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Google Doodle Honouring World’s First Female Engineer’s 131st Birth Anniversary


Google Doodle, is honouring and celebrating one of the World’s First Female Engineers Elisa Leonida Zamfirescu’s 131st birth anniversary. She was a Romanian who managed to break into an area designed exclusively for men.

As no Romanian faculty accepted her as a student because she was a woman, she studied engineering in Germany.

Elisa Leonida was born in Galaţi on November 10, 1887, in a family of intellectuals. Anastase Leonida, the father of Elisa, was a career officer, and for this reason, the Leonida family had to move very often.

Elisa Leonida studied primary school at Galaţi. She continued her studies at the Central School of Girls in Bucharest. After completing her high school studies she enrolled at the School of Bridges and Highways in Bucharest, but she was dismissed.

The prejudices of her times did not allow to attend a school to which only men were. After the incident at the School of Bridges and Highways in Bucharest, Elisa Leonida tried to join other technical schools, but she faced the same prejudiced attitudes of male faculties.

Throughout her professional career, she has signed 85,000 analysis bulletins. The results of these analyzes were published in the “Economic Studies” series, published by the Geological Institute.

She wrote a series of monographs such as Contributions to the Study of Bauxite in Romania -1931 and the Chemistry of Chromite in the Orsova Mountains in 1939.

Becoming the first female member of A.G.I.R. (General Association of Romanian Engineers), eventually running laboratories for the Geological Institute of Romania.

Zamfirescu oversaw numerous Economic Studies analyzing Romania’s supply of natural resources like coal, shale, natural gas, chromium, bauxite and copper. She was known for paying special attention to the training of staff and spending long hours mentoring young chemists.

The mother of two daughters, she also taught physics and chemistry at the Pitar Moş School of Girls as well as at the School of Electricians and Mechanics in Bucharest. In 1993, her legacy was commemorated in Romania’s capital city by naming a street in her honor.</>

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