Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Top Stories Today

Top Stories Today

Our First Look Inside Notre Dame After The Fire

Posted: 16 Apr 2019 05:50 AM PDT

The fire claimed the cathedral's spire and large sections of its roof, but mercifully appears to have not entirely gutted the interior.

Amid Notre Dame's Destruction, There's Hope for Restoration

Posted: 16 Apr 2019 05:56 AM PDT

Flames consumed the roof and spire of the 13th-century cathedral in Paris. The good news: Gothic architecture is built to handle this kind of disaster.

Kid Abso-Freaking-Lutely Shreds The Ukulele

Posted: 16 Apr 2019 06:03 AM PDT

This is Feng E. He's definitely too young to drive a car, but he's the perfect age to sit in the passenger seat of one and just dismantle a cover of Sia's pop hit Chandelier., A New Way To Manage Your Work! Meet The New Visual Project Management Tool

Posted: 16 Apr 2019 04:36 AM PDT

It's time to get work done with! A visual project management tool for teams. Plan, organize & track your team's projects in one place

Pitcher Beans Batter, Catcher And Umpire With One Fireball Of A Pitch

Posted: 16 Apr 2019 06:03 AM PDT

Chicago Cubs pitcher Yu Darvish isn't just out there throwing heat. He's throwing heat seeking missiles.

15 Months Of Fresh Hell Inside Facebook

Posted: 16 Apr 2019 05:50 AM PDT

Scandals. Backstabbing. Resignations. Record profits. Time bombs. In early 2018, Mark Zuckerberg set out to fix Facebook. Here's how that turned out.

Death By PowerPoint: The Slide That Killed Seven People

Posted: 16 Apr 2019 05:50 AM PDT

We know that PowerPoint kills. Most often the only victims are our audience's inspiration and interest. This, however, is the story of a PowerPoint slide that actually helped kill seven people.

Watch A Hydraulic Press Slowly Crush A Big Glob Of Lava

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 02:25 PM PDT

A press flattens a pile of hot matter in a very satisfying fashion.

Singapore's New Airport Terminal Is, Hands Down, The Coolest Terminal We've Ever Seen

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 01:23 PM PDT

Welcome to Singapore's Jewel Changi Airport. It has everything you'd expect from an airport and some features that, um, you would not.

The Making (And Unmaking) Of Tekashi 6ix9ine

Posted: 16 Apr 2019 05:50 AM PDT

Inside the Slovak rap label that gave the polarizing rapper his career — then watched him kill it.

Here's What Happens When You Decide To Not Pay Your Taxes

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 01:23 PM PDT

If you've decided to adopt a "f*ck it" attitude towards filing your taxes this year, this is what you should know.

How Air Pollution Is Doing More Than Killing Us

Posted: 16 Apr 2019 04:36 AM PDT

The air we breathe could be changing our behavior in ways we are only just beginning to understand.

What If Feels Like To Scam — Or Be Scammed

Posted: 16 Apr 2019 06:24 AM PDT

Topic asked ten people on both sides of the grift about what it feels like to get scammed — or be the one doing the scamming.

Stay Ahead Of The Curve With This Book Summary Service For Entrepreneurs

Posted: 16 Apr 2019 04:36 AM PDT

It's rare anyone has enough time to read as much as they need to — this Standard Plan is the top book summary service for entrepreneurs, executives and business coaches, so you can stay up to date on the most important trends in the business world.

Man Breaks Three World Records Landing A 250-Foot Car Jump

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 12:34 PM PDT

Driver Li Qilong clears a jump across the Yangtze River nearly twice as big as the previous record set by driver Ke Shouliang, who jumped across the Hukou Waterfall in 1997.

What Is Treasury Direct, And Should You Put Your Money There?

Posted: 16 Apr 2019 05:50 AM PDT

The best place to park your savings may be a security from the US government. Should we be terrified?

A Cat Expert Shows How He Slowly Socializes Feral Kittens

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 08:04 AM PDT

Franny was one of the "spiciest" little ones in her litter, but thoughtful love and lots of cat treats go a long way in bringing her around.

Holy Sheet: The Wild, Never-Ending Debate Over The Shroud Of Turin

Posted: 16 Apr 2019 05:50 AM PDT

I have spent an upsetting amount of time looking at a picture of Jesus's scrotum. Or at least, what two Italian physicists recently claimed was said scrotum.

The 50x Zoom On The Huawei P30 Pro Is Unbelievable

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 08:20 AM PDT

A video that purportedly shows off the Huawei P30 Pro's 50x zoom capabilities has been bouncing around the internet for a week or so. It's incredible.

The Notre Dame Fire And The Future Of History

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 05:48 PM PDT

Nearly a millennium ago it was forest; today, after a catastrophe that cuts to the heart of French culture and human history, it's ash.

