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Something New

Something New

Amazon Fire TV devices are up to $50 off for Prime members

Posted: 15 May 2019 07:59 AM PDT


Amazon Prime members get perks every day with two-day shipping, access to Prime Video and Music, and more. Outside of those consistent benefits, Prime members also get to take advantage of special deals and discounts.

If you like watching TV but don’t like paying for cable, you’ve got to jump on the Fire TV train. And if you’re an Amazon Prime member, you can save up to $50 on Fire TV devices right now.

The Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube turn your TV into a smart device and basically eliminate the need for a cable package. They bring you streaming services like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, Showtime, and Prime Video and give you voice commands to check the weather, listen to the news, control smart home accessories, and more. Read more...

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The Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 is on sale for $30 off

Posted: 15 May 2019 07:48 AM PDT


With the Jonas Brothers, Tyler the Creator,  Lana Del Rey, and more all set to release music this summer (plus the BTS and Halsey song that will never die) you're gonna want (need) a speaker that can be brought with you everywhere.

Ultimate Ears is the brand to buy when it comes to durability and portability, immediately recognizable by the sleek cylindrical shape that offers 360-degree sound. You were probably already considering buying one, so here's your sign: The Ultimate Ears Megaboom 3 is on sale for $30 off at Amazon, making it just $169.99. With Prime shipping. Oh yeah.

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This AirPods deal is so good, they keep selling out

Posted: 15 May 2019 07:41 AM PDT


It’s impossible not to come across at least ten people with a pair of AirPods stuffed into their ears on a daily basis (or maybe you’ve spotted a few laying on the train tracks during your morning commute). Their popularity has skyrocketed, and they’ve basically become the most coveted Bluetooth headphones in today’s technological zeitgeist. And that isn’t for no reason — users swear by their convenience, sound quality, and style (they also come with the benefit of carrying the Apple name). 

You can save $20 on a pair of your own Apple AirPods over on Amazon right now — the deal is so good that they keep selling out and restocking on a consistent basis.  Read more...

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'Game of Thrones' was never a game: Why that shocking twist makes total sense

Posted: 15 May 2019 07:00 AM PDT


War is a hell that reveals darkness in our hearts. Hate plus power makes a heady cocktail that turns people into monsters. Atrocities are committed by hotheads convinced of their own righteousness, and someone somewhere is always shocked that their child could have participated in a massacre. 

None of this is news to anyone with a passing interest in human history, but it is apparently something we all need to keep re-learning, over and over. The latest lesson has arrived in the form of Game of Thrones Season 8 episode 5, "The Bells." Or, if we're going to name it Friends-style, The One Where It Becomes Clear This Was Never A Game.  Read more...

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Get up to 20% off electronics and office products from AmazonBasics UK

Posted: 15 May 2019 06:43 AM PDT


When it comes to deals, it's the gaming consoles, TVs, smartphones, and laptops that naturally take centre stage. Those are the rock stars of the tech world, and demand attention when discounted. It's not always the flashy stuff that you actually need the most though. Sometimes you need to invest in the basics.

AmazonBasics offers everyday items like audio cables, batteries, and HDMI cables to support your devices, as well as essentials for the home like kitchen utensils and bed sheets. Basically, all the stuff you kind of forget about, but couldn't do without.

You can now save up to 20 percent on electronics and office products from AmazonBasics, with extension cables, carrying cases, headsets, USB cables, protective covers, and much more available at reduced rates. The store has everything you need, all in one place. Read more...

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The Findster Duo+ GPS pet tracker is now available for just £111.99 with zero monthly fees

Posted: 15 May 2019 06:42 AM PDT


Furry friends are special. So special in fact that a lot of you are kind of obsessed, and it shows. Don't think we don't notice the massive stack of photos on your instagram profile, with love hearts of every colour underneath each snap of your kitty or pooch. We see it, and we support it.

Your obsession might not be totally healthy, but it's too late to go back now. You might as well take it to the next step, and invest in a GPS pet tracker, so you can keep tabs on your precious little baby in real-time.

