Friday, November 9, 2018

Watch Video of Burning Car Moving on Flyover in Gurugram


The video of a burning car moving on a flyover in Gurugram near Delhi on Tuesday evening has been caught on a mobile phone and is in wide circulation on social media. The driver of the car miraculously survived the flames and jumped out.

Rakesh Chandel, the driver, had gone to distribute Diwali gifts to his relatives and was reportedly on his way home when at a flyover near Cybercity, his Honda City car suddenly caught fire.

He jumped out of the moving car and was seen running behind it. The burning car, still moving, rammed another vehicle and a road divider before stopping. There was a small blast and the flames leapt up.

Rakesh Chandel, who works for a private firm, has told the police that he heard a strange sound but he couldn’t tell what was wrong with the car, despite stopping repeatedly to check.

When he saw the flames, he tried to brake but the car wouldn’t stop. Finally, he jumped out; fortunately for him, the door wasn’t jammed.

A small crowd gathered around the car when it stopped, still in flames. Firemen soon came to put out the blaze.</>

Courtesy: NDTV

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