Linguists Found The World's 'Weirdest' Languages — And English Is One Of Them

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 08:02 PM PDT

Computational linguists have compared 239 languages to find out which languages have the largest number of features that differ most from other languages.

These Earbuds Are So Waterproof You Can Swim Laps With Them

Posted: 10 Oct 2018 11:56 AM PDT

Xfyro has made the first-ever fully waterproof wireless earbuds. They're comfortable, secure, and magnetically connect to the battery case so you can enjoy a total listening time of 20-30 hours before having to recharge your case.

This Substance Is So Dangerous It Can Bend The Rules Of The Universe

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 10:08 AM PDT

If scientists have their equations right, this star stuff could destroy everything it comes into contact with.

How To Protect Our Food From A Crazy Climate? Consider The Hazelnut

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 05:48 PM PDT

In 2013, a cold snap in Ordu, Turkey, set off a chain-reaction that ended with terrible consequences for lovers of hazelnut chocolate.

Man Wakes Up In The Afterlife, Has To Deal With The Tiny Details Of Heaven And Hell

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 11:18 AM PDT

Welcome to heaven, Jack! Well, er, *sort of* welcome. You can't come in yet. In fact, you have to go somewhere else first...

Lori Loughlin, Mossimo Giannulli Plead Not Guilty In College Cheating Scandal

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 05:48 PM PDT

Federal prosecutors announced additional charges last week against Loughlin, Giannulli and 14 other wealthy parents. They face one count of conspiracy to commit mail and wire fraud and honest-services mail and wire fraud, as well as one count of conspiracy to commit money laundering.

The Trailer For Netflix's Upcoming Horror Movie 'The Perfection' Is Wild As Hell

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 10:08 AM PDT

We have no idea what's going on but we're morbidly quite into it.

The Full List Of Winners And Finalists For The 2019 Pulitzer Prizes

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 08:02 PM PDT

The South Florida Sun Sentinel, the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette and ProPublica were among the organizations honored this year by publishing's top award.

Man Acquitted On Charges He Tried To Fatten Himself Up With Fried Chicken To Avoid Army Service

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 08:02 PM PDT

Prosecutors argued that the 22-year-old Korean man intentionally gorged himself on chicken and booze before his physical exam.

The End Of Empathy

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 03:45 PM PDT

It's strange to think of empathy – a natural human impulse — as fluctuating in this way, moving up and down like consumer confidence. But that's what happened.

Germany's First Criminal Indictment In VW Emissions Scandal Is Ex-CEO Winterkorn

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 05:48 PM PDT

On Monday, German prosecutors filed a criminal indictment against former Volkswagen Group CEO Martin Winterkorn for participating in the fraud that led to the diesel-emissions scandal that rocked the company in 2015.

The Design Changes That Caused Boeing's 737s To Crash

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 08:20 AM PDT

Boeing rushed through new features to compete with their biggest competitor, Airbus, without fully preparing pilots.

The Best Hike In Every State

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 11:59 AM PDT

Alpine scrambles and beach-front strolls; multi-day singletrack adventures and quick urban escapes; soaring trees and rolling sand dunes — every state in the country has something to offer intrepid hikers.

Edible Complex

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 08:02 PM PDT

Never eat pot chocolate on a third date, and other lessons about love.

Many People Are Too Broke For Bankruptcy

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 03:45 PM PDT

For many people, filing for bankruptcy is a luxury that's out of reach. A new report by the primary bankruptcy professional organization is full of recommendations that, if implemented, could help change that.

Confessions Of The Only Woman On A Rock Star Tour Bus

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 02:25 PM PDT

One roadie's guide to surviving nomadic life in the hardest-partying business on earth.

How Katie Bouman Got Sucked Into The Black Hole Of The Internet

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 02:25 PM PDT

After a young scientist's photo went viral, a celebratory occasion morphed into a dark tale of internet culture.

Kitten's Probing Of Ice Cube Is Ruthlessly Cut Short By Impatient Husky

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 11:18 AM PDT

"It's a survival-of-the-quickest world out there, kid. The sooner you know that the better."

Before Fyre Festival, There Was Woodstock '99

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 10:51 AM PDT

The lineup leaned hard on guttural, aggressive rock. Ahead of the festival, Scher issued a promotional statement that in retrospect reads like a warning: "This is not your parent's Woodstock."

What Peloton Means For The Future Of Fitness

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 03:45 PM PDT

The workout giant is changing at-home exercise  —  and spawning a flurry of copycats.

What Reading Every Fast Food Giant's Autobiography Taught Me About Success

Posted: 15 Apr 2019 11:59 AM PDT

The cranky old men who built America's burger industry have some secrets to share about our country.