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Save £160 on the Oral-B SmartSeries 6500 CrossAction electric toothbrush with travel case

Posted: 15 May 2019 06:42 AM PDT


We could talk to you about how the Oral-B SmartSeries 6500 electric toothbrush is the world’s first of its kind with Bluetooth connectivity. We could also tell you how it has five cleaning modes, and provides real time brushing guidance with pressure sensors that light up if you brush too hard. We could tell you all this, but that would be missing the point. 

All of the above is true, but what's more important than all that is the price. This smart device is usually listed at £229.99, but is available for just £64.99 until midnight on May 15. That is a frankly staggering discount of £165. You don't regularly see a 72 percent reduction in list price, so you need to make your move when you do. Read more...

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Apple iPhones, MacBooks, Samsung 4K TVs, Braun beard trimmers, and more on sale for May 15 in the UK

Posted: 15 May 2019 06:42 AM PDT


Summer is on its way, and that means you need to get your garden in order. Don't panic just yet though, because we can help.

We have tracked down the best deals on garden furniture, with heavily discounted tables, chairs, benches, and lounge sets. If the idea of venturing outside sounds unpleasant, then we have also lined up the best 4K TV deals, so you can stay safely inside.

Elsewhere in this deals round-up, you can find discounted Apple iPhones, MacBooks, Sony speakers, Braun shavers, and much more.

These are the best deals from across the internet for May 15.

Best of the best

Take your pick from this selection of the very best deals, including electric toothbrushes, shavers, speakers, smartphones, and laptops. Read more...

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How to watch SpaceX's Starlink satellite launch

Posted: 15 May 2019 06:41 AM PDT


SpaceX will launch 60 Starlink satellites into orbit on Wednesday, the first step in the company's plan to build a global satellite internet network. 

SpaceX's Falcon 9 rocket, launching from Space Launch Complex 40 (SLC40) at Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida, will carry the satellites. 

The first launch window is from a 10:30 p.m. ET Wednesday until 12:00 a.m. Thursday. Failing that, a second launch window opens at 10:30 p.m. ET Thursday and closes at 12:00 a.m. ET Friday. 

The livestream of the mission will start about 15 minutes before liftoff, and you can watch it below.  Read more...

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Boosted Rev is a powerful e-scooter you won't want to share

Posted: 15 May 2019 06:00 AM PDT


Boosted is known for its electric skateboards and longboards, but now the California-based company is getting into scooters.

The company's first electric scooter, the Boosted Rev, is built to get you where you're going even if you don't have a car. With a 22-mile range on a single charge, enough power to take on 25 percent-grade hills, and a top speed of 24 mph, it feels more like a vehicle than a toy or gadget. It can fold up if you take the train and then scoot home from the station, making it perfect for just about any situation. 

It's a hefty scooter at 46 pounds with wide tires, especially compared with the two-wheelers from scooter-sharing companies Bird and Lime. Read more...

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HP's new gaming laptop has 2 screens

Posted: 15 May 2019 05:46 AM PDT


HP's newest gaming laptop embeds a mini LED touch screen above the keyboard so you can view other applications while you play your favorite games.

The Omen X 2S is the world's first dual-screen gaming laptop, according to HP. The device's main screen comes in at 15 inches, but in the event you'd like to chat over Twitch or access Spotify while you game, you can easily do so with the help of the 6-inch screen below.

Image: hp

HP designed the product to appeal to gamers, particularly in China, who often use their smartphones to chat with friends, listen to music, or watch videos while they game over a PC. Read more...

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'Black Mirror' drops super creepy Season 5 trailer

Posted: 15 May 2019 04:02 AM PDT


It's here, peopleBlack Mirror has burst back onto the scene with a suitably creepy trailer for its fifth Season.

Featuring appearances from the likes of Miley Cyrus and Anthony Mackie, the 90-second video includes plenty of familiar Black Mirror tropes: smartphones aplenty, creepy little robots, and basically a whole lot of people looking generally miserable and disturbed with how their lives have turned out.

