tac' UFO encounter -- The SUN
The Navy Has Secret Classified Video of an Infamous UFO Incident -- VICE
US Military Admits It Has Secret Footage of UFO Incident -- Futurism
Navy Pilot Who Filmed the 'Tic Tac' UFO Speaks: 'It Wasn't Behaving by the Normal Laws of Physics' -- NYMag

Russsian President Putin: A Full-Scale War In The Middle East Would Be A 'Catastrophe For The Whole World'

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 07:03 PM PST

Bloomberg: Putin Warns Full-Scale War in Mideast Would Be 'Catastrophe'

(Bloomberg) -- Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that a full-scale war in the broader Middle East would be a global "catastrophe" and said he hopes it won't happen.

"War is already going on there -- it is low-intensity, but this is war," Putin said at a news conference in Moscow after talks with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday. "People get killed. It's a fact."

Putin was responding to a question about U.S.-Iranian tensions after the targeted killing of a Iranian general Qassem Soleimani in Iraq and the downing of a Ukrainian passenger jet near Tehran by a missile that Iran said was fired in error.

"We would like to avoid major military actions," Putin said. "If this happens, it will be a catastrophe not only for the Middle East region but for the whole world."

He said reducing tension in the region was among the topics he and Merkel discussed.

Read more ....

Update: Russian President Vladimir Putin warns a full-scale war in the Middle East would be a 'catastrophe for the whole world' (Daily Mail)

WNU Editor: The entire region has been engulfed in war for years. It is hard to see how it can get worse.

Is The Iranian Regime Fragile?

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 06:00 PM PST

Iranians shop in the Tajrish Bazaar in Tehran in November 2019. Photo: Atta Kenare / AFP

David Goldman, Asia Times: How fragile is Iran's regime?

US sanctions are creating extreme economic conditions; birthrate dropping precipitously

Smartphone videos of anti-regime protests in Tehran circulated in global news media this weekend, after the Iranian government admitted it shot down a Ukrainian civilian airliner. The latest demonstrations followed a national wave of protests last November in which up to 1,500 demonstrators were killed. Hard information about the origins and extent of the anti-regime protests is difficult to find. But there is a good deal of evidence of extreme dissatisfaction with the regime due to economic stress.

Iran's average monthly after-tax wage was US$318.53, according to the website Numbeo, which tallies thousands of user inputs to arrive at wage and price data.

Using Numbeo's prices I constructed a monthly survival budget in US dollar equivalents:

Read more ....

WNU Editor: A sobering read on how difficult life is in today's Iran.

The U.S. And Iranian General Soleimani Worked together To Defeat ISIS

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 05:43 PM PST

Major General Qassem Soleimani

Philip Kowalski, OZY: Soleimani and the United States Worked Together to Beat ISIS

Before Gen. Qassem Soleimani was killed by a drone strike outside Baghdad's international airport in the early hours last Friday, he was hardly a household name in the United States. The White House — which had ordered the killing — immediately set about framing the assassination along the same lines as the death of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi a few months previously, or that of Osama bin Laden in 2011. America had just defeated one of its greatest enemies, officials said.

But that Soleimani, the commander of Iran's Quds Force — the country's elite external military wing — was a relatively unknown figure among the American public not only attests to his skill as an officer of clandestine warfare, but also the extremely complicated relationship he had with the United States. Just a few years earlier, Soleimani had been an indispensable figure in the fight against the Taliban and ISIS.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: The war against ISIS did bring about some unique alliances.

US President Trump 's Tweet In Farsi 'The Most Liked Persian Tweet' In History Of Twitter

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 05:37 PM PST

Washington Examiner: Trump tweet in Farsi 'the most liked Persian tweet' in history of Twitter

President Trump's tweet in Farsi expressing his support for Iranians protesting Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei has already earned over 200,000 likes, making it the "most liked Persian tweet" in the social media giant's history, according to a leading think tank adviser.

On Saturday, protesters in the country called upon Khamenei to step down after Iran admitted to shooting down a commercial airliner on which dozens of Iranian citizens were traveling. That evening, the president sent out a tweet in Farsi, saying that he stands with their efforts.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: On the other side ....

