Saturday, November 10, 2018

After gruesome gang rape, stick inserted in woman


Yet another gruesome gang rape has been reported from Jamtara district of Jharkhand.

The victim woman died later, as was informed by the police.

Police said that the victim woman was allegedly raped by three men.

The culprits allegedly included the woman’s former husband as well, said police.

Police went on to add that the woman was also subjected to torture as a stick was inserted in her private parts.

Police has so far been able to arrest woman’s ex-husband and the search is on to arrest the two others.

The crime took place as the woman had gone to watch a play at a theatre on Kali Puja.

It was then that the woman’s former husband and two of his associates forcibly took her to a field in the

Police said that after raping her, they inserted a stick in her private parts.

Police added that the villagers heard the cries of the woman and took her to a hospital in Narayanpur town from where she was referred to Jamtara Sadar Hospital.

It was here that the doctors declared her brought dead, police said.</>

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