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What Kriti Sanon, Ankita Lokhande and Raveena Tandon will be doing this Holi

‘We played with silver paste and even mud!’ Kriti SanonMy family might be here in Mumbai, so I will be celebrating Holi with them. My plans are mostly made at the last minute. Holi is my favourite festival.

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I request the readers to not waste water and try playing with herbal colours that don’t harm the environment. It’s a colourful festival where we should just leave all our grudges and negativity behind and start afresh by spreading happiness around.

My favourite memories of Holi are my childhood ones. There was an air of excitement in the morning with my sister and me oiling our hair and getting ready for the celebration with water balloons, gulal, pakke rang, silver paste and even mud! It would take us a two-hour bath before people could recognise us again. Gujiya, pakodas, Holi songs and dancing were a must at the Holi lunch in our society’s park.

‘Let’s add colour to our world  in a meaningful way’ Shekhar Ravjiani (of Vishal-Shekhar fame)Inspiration doesn’t take a holiday even during festivals, so I will probably be doing what I love the most, making music that others can dance to during Holi. My message to readers: It’s time we all choose to add colour to our world in a more meaningful way, through kindness, mutual respect, compassion and peace. Enjoy the festival, but make sure you put people and the environment first. The magic of Holi played in childhood is irreplaceable. Unabashed fun and officially allowed madness. And of course great food!  With no phones and internet, festivals were hugely anticipated back then and nothing can beat those memories.

‘Avoid applying colour on pets’ Ankita LokhandeI will attend a Holi bash with my family and friends. My message to readers is don’t waste water during Holi, consume only as much as you need. Avoid applying colour on pets. I have two pets; I just put a tikka on them.

My most memorable memories of Holi are those spent in Indore with my brother. We would be like monsters during Holi, my mom would put oil on us as protection and send us off with instructions to come back in the evening. We would come home smeared with silver colour which would be very difficult to remove and leave my mom frustrated. Those were fun times.

‘Every Holi we spent in our first house growing up was memorable’ Krishna ShroffOf late, I don’t usually celebrate Holi. My message for readers is to be mindful of the environment.  Also, please leave the animals out of their celebration; Holi isn’t meant for them. Have fun and be aware of everyone’s safety while you are at it. My most memorable Holi would have to be every year we spent in our first house growing up. All the building kids would go downstairs and get together to play. We would “battle” kids from the neighbouring building. We had a blast!

‘Heading out of Mumbai with my friends’ Mohit MalikI am heading out of Mumbai with my friends to a resort; we are 15 of us. I usually go to celebrate with my family in Delhi but since I am shooting round the clock I have just a day off. Holi is a festival of colour and joy so indulge in love and laughter.

‘I plan to plant some trees with kids’ Jackie ShroffAs usual, this Holi too I plan to plant some trees with kids. We should plant trees or tulsi or any other plant and feed the poor. If you are playing with colours, use non-toxic ones. As a child, I remember a balloon was thrown on my eyes filled with coloured water, and some dirty silver paint was smeared on my face.

‘We will do a tilak in Switzerland’ Raveena TandonUnfortunately, I am going to be out of town this year during Holi because the children shall be attending a ski camp in Switzerland. So we will do a tilak as a token on Holi, a festival I completely love. It has been my favourite festival since I was a child and I feel sad that I won’t be there in Mumbai to celebrate the festival. My Holi message for readers is to play Holi with organic colours. Don’t be rough or resort to hooliganism; play a respectful Holi.

My childhood Holis are memorable. My entire family would come to our bungalow which was located in the society of a building, Our Holi would start a week in advance, we would play with water balloons. We played a very clean Holi, no fights, no rough play. No outsiders were allowed. There would be dholwalas, music and a deejay too.

‘Everyone’s colourful side emerges’ Kiku ShardaI always play Holi with family, my boys, wife, parents, brother’s family, cousins et al. It’s a beautiful and colourful festival but very importantly it has to be enjoyed with utmost safety.

All Holis are special, I love the carefree and colourful side of everyone that emerges during this festival.

‘I prefer to be indoors with my family and have a good Indian meal’ Malaika Arora

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Holi is a beautiful and colourful festival, although I don’t celebrate it. I am not comfortable with throwing colours. I prefer to be indoors with my family and have a good Indian meal. My Holi message to everyone is play a safe Holi with organic colours, do not be boisterous and overzealous. Play it the way it is meant to be. Happy Holi.

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