Another Day Of Protests In Iran Over Downed Plane

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 05:27 PM PST

BBC: Iran plane downing: Second day of protests turns up heat on leaders

Iran's leaders have faced a second day of protests following their admission the military shot down a Ukrainian passenger plane, killing all 176 people on board, many of them Iranians.

Protesters in Tehran and in several other cities chanted slogans against the leadership.

Clashes with security forces and the firing of tear gas are reported.

Iran admitted "unintentionally" hitting the plane after initially denying it, amid rising tensions with the US.

The plane, en route to the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, was shot down near Tehran last Wednesday, shortly after Iran had launched missiles at two airbases housing US forces in Iraq.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: Here is an easy prediction. These protests are not going to end anytime soon.

More News On The Unrest In Iran

Anger after Iran admits downing plane: All the latest updates -- Al Jazeera
Thousands of Iranian protesters hit streets condemning leaders over downed plane -- CNN
Protests erupt again in Iran after admission of plane strike -- Reuters
Iranian Turmoil Grows as Angry Protesters Criticize Regime Over Ukrainian Jet Crash -- CBN
Tensions High As Iranians Continue Protests Over Downing Of Ukrainian Jet -- RFE

Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah Says Payback For US Strike That Killed Qassem Soleimani Has Begun

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 04:41 PM PST

Daily Mail: Hezbollah leader warns the US will 'discover in blood how unsafe the world has become' as he cites The Washington Post's criticism of Trump

* Secretary-general Hassan Nasrallah called Trump 'the biggest liar in US history'
* The last known images of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani before he was killed in a US drone strike show him hugging and praying with Nasrallah in Beirut
* Nasrallah said Sunday: 'America built ISIS to destroy our countries, our cultures'
* Nasrallah added: 'The American leadership said in days after Soleimani's death the world was a safer place. They will discover in blood that they were wrong'
* The comments were Nasrallah's second since Soleimani's death on January 3

Hezbollah leader Hassan Nasrallah labelled America 'the Great Satan' in a speech Sunday, as he vowed revenge for Qassem Soleimani's death and cited The Washington Post's criticism of Donald Trump.

The Lebanese secretary-general called the president 'the biggest liar in America's history' a week after saying all US bases, all warships and every single soldier in the region is now a target.

The last known images of Iranian general Qassem Soleimani before he was blown up in a US drone strike show him hugging and praying with Nasrallah in Beirut.

And Nasrallah said Sunday: 'America, the Great Satan, is responsible for Israel and all its crimes against the Palestinian people'

Read more ....

WNU Editor: I for one would not be surprised if Hezbollah leader Nasrallah is on a kill list .... Iran said to warn Hezbollah chief he could be next in US crosshairs (Times of Israel).

More News On Hezbollah Leader Nasrallah's Threats Against The U.S.

Hezbollah says payback for US strike has just begun -- AP
Hezbollah: It's time for Iran's allies to start working to avenge Soleimani -- Reuters
Hassan Nasrallah: Attacks on Iraqi bases just the start -- Al Jazeera
Hezbollah's Nasrallah threatens US troops, vows retaliation against Israel -- Times of Israel

Four Iraqi Air Force Servicemen Injured As 8 Rockets Hit Base Housing US Troops

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 04:08 PM PST

Ballistic missile debris is seen after Iran's Revolutionary Guard targeted Ain al-Asad airbase in Iraq last week [Anadolu Agency]

Al Jazeera: Rockets hit Iraq military base hosting US troops

Airbase north of Baghdad targeted with rocket barrage, wounding four Iraqi soldiers, as US-Iran tensions simmer.

Rockets slammed into an Iraqi airbase north of Baghdad on Sunday where US troops have been based, wounding at least four Iraqi troops. No immediate information about American casualties was reported.

At least six rockets struck the Al Balad base, which hosts American trainers, advisers and a company that provides maintenance services for F-16 aircraft. Some projectiles fell on a restaurant inside the airbase, officials said.

The attack came just days after Iran fired ballistic missiles at two bases in Iraq that house US forces, causing no casualties.