We can't wait!

Black Mirror Season 5 drops on Netflix June 5. Read more...

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Fire TV Cube, eufy Security eufyCam E, iPad, Avengers: Endgame power gauntlet, and more for May 15

Posted: 15 May 2019 03:47 AM PDT


Always wanted to set up a home security camera system? Lucky for you, Amazon is offering this eufy Security eufyCam E wireless home security 2-camera system for $269.99 (listed at $399.99) with EUFY88AP code.

Equipped with 1080p IP65 weatherproof-rated cameras, that can run for 365 days per charge. And no monthly fees for using, as these cameras support up to 128GB mircoSD card. An optional cloud storage service is also available.

As this is compatible with Amazon Alexa, you can simply live stream eufyCam E footage via Echo Show or Echo Spot devices. Allowing you to check what's happening around the house without taking your phone out your pocket. Read more...

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$348.01 OFF (35%) $998

Https%3a%2f%2fblueprint api 1c9f 4f51 a390 e3dbc14d6c70
$50 OFF (22%) $229.99 Prime

Stephen Colbert burns Donald Trump with a fiery 'Game of Thrones' reference

Posted: 15 May 2019 03:47 AM PDT


Stephen Colbert's latest monologue is — you guessed it — all about Trump's ongoing trade war/"squabble" with China.

But before he broke it all down, he got in a quick Game of Thrones-themed dig.

"Yes, it was a must-see television event," Colbert says, mimicking a recent Trump speech in which the president spoke about November 2016. "Everybody tuned in to see me ride my dragon and burn Washington to the ground."

Colbert's referring, of course, to the events in last Sunday's Game of Thrones episode.

"I'm telling you, I don't know why people complained," he continues. "The writers had been hinting all season that that's how we were gonna wrap up democracy." Read more...

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How 'Game of Thrones' became the worst possible version of itself in Season 8

Posted: 15 May 2019 03:00 AM PDT


The penultimate episode of Game of Thrones gave us plenty of conclusions to years-long character arcs, but left one much larger question in their stead: What was the point? Like, of any of this.

Let's be clear. The problem is not that the show concluded with the destruction of King's Landing by one of its major heroes. Those who've been paying attention always knew this would end as a story about how people fail, and not about how heroes win or lose.

But in its clumsy execution of catastrophic proportions, Game of Thrones set fire to its own sense of purpose along with the capital, leaving behind nothing but the taste of ash in our mouths. Read more...

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'Game of Moans': These are the pop culture sex toy lines you didn't know you needed

Posted: 15 May 2019 03:00 AM PDT


May is National Masturbation Month, and we're celebrating with Feeling Yourself, a series exploring the finer points of self-pleasure.

If you love obsessing over your favorite movies, television shows, or mythical creatures whenever you get a chance, we've got good news: Now you can geek out in the bedroom, too.

From dildos inspired by Marvel characters to vibrators that look like your go-to sexting emoji, there are a whole bunch of sex toys that will not only help you take your masturbation game to the next level, but also let you celebrate your favorite fandom in the process.

Here are 8 lines of sex toys sure to delight any pop culture buff.  Read more...

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Don't get too excited about 'The Simpsons' predicting 'Game of Thrones' Episode 5

Posted: 15 May 2019 02:29 AM PDT


Warning: Contains spoilers for Game of Thrones Season 8, episode five.

The Simpsons has, undeniably, predicted a whole bunch of real-world eventsWhen it comes to politics in particular, America's favourite animated family seems to have a habit of hitting the nail on the head.

But not all predictions are as impressive as they first seem.

Back in 2016, a tweet claiming that The Simpsons predicted Trump's presidency went viral — but the date on one of the images was later shown to be wrong, while another had been taken totally out of context. Read more...

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Channel Marie Kondo at the grocery store with these bags that are on sale

Posted: 15 May 2019 02:00 AM PDT


As chic as it is to use those netted bags made popular by influencers everywhere, they're more suitable for Instagram-worthy trips to the farmer's market than your monthly trip to Costco.

