Wednesday, May 15, 2019

Top Stories Today

Top Stories Today

Whoa After Whoa: The Best Of Keanu Reeves

Posted: 15 May 2019 07:58 AM PDT

A guide to the greatest actor of his generation who we don't take seriously enough.

The Website Providing Abortion Without Borders

Posted: 05 Oct 2016 04:27 AM PDT

When the laws that govern women fail to protect their health, Women on Web is one of the few places on the internet where those in need can find help.

Guy Helps Sloth Across The Road, Sloth Waves Goodbye To Him

Posted: 15 May 2019 08:26 AM PDT

​People helping sloths cross the road is not a new genre of video. You've probably seen the "I Believe I Can Fly" clip from many years ago. But this one adds a delightful new wrinkle.

A New Way To Manage Your Work! Meet The New Visual Project Management Tool

Posted: 15 May 2019 04:52 AM PDT

It's time to get work done with! A visual project management tool for teams. Plan, organize & track your team's projects in one place

Mohamed Salah's Daughter Shooting A Goal Is The Cutest Thing We've Seen All Year

Posted: 15 May 2019 07:30 AM PDT

FIFA called the heartwarming moment the "goal of the season."

The Trade Secret

Posted: 15 May 2019 07:58 AM PDT

Firms that promised high-tech ransomware solutions almost always just pay the hackers.

The 10 Best TV Shows Ever, According To IMDb Ratings

Posted: 14 May 2019 01:26 PM PDT

The shows that pop up on the list may not be entirely what you expected.

The Unluckiest Pigeon In The World Gets Beamed By A Line Drive

Posted: 15 May 2019 07:30 AM PDT

The crowd at this youth baseball game watched in horror as an unlucky bird accidentally got in the way of a line drive and met its maker.

What Happened With Supermicro?

Posted: 15 May 2019 06:01 AM PDT

Back in October 2018, Bloomberg reported that some motherboards made by Supermicro had malicious components on them that were used to spy or interfere with the operation of the board, and that these motherboards were found on servers used by Amazon and Apple. Now it's time to look at how things shook out.

How I Rediscovered A Near-Extinct Plant No One Has Seen For Decades

Posted: 15 May 2019 07:58 AM PDT

Our rediscovery of this critically endangered species raised a couple of questions. Where had it been hiding for 30 years? And, given the abundance of apparently suitable habitat on the island, why was it restricted to one location?

We Can’t Stop Watching This Attorney General Awkwardly Fling Around Nunchucks

Posted: 15 May 2019 08:26 AM PDT

Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich had a blast swinging around nunchucks after the state repealed their ban — though they're still technically illegal.

The Methane Detectives: On The Trail Of A Global Warming Mystery

Posted: 15 May 2019 04:52 AM PDT

The amount of heat-trapping methane in the atmosphere seemed to be leveling off when, in 2007, it began rising again quickly. Nobody yet knows why.

This Inexplicable Rubik's Cube Magic Trick Has Blown Our Minds

Posted: 14 May 2019 12:28 PM PDT

We've watched this 10 times and we still have nothing even close to an idea of how this works.

Store And Play Your Favorite Nintendo Games On This Retro Device

Posted: 15 May 2019 04:52 AM PDT

Throw it back to simpler times when you were obsessively connected to simpler devices: this New BittBoy Retro Gaming System lets you store a wide variety of games you can play on-the-go through a micro SD card, so you can play your favorite games at any time.

Miley Cyrus, Anthony Mackie And Topher Grace Make Their 'Black Mirror' Debuts In This Trailer For Season 5

Posted: 15 May 2019 05:19 AM PDT

Charlie Brooker's masterfully depressing show returns to Netflix for new, non-"Bandersnatch" episodes on June 5.

Adobe Tells Users They Can Get Sued For Using Old Versions Of Photoshop

Posted: 14 May 2019 02:57 PM PDT

"You are no longer licensed to use the software," Adobe told them.

The Surprisingly Obscure Nintendo Character That Can't Be Found On Google

Posted: 15 May 2019 07:58 AM PDT

A YouTuber tries to solve the mystery of an unsearchable character.

The Story My Male Editors Kept Killing

Posted: 15 May 2019 04:52 AM PDT

While women have made strides in media and publishing, it seems we're still often subject to the whims of men.

Stuff Your 'Rules'

Posted: 15 May 2019 07:58 AM PDT

"The Rules" taught us how to deform ourselves to nab a husband. But what would we do once we had him?

A Completely Insane Merge Turns Into An Equally Insane Face-Off On The Interstate

Posted: 14 May 2019 08:28 AM PDT

Is moving into the other lane worth wrecking your car over? Really?

You Haven't Used A Towel Until You've Used A Turkish Towel

Posted: 15 May 2019 04:52 AM PDT

Tired of towels dominating your linen closet? These towels are super absorbent without the extra bulk.

Jonathan Van Ness And Tiffany Haddish Give A Cheeky Recap Of The Most Recent 'Game Of Thrones'

Posted: 15 May 2019 04:52 AM PDT

Their conversation quickly devolves into the complicated logistics of cleaning your downstairs ahead of a booty call.

Tired Of Tech Hijacking Your Brain CPUs?

Posted: 15 May 2019 04:52 AM PDT

This book will help you find creative ways to attention and unlock your creativity again.

Alabama Lawmakers Vote To Effectively Ban Abortion In The State

Posted: 15 May 2019 04:52 AM PDT

The Alabama Senate approved a measure on Tuesday that would outlaw almost all abortions in the state, setting up a direct challenge to Roe v. Wade, the case that recognized a woman's constitutional right to end a pregnancy.