Read more ....

More News On Iraq Military Base Hosting US Troops Being Hit With 8 Rockets

Four wounded in attack on Iraqi military base that houses U.S. forces -- Reuters
7 bombs struck an Iraqi joint military base housing US soldiers, wounding 4 -- Business Insider
Rockets hit Iraq air base housing US troops -- DW
Four Iraqi Air Force servicemen injured as 8 rockets hit base housing US troops – Iraqi PM's office -- RT
Mortar bombs hit Iraq base hosting US troops: Military sources -- Middle East Eye
US condemns latest missile attack on major Iraqi airbase where American troops are stationed -- SCMP/AFP

Protesting Students Of Beheshti University In Iran Refuse To Walk On The American And Israeli Flag

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 03:57 PM PST

WNU Editor: This generation is the future of Iran.

U.S. Defense Secretary Esper: Didn’t See Specific Evidence Iran Planned To Attack 4 Embassies

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 03:11 PM PST

CBS: Esper says he "didn't see" specific evidence showing Iranian threat to 4 U.S. embassies

Washington — Secretary of Defense Mark Esper said he "didn't see" specific evidence that top Iranian military commander Qassem Soleimani was planning attacks on four U.S. embassies, but said he believed such attacks would have occurred.

"The president didn't cite a specific piece of evidence. What he said was he believed," Esper said Sunday on "Face the Nation." "I didn't see one, with regard to four embassies. What I'm saying is that I shared the president's view that probably — my expectation was they were going to go after our embassies. The embassies are the most prominent display of American presence in a country."

Read more ....

WNU Editor: The media focus is on Secretary of Defense Mark Esper's remarks that he was not aware of any planned attacks on four US embassies. No big deal there. He was not in the loop and/or this was just an intelligence assessment. What I found more interesting as this .... Esper: Gang of 8 'did not think' further intelligence on Iranian threat should be shared with Congress (The Hill). That must ne some incredible intel if the 'Gang of 8" do not want to share with the public.

More News On U.S. Defense Secretary Esper's Remarks That He Didn't See Specific Evidence Iran Planned To Attack 4 Embassies

Pentagon chief says no specific evidence Iran was plotting to attack four U.S. embassies -- Reuters
Esper says he's seen no hard evidence embassies under threat -- AP
Esper says he never saw evidence of threat against four US embassies -- Military Times
Esper contradicts Trump claim Iran planned attacks on four US embassies -- The Guardian
Esper Says He Didn't See Specific Evidence Iran Planned to Attack 4 Embassies -- The New York Times
Defense Secretary Esper said he 'didn't see' evidence of an Iranian plot to attack four embassies -- The Washington Post
Esper Says Bigger Iran Attacks Were 'Days Away,' Offers No Proof -- Bloomberg

A False Nuclear Emergency Alert In Canada Panics Millions

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 02:53 PM PST

An emergency alert sent to cellphones through the provincial emergency reporting system around 7:30 a.m. on Jan. 12, 2020, was a "human error" sent during a routine training exercise, Ontario's solicitor general said.

Daily Mail: False alarm! Nuclear warning alert issued in Ontario over 'incident' at power station that caused 'terror' across the province was 'sent in error'

* Social media users on Sunday were sent into panic mode after they were notified of an 'incident' at a nuclear power plant near Toronto
* Pickering, a town on the bank of Lake Ontario, is a suburb which lies 25 miles northeast of Toronto
* Pickering Nuclear Generating Station is home to eight nuclear reactors - two of which have been shut down
* Ontario province sent out alert to local residents saying that there was 'no abnormal release of radioactivity from the station'
* A state-owned electric company then sent out another message saying the earlier alert was a false alarm
* Pickering, one of the largest nuclear generating stations in the world, produces 14 per cent of electricity for Ontario's 14.57 million residents

Millions of Canadians in the country's most populated province were briefly panicked on Sunday morning after an alert reporting an unspecified 'incident' at one of its largest nuclear plants was sent in error.

The initial message said the incident had occurred at the Pickering Nuclear Generating Station, though it added there had been no abnormal release of radioactivity from the station.

