Saturday, November 10, 2018

Cooking gas prices soar once again, heres more on hike


Amid the election season on, the domestic cooking gas LPG prices have been hiked by over Rs. 2 per cylinder.

This was done after the government increased the commission paid to LPG dealers.

It is said that a 14.2-kg subsidised LPG cylinder in Delhi will now cost Rs. 507.42 as against Rs. 505.34 previously.

In that order, the ministry said the domestic LPG distributors’ commission for 14.2-kg cylinder and 5-kg cylinder was last fixed at Rs. 48.89 and Rs. 24.20 respectively in September 2017.

It need be mentioned that this is the second increase in rates this month.

The earlier hike was effected on November 1.

But it is also to be noted that rates differ from state to state depending on local taxes and transportation cost.

Customers who collect their refills directly from distributor’s premises will continue not to be charged for delivery, it said.

This subsidy amount varies from month to month depending on the changes in the average international benchmark LPG rate and foreign exchange rate. </>

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