This Kid's Karate Classmates Cheering Him On Until He Breaks A Board Is The Most Heartwarming Thing You'll Watch This Week

Posted: 14 May 2019 10:51 AM PDT

The board nearly defeated him, but his friends weren't about to let him give up.

Director Stacy Title Is Racing Against ALS To Make Her Final Movie

Posted: 15 May 2019 06:01 AM PDT

The director Stacy Title is paralyzed and cannot speak. But she is determined to make one final movie

Man Who Met An Elderly Woman And Her Son In The Chernobyl Exclusion Zone Returns Bearing Gifts

Posted: 14 May 2019 10:25 AM PDT

He had previously explored the radioactive wasteland of-sorts, looking to meet a few of the individuals who refused to evacuate.

How Upton Sinclair's 1934 Run For Governor Of California Inspired A Cult

Posted: 14 May 2019 05:09 PM PDT

Sinclair couldn't have known that his campaign would give shape to two California cults: one an ingenious fraud, the other a deadly dream.

The Country That Exiled McKinsey

Posted: 14 May 2019 12:46 PM PDT

A dubious project raises serious questions about the world's most prestigious consulting firm and its work for corruption-plagued regimes.

The OnePlus 7 Pro Is Proof That Other Phones Cost Too Much

Posted: 14 May 2019 12:46 PM PDT

With the 7 Pro, OnePlus is declaring that it's no longer just a middle-weight boxer. It wants to challenge Apple and Samsung in the heavyweight class. It has created a phone that has certainly earned a chance to take on the champions — but is also substantially cheaper.

This Japanese Makeup Commercial From 1968 Is Positively Delightful

Posted: 14 May 2019 01:45 PM PDT

An avant-garde advertisement for Shiseido's Pink Pop range featuring the late supermodel and clothing designer Tina Chow.

Meltdown Redux: Intel Flaw Lets Hackers Siphon Secrets From Millions Of PCs

Posted: 15 May 2019 04:52 AM PDT

Researchers have uncovered yet another flaw in the deepest guts of Intel's microscopic hardware. This time, it can allow attackers to eavesdrop on virtually every bit of raw data that a victim's processor touches.

Window Washers' Basket Swings Out Of Control And It Looks Like A Nightmare

Posted: 15 May 2019 07:58 AM PDT

Luckily, firefighters were able to secure the basket and rescue the workers at the top of Oklahoma City's Devon Tower.

Love And Heartbreak In The Squared Circle

Posted: 14 May 2019 05:09 PM PDT

Is it possible for love to thrive in a sport where fact and fiction are basically inseparable?

City Life Damages Mental Health In Ways We're Just Starting To Understand

Posted: 14 May 2019 05:09 PM PDT

Some of the burden on city dwellers' mental health can be traced to social problems such as loneliness and the stress of living cheek-by-jowl with thousands or even millions of other people. But there's something about the physical nature of cities that also seems to put a strain on the emotional wellbeing of their inhabitants.

Why The Catherine Wheel Was One Of The Most Brutal Torture Devices Ever

Posted: 14 May 2019 08:08 AM PDT

You think "Game of Thrones" was bad? Psh, it's got nothing on real-life history.

San Francisco Bans City Use Of Facial Recognition Surveillance Technology

Posted: 14 May 2019 05:09 PM PDT

"This is really about saying we can have security without being a security state. We can have good policing without being a police state."

This Video Puts Into Perspective How Terrifyingly Huge Megalodon Were

Posted: 14 May 2019 11:51 AM PDT

If you're in the market for nightmares, have we got the video for you.

Generation X: Where Are You Now?

Posted: 14 May 2019 09:26 AM PDT

Turns out we did sell out, invent all things woke and millennial and cause everything else that's great and awful. Enjoy — and sorry!

NASA's Voyager And Pioneer Probes Launched Decades Ago And Are Still Out There. Here's Where They'll End Up

Posted: 14 May 2019 04:07 PM PDT

Scientists have shown which stars these craft will pass by millions of years after the vehicles stop working.

HBO Is Coming Out With A 'Game Of Thrones' Documentary. Here's The Trailer

Posted: 14 May 2019 01:45 PM PDT

Whatever your thoughts may be about the final season, it's still fascinating to see how the most expensive show on television comes together.

Elizabeth Warren Has A Plan To Fight The Opioid Crisis. Why Don't Other Democrats?

Posted: 14 May 2019 04:07 PM PDT

The 2020 hopeful connected the dots between drug addiction and corporate greed, and "Trump country" took notice.

Why Are People Modding Thomas The Tank Engine Into Video Games?

Posted: 14 May 2019 04:07 PM PDT

It's one of the modding community's odder recent crazes. But how did an '80s kids classic become an underground obsession?

Toddler Tears Up The Dance Floor Into Itty Bitty Pieces Until There Is Nothing Left

Posted: 14 May 2019 12:40 PM PDT

Something tells us he didn't get these moves from the Wiggles.

Here Are Three Picks To Make Your Trail Running Less (Or More) Extreme

Posted: 14 May 2019 02:38 PM PDT

Here's a hydration bladder, trail running shoes and shirt to prepare you for the trail (just add shorts).

Those Bored Of Traditional Clocks Have A Flipping Cool Option

Posted: 14 May 2019 02:44 PM PDT

This flip clock from Cloudnola is somehow both analog and digital at the same time.

People Who Use Weighted Blankets Are About To Be Far Less Sweaty This Summer

Posted: 14 May 2019 03:02 PM PDT

Hush Iced is a weighted blanket with a cool-to-the-touch cover for hot weather.