Ontario Power Generation later sent a message saying the alert 'was sent in error. There is no danger to the public or environment.'

The reaction on social media to Sunday's false alarm was fierce, with Twitter users blaming the authorities for inducing panic.

Read more ....

WNU Editor: The GF lives in Kingston and she got the alert this morning. My phones are from the Montreal area code and I did not. We were not amused.

More News On A False Nuclear Emergency Alert In Canada That Panics In Millions

What Ontario can learn from Hawaii's false report of an imminent catastrophe -- CTV News
False alert about Pickering nuclear plant caused widespread alarm, but some residents 'not worried' -- CBC News
Province apologizes for Pickering nuclear plant false alarm, says cellphone alert was 'human error' during training -- Toronto Star
Canadian Province Retracts Warning of Nuclear Power Incident -- US News and World Report/AP
Canada province says sorry after training mistake sparks false nuclear alert -- Reuters
Canadians got an emergency alert about a nuclear power plant incident. It was sent in error, the plant says -- CNN
Pickering nuclear station 'incident' that triggered mass emergency alert in Canada was sent in error -- FOX News

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- January 12, 2020

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 07:00 AM PST

General Qasem Soleimani

Frederick Kempe, CNBC: 3 reasons slain General Soleimani is irreplaceable loss for Iranian regime

* One must travel to the Middle East to better sense the earthquake set off by the US drone strike that killed Iran's legendary General Qasem Soleimani a week ago.
* In this glittering Emirati capital, only some 200 miles from Iranian border, no one doubts that aftershocks are coming.
* The only question is of what nature and magnitude.

ABU DHABI – One must travel to the Middle East to better sense the earthquake set off by the US drone strike that killed Iran's legendary General Qasem Soleimani a week ago. In this glittering Emirati capital, only some 200 miles from Iranian border, no one doubts that aftershocks are coming.

The only question is of what nature and magnitude.

After all, this is a place that knows the power of Mideast leaders to build, in the case of their Crown Prince Mohammed bin Zayed al Nahyan and his father. Or to destroy, as Emiratis have witnessed across much of the rest of their neighborhood for all too long. Talk to top officials here, and they feel that those who don't know their region underestimate the enormity of the Soleimani killing.

Read more ....

Commentaries, Analysis, And Editorials -- January 12, 2020

Iran keeps concocting fake news on downed jet -- Stephen Bryen, Asia Times

AP Analysis: New questions rise as Iran says it downed plane -- Jon Gambrell, AP

Iran could see renewed unrest after admitting its military was responsible for downing plane, says expert -- CBC

Iran's handling of plane disaster sparks new challenge to rulers -- Parisa Hafezi and Tuqa Khalid, Reuters

How US-Iran tensions have undermined Iraq's peaceful uprising -- Zahra Ali, Middle East Eye

Iraqis fear emergence of new battlefront between US, Iranian forces -- Sam Bradpiece And Lucile Wassermann, France

Are U.S. military leaders prepared to withdraw from Iraq? -- PBS

Eight Reasons the U.S. and Iraq Need Each Other -- David Pollock, Washington Institute

Claim That Trump Lacks a Strategy Rings False -- Conrad Black, New York Sun

A new era for Oman nears under Sultan Haitham bin Tariq Al Said -- Leah Carter, DW

Oman's new Sultan faces diplomatic, economic challenges -- Timour Azhari, Al Jazeera

Oman power transfer 'hastened' by Soleimani killing -- Alison Tahmizian Meuse, Asia Times

Entangled US-China-Taiwan relations likely just got more complicated after President Tsai Ing-wen's big re-election victory -- Sarah Zheng, SCMP

Five Challenges for the European Union -- Joergen Oerstroem Moeller, National Interest

Democrats conflicted over how to limit Trump's war powers -- Alexander Bolton, The Hill

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have their own wealth. But how will they earn money? -- ABC News Online

World News Briefs -- January 12, 2020

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 06:00 AM PST

China's Vice Premier Liu with US President Donald Trump in 2019 is expected at the White House again for the signing of a 'phase one' trade deal between the two economic powers

