Monday, November 26, 2018

IAP Respicon-2018: Over 4 lakh children suffering from arthritis

IAP Respicon-2018: Over 4 lakh children suffering from arthritis

More than four lakh children below 18 are suffering from arthritis in the country and many of them are suffering from respiratory disorders as well.  Jaslok Hospital paediatric department director Dr Raju P Khubchandani stated this on Sunday while addressing mediapersons at the end of 30th annual national conference of Indian Academy of Paediatrics respiratory chapter – Respicon-2018.

Dr Khubchandani said parents whose children suffer from arthritis approach doctors after one to two years of the disease, which makes it difficult to save their other vital organs. “A rheumatologist has to take help of pulmonary diseases expert to prevent patient’s lung damage. Parents should keep tab over diseases for timely treatment,” Dr Khubchandani said.

Dr Major K Nagaraju from Chennai spoke about paediatric allergies and said their most common reason in children is dust mite, which breed inside houses in temperatures above 24 degrees Celsius and more than 50 percent humidity. “The rate of children suffering from allergy in rural areas is 20 percent. It is double in urban areas where 40 percent children are allergic. If parents have allergy, there are upto 60 percent chances that their children will also have it,” he added.  Organising chairperson Dr VP Goswami said experts shared their experience about treating the patients.

Experts’ tips

  • Children taking regular treatment for allergy should not be stopped from taking milk, banana or any other fruits and milk products.
  • Allow sunlight and fresh air in the house.
  • Go for skin prick test for allergy and immuno therapy. It is best treatment to cure allergy.
  • Allergy, a chronic disorder, requires lifelong treatment in many cases. Treatment should not be stopped.

Source: FPJ