When you're actually in a supermarket, bagging your groceries is more akin to IRL Tetris as you try to fit all your goods into a few eco-friendly bags. 

Designed to make shopping and bagging a breeze, the Club Cart Lotus Trolley Bags let you organize and pack your groceries like it's no big deal. Plus, you can pick up a three-pack today and save 25%.

Image: lotus trolley bag

Boasting an innovative design with built-in egg and wine holders, these bags allow you to pack your purchases in an organized fashion and in a fraction of the time. They feature removable Velcro handles that let you hang the bags on the back of shopping carts or over your shoulder while transporting them from your cart to your car. Read more...

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Name your own price for this massive online coding class with 120 hours of content

Posted: 15 May 2019 02:00 AM PDT


Itching for a career change? While you may have thought you missed the train on coding jobs, that's not the case. Developers are as in demand as ever before, doing everything from building back-end databases from scratch to touching up interactive graphics on websites and apps for virtually any business that's serious about competing in today's tech-driven economy.

One great place to start: the Legendary Learn to Code Bundle, a massive online learning collection that features more than 120 hours of online training dedicated to coding. It's normally worth $2346.99 altogether, but for a limited time, you can pay whatever price you want for the content. Read more...

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Trump may sign an order that effectively bans Huawei in the U.S.

Posted: 15 May 2019 01:02 AM PDT


The U.S. government is already prohibited from using Huawei's telecommunications equipment. Soon, the same might be true for U.S. companies. 

According to a Reuters report Wednesday, president Donald Trump is expected to sign an executive order that would bar U.S. companies from using telecommunications equipment made by companies which pose a national security risk. This would pave the way for an effective ban for companies on doing business with Huawei, and potentially other Chinese companies such as ZTE. 

The report, which cites three unnamed U.S. officials familiar with the matter, says the order has been under consideration for more than a year, but has been delayed several times — and it may get delayed again.  Read more...

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Lego's 'Stranger Things' set can be literally flipped over to The Upside Down

Posted: 14 May 2019 11:00 PM PDT


Stranger Things is returning soon, which means brands are rolling out things to throw your money at.

Such as Lego, which has launched a set featuring the Byers' house, where the real world sits up top while The Upside Down lurks below.

The detail is great, as you'll notice from the Christmas light communication system which resides at the back of the house. Yes, it even lights up.

The back of the Lego Stranger Things: The Upside Down set.

The back of the Lego Stranger Things: The Upside Down set.

Image: LEGO

Will Byers' bedroom is even faithfully replicated, where you'll spot his boombox, bed, desk, desk lamp, drawings and movie posters all in place.  Read more...

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Mystery dick symbols spotted in parks using Google Earth

Posted: 14 May 2019 10:27 PM PDT


Everyone loves a good Google Earth easter egg, especially when they're dick-shaped.

First spotted by Reddit user u/adrianmtb and reported by publisher Broadsheet, a collection of phallic symbols have appeared on three parks in the northeast of Melbourne, Australia.

Three penis-shaped glyphs were flagged as visible at T W Blake Park in the suburb of Preston. We checked, they're thereBroadsheet clocked the biggest of the three at 122 metres (133 yards) long.




News outlets have compared the glyphs to Peru's renowned (and also mysterious) Nazca Lines, a perplexing ancient collection of geoglyphs — zig-zagging straight lines, geometric figures, and renderings of animal and plants — which can only be really viewed properly from above. Read more...

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Facebook rolls out 'one strike' policy for live-streaming following New Zealand attack

Posted: 14 May 2019 09:39 PM PDT


After much speculation, Facebook has imposed restrictions on live-streaming following the New Zealand attacks in March.

Announced on Tuesday, the company will implement a "one strike" policy which will restrict anyone who violates the social network's community standards from using Facebook Live.

Users who violate the network's most serious policies will be prohibited from using Live for a certain period of time, which will begin from their first offence. One example of an offence is a user who "shares a link to a statement from a terrorist group with no context." 