Daily Mail: US and China are set to sign historic trade deal THIS WEEK in major victory for Trump following a bitter two-year standoff between Washington and Beijing

* President Donald Trump is set to sign a trade deal with China on Wednesday
* The deal will be a partial success for Trump's administration
* Vice Premier Liu He will be in Washington from Mondayuntil Wednesday
* The full details of the deal will be made public on Wednesday
* White House said in deal Beijing will buy an additional $200billion in American products over a two-year period compared to 2017
* In return, the Trump administration has called off new tariffs on Chinese-made goods like electronics and cell phones
* He also cut in half the tariffs imposed on September 1 on $120billion in products

President Donald Trump is set to sign a trade deal with China on Wednesday that he will trumpet as a major victory, but it comes at a steep cost after a bitter two-year standoff between the world's two top economic powers.

Though the details of the new deal have not been revealed, the White House has stipulated that Beijing will buy an additional $200billion in American products over a two-year period compared to 2017, including $50billion in agricultural goods.

In return, the Trump administration has called off new tariffs on Chinese-made goods like electronics and cell phones that were due to take effect last month, and cut in half those imposed on September 1 on $120billion in products.

Read more ....


Iran faces protests, international blowback after shooting down airliner.

Iran braces for protests after admitting plane shootdown.

Iran plane crash: Missile struck underneath cockpit - Ukraine.

Top Iran Guard briefs parliament over downed jet after protest.

Trump tweets message of support to Iranian protesters in Farsi: 'Your courage is inspiring'.

Trump warns Iran against 'another massacre of peaceful protesters'.

Iraq PM tells Kurdish leaders he does not seek hostility with US.

At least 17 killed in Syrian army bombing of rebel-held Idlib - witnesses.

Tension brews in Syria's Aleppo between rebels, army.

Hundreds protest in Lebanon as crisis deepens.

US to expel a dozen Saudi trainees after base attack probe: media.

World leaders pay tribute to Oman's leader.


Taiwan election: Tsai Ing-wen wins second presidential term.

Taiwan's leader meets with US official after election win.

China says will not change position on Taiwan after landslide election.

Chinese media blame 'dirty tactics' for Tsai's Taiwan poll win.

Australia fires: PM admits mistakes in handling of crisis.

U.S., China agree to semi-annual talks aimed at reforms, resolving disputes.

North Korea snubs Donald Trump's birthday message to Kim Jong Un.

'Go back Modi': India protesters condemn PM's visit to Kolkata.

Bangladesh arrests Sufi Muslim singer after protests.


Forces loyal to Libyan strongman Haftar announce ceasefire. Libyan forces loyal to Haftar announce conditional ceasefire.

Tripoli says Hifter's forces violate truce on its 1st day.

Libya's Sarraj says ceasefire conditional on Haftar 'withdrawal'.

US-trained special forces kill dozens of militants in southern Somalia.

Tunisian parliament rejects proposed government.

Guinea government warns it won't tolerate protest violence.

Gambian exiled ex-president demands return in leaked recording.


Truth about Iran plane crash could not be hidden: Zelenskyy.

French PM 'willing' to temporarily shelve plans to raise age for full pension benefits.

Robert Abela is Malta's next prime minister in landslide victory.

Angela Merkel and Vladmir Putin push ahead with pipeline.

Minsk accords remain sole basis for peace solution in Ukraine - Putin .

'Cautious optimism': Northern Ireland's government restored after 3-year deadlock. Northern Ireland breaks years of deadlock with new leaders.

Twelve people die after migrant boat sinks off Greek island of Paxos.

Harry and Meghan: Queen calls senior royals to crisis summit.


Iran must take full responsibility for 'horrific' act, says Trudeau.

Trump accuses 'unhinged' Democrats of 'defending the life' of Iran's Soleimani.

'I'm spending all my money to get rid of Trump': Michael Bloomberg.

Poll: Sanders takes lead in Iowa less than a month before vote.

Puerto Rico: more power outages after magnitude 6.0 earthquake.

Venezuelan opposition leader says talks with Maduro unlikely.

Relatives of massacre victims torn over future in Mexico as most flee.


Photos taken by US Special Operations forces show aftermath of strike that killed Soleimani. REVEALED: Photos taken by US Special Operations show the body of General Qassem Soleimani and his wallet in drone strike wreckage after they tailed him to prove he was dead.

US Special Ops tried -- but failed -- to kill another top Iranian commander on night of Soleimani's death, official says.

ISIS still 'threat to the Kurdistan Region, Iraq, and the whole world:' Peshmerga official.


Next OPEC+ ministerial meeting to be held on March 6 in Vienna .

Facebook's stock hits record high, signaling recovery after extended historic slump.

Boeing says no severance package for ousted CEO.

Daily Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- January 12, 2020

Posted: 12 Jan 2020 05:00 AM PST

The Guardian: How strong is Iran's military?

Country has shaped an 'axis of resistance' with proxy forces and influence in Middle East

There has been a calibrated de-escalation of tensions between the US and Iran, after a drone strike killed General Qassem Suleimani, the second most powerful man in Iran and most influential military commander in the region. Missile strikes on US bases allowed Iran to claim it had responded in kind, without causing any American casualties that could have prompted a further US attack.

But there is little expectation that this will be the end of Iran's response to such a significant loss. The country has spent years honing its assets and expertise in asymmetric warfare, to strike against better armed, better funded opponents.

Read more ....

Daily Military And Intelligence News Briefs -- January 12, 2020

What are Iran's military capabilities? -- Yahoo News

Ex-CIA officer sees Iran doing 'hit-and-run' cyberattacks — 'They don't want us to retaliate' -- CNBC

US troops knew Al-Asad air base would be attacked and sheltered in bunkers, exclusive tour reveals -- CNN

CIA Director Haspel Backed Killing, Predicted Missile Attacks -- Newsmax

Why Donald Trump Can Use the CIA Against Iran Despite Nancy Pelosi's War Powers Vote in House -- Newsweek

Pompeo rebuffs Iraqi leader's demand for US troop withdrawal as critics warn of ISIS resurgence -- USA Today

Are U.S. military leaders prepared to withdraw from Iraq? -- PBS

Here's what might happen if the U.S. were to suddenly quit Iraq -- The Washington Post

This Is How the U.S. Navy Hunts Nuclear-Armed Chinese Submarines -- National Interest/Warrior Maven

Does the US Navy have its robot-warship concept all wrong? -- Defense News

DoD Wants Army, Navy To Join Space Force; May Ask Hill For Help -- Breaking Defense

More Officials Leave Pentagon; Special Ops Office Gets Some Needed Help -- Breaking Defense

Two U.S. Soldiers Killed In Afghanistan After Vehicle Hits Roadside Bomb -- RFE

Green Beret Unit Receives 27 Valor Medals After Afghanistan Deployment --

U.S. Army plans to expand Asian security efforts to counter China -- Reuters

US Army aiming to counter Chinese 'threat' with Indo-Pacific security expansion, top official says -- SCMP

Is the U.S. Navy Going to Fight 'World War I' Against China? -- James Holmes, National Interest

UK Armed forces: 'I left because the job is boring and the pay is terrible' -- BBC

Canadian military wants spy 'role players' to help train special forces on surveillance, counter-surveillance -- National Post

Belgian security services call for stricter 5G protections as Huawei concerns cast shadow over European debate -- SCMP

Russia Orders Military to Watch for U.S. Missile Deployments -- Newsweek

Russia's arms exports total $14-15 bln per year, says Deputy PM Borisov -- TASS

How Will the Chinese Navy Use Its 2 Aircraft Carriers? -- The Diplomat

We Know 5 Things About China's New Aircraft Carrier -- National Interest

Philippines, Japan Discuss Strengthening Indo-Pacific Security -- Radio Free Asia

Indian Navy hits a major milestone with a home-grown experimental jet -- Defense News

WATCH India's indigenous fighter jet Tejas make 1st arrested landing on aircraft carrier INS Vikramaditya -- RT

Egypt army carries out nationwide military drills -- Middle East Monitor

The Merkava Tank Is Why No Army Wants To Mess With Israel -- National Interest

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