Guy Rosen, Facebook’s vice president of integrity, said in the blog post that the company's goal was "to minimize risk of abuse on Live while enabling people to use Live in a positive way every day." Read more...

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Uber offers ‘Quiet Mode’ for riders who don't want to talk to their drivers

Posted: 14 May 2019 05:33 PM PDT


"Quiet preferred." That's one way to tell your Uber driver to STFU, politely.

Quiet mode is one of the new preferences available beginning Tuesday evening across the U.S. for premium Uber rides, which means only Uber Black or Uber Black SUV rides. This is the first time the option has been available on the Uber app.

Now when you order a black car (that means professional drivers and luxury vehicles, so no Priuses) you have a list of preferences you can select.

Riders have been clamoring for a "quiet mode" for when you don't want to chat. So in the app you can now say you have no preference, quiet preferred, or happy to chat as your preferred conversation level. There's also temperature preferences and a request for luggage help. Read more...

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Twitter joins the fight against anti-vaccine misinformation

Posted: 14 May 2019 04:40 PM PDT


Twitter has become the latest social media company to address misinformation about vaccines on its platform. 

The company announced that it will redirect users to a "credible public health resource" when they search for specific terms associated with vaccines. 

"At Twitter, we understand the importance of vaccines in preventing illness and disease and recognize the role that Twitter plays in disseminating important public health information," Twitter's VP of Trust and Safety, Del Harvey wrote in a blog post. "We think it's important to help people find reliable information that enhances their health and well-being." Read more...

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Here's why San Francisco's vote to ban facial-recognition tech matters

Posted: 14 May 2019 02:59 PM PDT


San Francisco just voted to ban facial-recognition technology.

The city that has for many come to symbolize the power of tech, both in all its terror and glory, took an important step on Tuesday to rein in some of that power. The city's Board of Supervisors voted 8 to 1 in a veto proof majority to approve a wide-ranging ordinance that broadly regulates surveillance technology and prohibits outright the local government's use of facial-recognition tech for surveillance. 

While this ban has not yet technically become law — the ordinance goes back before the Supervisors on May 21 and then Mayor London Breed must sign it — its backers are confident that, having passed this first hurdle, the ordinance's success is essentially assured.  Read more...

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Naming all 22 Democrats running in 2020 is now a meme

Posted: 14 May 2019 01:37 PM PDT


Have you heard the news? Everyone's running for president in 2020! Well, sort of.

It's still early, but 22 whole Democrats have already announced their plans to campaign, and boy does it feel like a lot of people. 

On Tuesday, Twitter user @MorganJerkins posed quite the challenge to followers by asking if anyone was able to name all 22 Democratic presidential candidates.

Can YOU name all 22 democrats running for President?

— Morgan Jerkins (@MorganJerkins) May 14, 2019

Jerkins' question was "very serious." She swears. But alas, unable to resist the opportunity to joke, the unhinged people of social media used the question as fuel for a new political meme. Read more...

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Facebook warns advertisers: You might not like 'clear history'

Posted: 14 May 2019 01:05 PM PDT


Facebook is about to let us in on one of its darkest secrets: how many companies can track us outside of its service, thanks to its ad targeting tools.

Though it's been well known within the tech and advertising industry, it's not something the typical Facebook user has been given much visibility into. But that will soon change, thanks to the company's upcoming "clear history" tool. 

The long-promised (and much delayed) feature will allow people to see which websites send your browsing activity to Facebook and remove that info from the company's servers. It is expected to launch in the next few months, according to Facebook. Read more...

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Your guide to the best online mattress: Casper, Nectar, Leesa, and more

Posted: 03 Oct 2018 02:00 AM PDT



Sleep can make or break your day. If you wake up feeling energized and refreshed, concentrating and functioning will be a breeze. On the other hand, if you spend most of your nights tossing and turning, the whole day can feel like a challenge. You’ll be fatigued, irritable, and reaching for the nearest caffeine source.  Read more...

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AirPods 3? Here's What We Know.

Posted: 14 May 2019 12:41 PM PDT